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Friday, 15 October 2010

Quickie II

i was soooo hungry on the way home, and i wanted sancho's but no one was available to go.  :(  so then i didn't know what i wanted, and i just drove around - should i go to hy vee?  WM and just get groceries & fix something?  drive thru?  ooh, chinese sounds good.  so i ordered chinese delivery when i got home.  mongolian beef, something i love.  crab ragoon.

delivery comes, i'm very hungry and excited.

crab ragoon were DELICIOUS!  i'm even more excited for the mongolian beef.

it was disgusting.  :(  i'm taking it over to phil to see if he likes it.  maybe it's just me.

and i'll end up going to wendy's or culver's & getting a cheeseburger on my way.  heh.

on a positive note, i get to go hang out w/ leyton for a couple hours!  : )


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