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Friday, 1 October 2010

You Again?

this was the movie mom & i saw tonight, and if you like smart, funny movies with surprises, this one is for  you.  i loved it!  i especially loved when KB's character goes off on the bullying character, letting her know how miserable she made her in HS.  and that the former bully APOLOGIZES.  

if only we could get kids to understand how awful bullying is before they grow up.  if only we could get the ADULTS in their lives to pay attention and STOP THE MADNESS of bullying.  corey said it better than i can at the moment.  please go check out his entreaty to stop the bullying.  he has a couple good links, as well.  the recent suicides that have been in the news have been gay teens/young adults who were struggling w/ all that entails, but bullying is not a gay epidemic.  it doesn't matter if someone is gay, straight, black, white, young, old, male, female... we need to, as a society, put a STOP to bullying.  when we see it, squash it.  if you are involved in children's lives, TALK to them about it.  if you see/hear them doing something mean, even if it seems insignificant, tell them right then & there that's not good behavior.  show them how to be caring of others by your example. 


anyway, back to the movie...  

i think i shall own it.  of course, my movie buying budget is tight - i still don't have a lot of the movies i want!  *laugh*  but it's a keeper.  and, can i just say, i think kristen bell has been added to my girl-crush list.  i've enjoyed her since Veronica Mars, but didn't really think she was all that pretty.  cute, maybe.  ironically, in this movie she is decidedly UNattractive for a portion of it, and yet for the first time when she's out of her "awkward" stage in the movie, i understood her prettiness.  there was a GREAT surprise (to me) cameo by patrick duffy.  he looks GOOD!  i hadn't seen him in anything for a really long time, and it was nice.  made me want to watch Dallas.  is Dallas on DVD?  must check that out one of these days.  

the best surprise in this movie, tho - and he's not in it nearly enough to make me happy - sean wing.  

OMH - HOT!  i'm skipping the crush phase with this one & going straight on to giving mark harmon a run for his money... LOL  : )  also hot w/ colin farrell hair, as evidenced here.  mmm!  

moving on... ; )  

i didn't want to get up this morning.  i was having a very snuggly sleep!  i know i was dreaming of something, but can't remember what now.  anyway, i did get up, i went to work - EVEN remembering that there was an 8 o'clock meeting this morning, and only being a couple minutes late for it.  they hadn't even started yet.  : ) that was a little over an hour & a half, which made the day flyyyy by - as i was only there until noon.  heh.  i did manage to do my error report while there, and i think some vacations, but i can't rightly recall... 

ah well, i left at noon and came home to NAP straight away.  well, i put on some pre-jammies, and then i fell into bed for a cozy hour.  sweeeet!  when i got up, i snuggled myself on the couch and read last week's People magazine.  (apparently i don't get one this week?  maybe it's just late...)  then i figured since i had already checked out so many new shows, i shouldn't deprive myself of one more... and i watched No Ordinary Family.  and of course i liked it!  michael chiklis has been one of my darlings since his Commish days.  : )  (ooh, that would be a show i'd like on DVD, too!)  and kay panabaker!  i didn't know she was in this show!  love love love!!!  (if you didn't know that i have a love for lots of different actors, actresses, musicians, bands, authors, etc...well, nice to meet you!  love you, too!  *grin*)

i also watched the latest Apprentice, and when i got home from the movie, Survivor.  lots of drama on both these shows this season!  makes it so much fun to watch!  i don't want drama in my life, but on TV it's good.  : )  

wrote out bills.  i need to go to the PO tomorrow, which means i should get up by 11.  : )  oh!  i was so mad... so, after the movie, i went across the street to the BP, even tho i was really trying to boycott them, i like the Big 10 Mart.  i was just going to run in for a diet dr pepper & smokes, but then i was nearly on E, so decided to just get gas at this stop as well.  i put $20 at $2.69/gal.  did not fill my tank, but i wasn't expecting it to.  however, then i got down the road a bit & saw that gas at kwik shop was $2.52 and i have a Plus card for 2 cents off, which would have been $2.50/gal.  i could have saved NINETEEN CENTS a gallon!  that's just crazy to me, am i the only one?  i mean, there's usually a 30 cent difference btwn iowa & illinois, but to have nearly a 20 cent difference from stations on the same ROAD for pete's sakes??  UGH.  ridiculous, that's what i say.  (but, of course, i also want to bring back the time when gas was 89 cents, so...LOL)

whew.  so, that's my Friday!  i hope yours was FABULOUS and that you have a very great saturday!  

don't forget to stand up for kids in your life!



  1. thanks for the reference carrie! its an important subject to me and something really needs to be done about it. the more help that we have to stop it, the better!

    anyway, about your gas story....I WISH gas was that much here! It's 2.99/gal here(in town) and the gas at the gas station across the street from me is 3.02/gal. (the gas out here where i live is always a little more expensive.) I know it's not a 20 cent difference, but my point is just that its expensive in general here. anyway, that is kinda ridiculous though that its sucha big difference right down the street!

  2. I blame BP - they've always been higher, but before the whole oil spill thing, it was only by 2 or 3 cents. Now I think they're charging their franchisees more, so ...Yeah. I'm still happy gas prices are staying below $4...*knock on wooden desk*