"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


daddy would have been 66 today.

i really miss him.

i left work at 12:30 because i was just sad, and wanted to be by myself to ... i don't know.  it wasn't super slow or anything, but my mind kept wandering to my pictures of dad, one of which is from his last birthday, the day we threw him the surprise party.  he's coming up the stairs to the house, having just released his black birthday balloons up to the sky.  *sigh*  

halloween is usually the harder day, but sometimes his birthday just hits me.  and i wish i could call him or go over to the house & hug him & say, "i love you, daddy!" and give him a funny card and ... well, let's face it, i'm broke, so the funny card would likely be his present.  : )  

anyway.  i started writing this just after i came home, because writing is therapy!  but of course my computer had other ideas, and it froze, and then shut off, and then wanted to run a fix thing, and so i moseyed away & read up on the BB blog on my phone (oh my heck, GAME PLAY GALORE!!  this really is a rather exciting season!) & then prepping some fish for dinner.  oh, this afternoon i also went to the pawn shop to see if they'd give me anything for the charm bracelet i'm trying to sell.  no dice.  "we don't really sell a lot of these, sorry."  oh well!  i'll see if i can sell it on craig's list, and if not, it might be a very nice birthday present for sarah sue one day.  : )  

i was going to put the picture of dad w/ the balloons up, but i can't find it on my computer - i thought i had a folder labelled "dad" but apparently i hallucinated that?  who knows?!  i'm leaving the space up there where the picture would be if i could find it.  harrumph.

and leaving you with ones you've seen before, but they're all i've got.  i'll never get to take a new picture of dad, unless, of course, there are cameras in heaven!  i often wonder about that - not cameras specifically, but what things in heaven made their way to earth that we'll be surprised are there?  i have a whole long dissertation on that, but not going to type it all out now.  

ttfn - hug your peeps today!!!  : )  *HUGS*  

Sunday, 26 August 2012


a guy from my pest control company had to stop by today to remind me to pay last month's bill.
i thought i'd left a check w/ bret, since i knew they were coming.
obviously not!

i feel guilty not so much for forgetting the check - the unfortunate reality of my life is i often forget to make payments until i'm reminded.  i used to have a schedule & stuck to it pretty well, but when things spiraled out that stopped, and now that things are "better" i haven't gotten back into the groove of a lot of things.

anyway, i feel guilty for making the poor guy stand out in the rain - it wasn't raining hard yet, but enough that he was being rained on.  me, polite carrie, who always worries about everyone else's comfort & happiness!  i was so surprised and confused that i didn't even have him step inside out of the rain for a minute.  all i could think was, "what?  i paid this?  i left a check...i don't have any money to pay them right now.  i barely have $10 in my billfold and certainly nothing in my checking account at this moment, and ..."  split second thoughts that felt like they lasted forever, and then i don't even know what i said other than it'd have to wait til thursday.  

i was so FLUSTERED.


also - he thought bret was my husband/boyfriend/fiance?  
i did have the presence of mind to correct that by saying, "or my cousin..."  : ) 
of course, then i thought, "Oh, crap, did i smile as i said that?  did i sound snotty or friendly?  the poor guy was standing in the rain and i might have been snotty!"  


anyway, i stood in the rain for a minute in penance.  i still felt bad, so i wrote a note on their FB wall. then i wrote a note & put it in w/ the check, which i will mail on tuesday so they get it by thursday.


anyway.  i just thought i'd share more neuroses, cuz who doesn't love those?!


Saturday, 25 August 2012


this was a good week.  : ) 
thursday i had some meetings, which means i didn't get a lot of work-work done, so i had a lot of catching up to do on friday!  heh.  but the meetings were awesome, so i didn't mind.  in one, i got to see quite a bit of my work-crush, whose smile makes me want to do silly things like ask him out.  lol 
the meeting didn't start off so well, tho.  i had an unexpected panic attack, complete with shaking!  oh, the fun!  *laugh*  it came up on me completely w/o warning, too.  i was in the middle of talking w/ a co-worker when suddenly, shaft of anxiety the likes of which i hadn't experienced (at work) in quite awhile.  we were mid-talk, and i at least had the presence of mind to apologize before i ran for the door.  agh!  
interestingly, and as is apparently normal for the strange dichotomy that is my life, i was very vocal during the meeting once i returned.  
and i received numerous compliments during the meeting, about my bubbly, and at times silly, personality.  
also, lots of work-crush smiles.
mmm.  yes, even w/ the panic attack, i call that a good day.  : ) 

today i got to spend some time w/ mom & leyton.  
we made cupcakes!
(well, really - LEYTON made cupcakes.  *grin*  and they were good!)  

 counting eggs - we need 3

 oops, we need 4...  LOL 

 no, don't worry about it.  gramma will clean it up!  

 time out for some movie-making!

 hiding from the loudness that is the mixer... LOL 


now, we just have to wait til they're baked!

 mmm!  these are good!  : ) 

 step 1 - frost

 step 2 - sprinkle

 step 3 - more sprinkles!

this one got ALL the sprinkles... LOL 

then i came home & mom & leyton picked me up to go visit anthony in the hospital.  :(  he spiked a fever & had numbness & shakiness earlier in the week, so jen took him to the ER, where they declared he had the flu & sent him home (assumedly w/ meds?).  a couple days later, his fever spiked again & back to the ER he went & they admitted him w/ MRSA (MERSA?) & said he possibly had spinal meningitis!  eep!!!
as of today, he's feeling better, but they haven't told jen exactly what the tests showed, so he has to stay overnight again.  hopefully they'll have answers & he can go home tomorrow!  
he was in good spirits, tho, just really tired.  we brought him some balloons, and on the way to the hospital, leyton was hunting zombies - and then turned his sights on the balloons which attacked him...!  

after the hospital, we went to subway for dinner - did you know they now have avocado spread?  YUMMY!  leyton got a pepperoni & ham sandwich, and it was hilarious, because mom was like - "are you sure you want pepperoni?"  he ate the whole sandwich & enjoyed it!  she should know by now he knows what he likes!  lol  he's pretty much been ordering his own food since he was 2.  : )  

now, a little internet research & then back to my book.  : )  
i found a new series, Immortals, at the book rack.  got books 4 & 5, read 4 (The Gathering) yesterday & am now reading The Redeeming.  i sorta wish i would have found the other books before i read The Gathering, because i don't think i'll look for the other books now.  the series is written by different authors, and that sort of thing just doesn't work out for me a lot.  so... we'll see.  i realllllly like jennifer ashley's writing style (she wrote both 4 & 5), tho!  : )  

i hope you're having a grand weekend - what've you been up to??  i've read some in your blogs, but still!  

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

merry go round

sometimes that's what life feels like.  spinny and fun yet making you slightly dizzy and possibly sick.  

it was a good weekend, tho.  had fun w/ leyton on saturday.  : )  hung out w/ mom on sunday, watching big brother.  i've been reading the bbdish blog more religiously than any other season except for possibly jeff & jordan's... i love peering inside the houseguest's minds & being privy to the things cbs doesn't share!  and this year there have been some REALLY good moves made in the game.  it's all been rather exciting!  : )  

saturday, i did end up reading Acheron again after finishing The Dream-Hunter.  bliss!  then i went over to mom's & played w/ leyton & gave him a bath got to snuggle a little.  : )   snuggles are the best!!  also, saturday or sunday, i don't remember which, i caught up on Rookie Blue (heartbreaking lately, but SO GOOD!) & tonight i might try to watch Grimm but might save that for tomorrow.  my computer is doing it's race thing & i think it'll probably shut off part way into the show & i don't really want to deal... LOL  

i wanted to read Love Bites over before diving into my newest Argeneau, and i couldn't read LB w/o then reading Tall, Dark & Hungry over again, so i did that... then started on The Lady is a Vamp & finished that one tonight.  that one was INTENSE!  not in the same way Acheron is intense, but emotional all the same!  now i'm going to read Winter Born & then probably Blood of the Wicked, which is a book my friend andrea sent over via interoffice mail today.  :)  it looks like it might be another new series to sink my teeth into... happy happy!  

work has been alright this week, altho some timecard issues that keep cropping up have been causing some stress company-wide.  *sigh*  more than the actual issues themselves, which really aren't big at all, the big issue is COMMUNICATION.  i mean, when you know there's a problem and you're working on it, a courteous thing to do would be send out a communication to the company & let ppl know.  but getting the tech group to do that was like pulling teeth - and they never did end up doing it!  which then leaves my group looking like the bad guys, because we are communicating, but not until ppl realize there's a problem because we don't have the knowledge or distribution lists to explain properly to all the right ppl... *sigh*  it's just a ball of annoyance.  *laugh*  and on top of that, i discovered something i thought i had the ability to do i really don't, and in doing it i messed up one of my timecards.  d'oh!  i felt bad for causing more work for a couple of ppl to fix it!  :|  i'm the timecard guru for pete's sakes!  oye.  

what else?  oh, i did get to see & say hi to my crush today.  : )  he gives me butterflies, but i know it's just me, so i'm not all moony eyed or expectant or anything.  *laugh*  i just enjoy the sightings when i get them & even more when they include his handsome smile.  : )  

oh, yesterday after work i finally got to target to get my delicious Talenti gelato.  have you guys tried this?  YUM!  i got mint chip again because it was tasty last time, and then rasperry chip as well.  it's good!  : )  

plans for the rest of the week, aside from reading & more reading... tomorrow & thursday it's off to mom's for more BB.  so far friday & the weekend aren't scheduled.  leyton & i are supposed to go to omaha over labor day weekend, but am now thinking that's not going to happen.  :(  i just can't make the numbers work right now, so i'll likely just have him stay the night & go to the pavilion or something.  maybe drive up to the museaquarium in dubuque.  we'll see!!  

anyway, for now, i leave you with a wish for a good night and a GREAT tomorrow!  : )  


Friday, 17 August 2012


that's right, thank God it's the weekend!  i need this time to recharge.  i just had to write a WTH blog post because of some things that went on today.  i seriously need this time to relax & read & watch my shows & maybe hang out w/ leyton tomorrow, altho i haven't heard anything about plans, so maybe not.  

am reading The Dream-Hunter & wondering, truly, how i could have missed this book, Night Pleasures, and Night Embrace.  i still don't have the last two & will have to find them.  i need to triple-check my book log, but the first two times i didn't see any of these books in there.  yet i have scenes going thru my head that belies that thought.  of course, sherry's books & characters are so interwoven, so expertly written that occasionally certain scenes are in multiple books.  like, in jess & abby's story - it contained part of ren's story, and then in ren's story that tidbit had to be retold just in case you hadn't read jess & abby's story.  ya know?  and bits & pieces of ash's story are throughout all the books.  and in the recent books, bits & pieces of nick are scattered throughout.  sherry, i know nick has his own series of YA books, but PLEASE tell me he's going to get his own novel?  please?!?!  : )  

i'm seriously considering reading the last half of Acheron AGAIN AGAIN after i finish this book, because it is really amazing to me.  reading it again after seeing 15 year old tory in this book... i just ... oh goodness.  : ) 

*ahem*  anyway, april sent me a note that she will be around to chat tonight & i haven't chatted w/ her in too long!!!  so i'm off to log into gmail & see about chatting when she returns from her field trip to target.  : )  


trish - thank you so much for your help today!!  you really kept me grounded after lunch when all i wanted to do was rip someone to shreds in a completely non-carrie-like manner!  :D  

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

another post about books (but some other stuff, too)

there are some books, in the thousands that i've read, that not only transport me to the world inside, but back to the time & place i was when i first read them.  Dracula - jr high math class, and darin giving me grief about reading a book about vampires.  (little did any of us know that the classic would be my LEAST favorite vampire story, and that others would hold such a place in my heart!)  Heart of Thunder by Johanna Lindsey - driving through connecticut and pennsylvania on our east coast/canada family road trip in high school.  Chance Encounter - watching daddy at his bowling tournament in corpus christi, texas.  Love Bites (a harlequin, not lynsay's of the same title) - sitting on the beach in alabama for senior class trip.  and the re-read i finished today, sherry's Retribution.  as i read, every once in awhile i would flash back to our recent chicago trip where i first read the book, cuddled up w/ leyton on the couch in the hotel or telling him "just let me finish this chapter & then we'll play w/ the ball," as we drove home.  :)  (and him asking, "how many pages now?"  LOL)  

i love these memories.  each of these stories holds an extra-special place in my heart (along w/ many, many more!) not only for the stories themselves, but for those memories.  

(oh, oh, oh!!!  btw!  leyton started kindergarten today!!!!  : )   and anthony's in HIGH SCHOOL!  they grow up so fast!  *sniffle*  leyton was so excited about school... i can't wait to hear all about it!)  

i finished retribution tonight, and soon will begin the latest dark-hunter story, Time Untime.  : )  

after work - after a month or more of anticipation! - i went to the book rack & found (finally!) The Dream-Hunter, which is one of the dark-hunter world books that i've been feening for, for what seems like ages!  *laugh*  i can't believe i haven't read it before, but my book log says i haven't?  i may have to go back through it just to be sure... ANYWAY!  while searching out that one, i also found another series about Immortals, so i picked up a couple of those.  apparently, that box of books i brought in netted me about $80 in credit (whoa!) because i paid $5 for $11 worth of books & i now have $64 in credit remaining.  i know i've been in there a few times since bringing the box in, too, so... yay me!  *laugh*  

after my book rack adventure (there is a worker in the IL store that reminds me of me, she has a keen sense of humor and seeming zest for life.  i think we would be friends if we knew each other elsewhere.  *laugh*  if that makes sense?!), i got a $2 iced skinny vanilla latte from the bucks & headed over to IA.  had to get gas, then it was on to BAM, where i found Time Untime and of course The Lady is a Vamp (lynsay's latest).  hooray!  my joy!  my joy!  (nerd nerd nerd!)  

i came home after that w/ the intention of hunkering down & finishing Retribution & starting Time Untime & ordering chinese for dinner.  about five minutes after i called in my dinner order, trish asked if i wanted to join her for mexican.  ooohhhh!  really, hanging out was the more important factor there, but who am i to say no to chips & salsa & cheese dip?  you know me, that's right!!  LOL  so i saved the chinese for another night & met trish at los agaves.  yummy food & great company.  yay!!  : )  we sat outside chatting for awhile after, too, and i was almost convinced to hang out at her house & watch The Expendables, but the pull of my book was too strong, so i headed home.  heh!  

yesterday i got to chat w/ sarah for a bit & we discussed our plans for the end of the month trip to omahaha to see joyums & meet the new baby andrew.  : )  i asked phil yesterday & texted jen today to see if leyton could come w/ me.  she was supposed to give me an answer tonight, but as of yet has not, so i hope he will be able to come!  he'd love the zoo & the train museum we're planning to tour.  : )  

ummm... have been really disconcerted by all the political claptrap.  i don't see a lot of the ads - except when i'm at mom's for big brother! - but i see a lot of back & forth of fb.  of course, this is fairly normal, as i have friends on every side of the fence.  i have staunchly republican friends who take every opportunity to bash president obama & his policies & whatnot.  i have staunchly democratic friends who attack mitt romney & his chosen VP.  what i notice most about these two sides is how utterly ... disrespectful they can be to the opposing side.  when the posts are about voting history or policies supported, i'm okay.  i think each side is skewed and everyone flip flops on issues to further their own agenda, but it's a fairly even race on both sides, no matter who the candidates are or for what office they're running.  what really bothers me, tho, are attacks on the candidate as a person, on their family, etc., or comparing them to cartoon characters or the like simply out of meanness.  i've seen political cartoons that are funny, those that lambast candidates for decisions or quote slip-ups in a humorous way.  those are generally somewhat tasteful and again poke fun equally at all candidates.  i just don't get being HATEFUL to a group or person you disagree with.  it makes no sense to me.  hate speech isn't okay, ever.  in my opinion.  

and then we have ron paul supporters.  for the most part, the things i have seen posted about ron paul are ABOUT ron paul.  they are comparisons for what he stands for, quotes from him, news of that sort, and NOT attacking either the president or mitt romney.  these ads seem a lot less skewed to me, and the ppl posting them seem to be using logic rather than attack.  i like that.  i am totally NOT politically minded (unless i can be president.  i'm old enough, but don't have the funds apparently necessary to run.  and that's another thing that gets me - imo, it should NOT take millions of dollars to campaign for service to our country.  that's just so dumb to me!).  i don't know all the ins & outs of all the candidates because - as i said - i feel everyone has an angle & no one seems to tell the whole truth and it's just frustrating wading through everything only to find that nothing ever really changes for the better no matter which PARTY is in office.  

i feel like w/ ron paul, tho, if everyone who says they are going to write him in if he's not on the ballot ACTUALLY follows thru, he would have a shot at winning the election.  and since he is not a part of either "regular" party, i feel like he would have a chance to do something different.  to work WITH congress, since neither side would see him as an enemy, maybe both sides could see him as an ally & they could actually get something GOOD done?  maybe??  

*sigh*  idk.  that's just where my head has been at w/ all this political mayhem.

ah, mayhem.  that was a good marketing move by allstate.  : )  

so, what's on your mind this week??  


Saturday, 11 August 2012

a pocketful of stardust

howdy!  so, i'm not going to apologize AGAIN for being so long w/o writing, because apparently this is just the new pattern that we all have to learn to live with.  *laugh*  myself included.  i have been crawling inside my books, reveling in them... just enjoying the stories over & over again.  i'm a little obsessed w/ the dark-hunter and argeneau worlds right now, as i know i've mentioned before.  : )  (sidebar: i did enjoy Sins of the Night much better this time around, and feel i'll enjoy re-reading it again when the time comes to go through the whole series ...again... lol)

i mean, i've been out DOING other things, don't get me wrong!  work has been going well.  i even got to take the afternoon off yesterday because it had actually slowed down.  first time in YEARS!  (not the first time i've taken time off, obviously, that would be silly.  the first time in years, however, that i've taken time off and am NOT anticipating absolute bedlam when i return on monday!  hooray!)  i also have decided that i'm taking my entire birthday week off.  (yes, it's in november, but gotta plan ahead, ya know!)  it's the monday of thanksgiving week, and so i can take 3 days of vacation and have NINE WHOLE DAYS OFF!  i'm already stoked.  i do have other vacation planned before that, as well, but nine whole days off?  it's a luxury i usually only get to experience the week btwn christmas & new year's!  : )  

yesterday i had planned to just curl up at home w/ my book (Vampire Valentine, which i finished yesterday, then started A Bite To Remember, which i finished today, and now will be reading Bite Me if You Can - all argeneau re-reads *grin*).  but when i texted mom to let her know i was getting off at 12:30, she said, "wanna go to lunch at olive garden?"  uh, YES, i would love to go to lunch at olive garden!!!  : )  (i would love to go to lunch at olive garden again, right now, but instead am eating a can of condensed clam chowder.  ugh, i can't wait til grocery day on wednesday!)  so, she picked me up at my house a little after 1 & we had the soup, salad & breadsticks lunch, and then an apple dessert.  SO DELISH!!!  then, mom decided she wanted to see a movie, so we checked the times on my phone & saw that the new bourne movie opened that day & was playing at 3:45.  

i love the bourne movies, but had forgotten just how... erm... complicated and confusing they can be!  this point was driven home while watching the newest installment.  jeremy renner is hot, and a great actor, and does the role of aaron cross proud.  the first half of the movie is kinda slow and feels like you're missing something, but then the middle sucks you in & is REALLY enjoyable!  and then, they lose all that potential in the last half an hour of the movie.  it felt, to me, like they literally stopped writing the script, threw five different scenarios into a hat, pulled one out & filmed it.  then they could have pulled us back in w/ the last five minutes, i liked the last five minutes.  but that 1/2 an hour at the end, it was just so awful, such a cop-out... ugh.  

hopefully total recall is better when i see that.  lol 

anyway, after the disappointing movie, we went to sam's & mom picked up some things & she kindly got a couple things for me, as well.  i should have gotten some cereal, but alas i did not.  ah well.  wednesday.  !!!

it was a really nice day spent w/ mom, and i'm so happy that we both were free to enjoy it!!  : )  

today i'm reading, duh, and then leyton's spending the night at phil/mom's, so i'll probably head over there for dinner & hang out for awhile.  : )  

last weekend i hung out w/ trish for a bit & she bought me lunch at a really yummy chinese restaurant by her house.  i definitely need to go back there!  yummy crab ragoon!!  :D  we hung out (i think?) monday night, as well, watching Mirror, Mirror (so cute!!  that movie does not disappoint!) & having lemon pepper fish for dinner (i need to get some of that lemon pepper stuff, it's good!) & chatting away for awhile.  wednesday & thursday i was at mom's for big brother (oh, my, heck!  loved the blindside, altho mike boogie is such a little troll, i just adore his trollness!).  i got to see anthony & leyton thursday cuz they & jen were hanging out at mom's before volleyball since their power went out.  anthony's voice has really gotten deep!!  well, i suppose he is 14 now.  my oldest nephew is growing the heck up!  *sniffle*  leyton was very snuggly that day, which was rather nice.  and anthony was really sweet, coming up off the couch when i got there & sitting on the floor to play w/ me & leyton.  i really liked that!  : ) 

so, lots going on.  heh.  now i'm going to see about getting the hulu going & watching some rookie blue & whatnot.  

what've  you guys been up to?  i'm trying to catch up w/ as many blogs as i can thru my phone & when i'm logged in here.  : )  


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

a random jumble of jumbliness (mental health day)

ahhh, mental health days.  we all need them sometimes!  
do you ever take one?  middle of the week, or just whenever.  a time that is not a weekend or holiday, a time when everyone else is gone & you can just BE.  i know i can just BE anytime, but taking a completely sanctioned day for my mental health, being in that ZONE, it's precious & priceless to me.  

i tried to post a blog from my phone & i can comment but i can't write a post-post.  the little keyboard thingy doesn't come up?  idk what that's about.  so i cranked up (or, down?) the AC & it's nice & brrrrr in my house, so i am here to write a little post.  

interestingly, since i could stay up til whenever reading, i ended up going to bed at midnight.  
and then i was up at like 8:30.
WHAT the WHAT, ppl?!?!  

i've been going thru my book log because i wanted to see what was my first Dark-Hunter book & when did i read it?  (Night Play, in 2005 - and i just re-read it, not knowing that, a couple days ago!)  i've read about 1700 books since 1992.  : )  

yesterday after work i went to the book rack & BAM & even tho i wanted to buy ALL THE BOOKS I'M MISSING from sherri & lynsay & susan grant as well, i was good & i picked up one book from each author.  (well, okay, i picked up a 2nd sherri book at the book rack, but it was $1.88!  i could not resist!)  right now i'm on a serious dark-hunter kick (again).  i think i might re-read the whole series (well, the ones i have) in order.  the newest one, Time Untime, comes out on the 7th, i believe... : )  i'm reading Sins of the Night right now, and trying really, really hard to get into it.  it is not my favorite DH story, altho i am not entirely sure why.  i'm hoping that i'll like it more this time, now that know more about what's going on in the background...

for lunch, i am planning to go to Chick-Fil-A.  apparently, there is some "support CFA" movement going on today?  and i most definitely support CFA - i love their food, their service, their Christian values as a company (having NOTHING to do w/ being gay, being straight, wanting to be married, etc.  i am talking about the values of the company to treat EVERYONE with respect, to play uplifting music in their restaurant...and to serve delicious food - not necessarily a Christian value, but good business, nontheless!).  

on the one hand i'm hoping they're crowded, because i would like to see ppl supporting them, but on the other hand, well, who wants to wait in a long drive-thru line for lunch?!  ; )  

bret randomly left sometime early sunday morning for KC.  he said he has ppl covering his shifts at work & he will be back.  his friend in KC is helping him to get a new windshield for his car.  he left me a note this time, so that was good!  

having dinner w/ the aunts & cousin jenni tonight before she heads back to alaska.  
i wish i were going to alaska with her.  i'd love to go back for a week!  : )  
mental health week in alaska... oh, that gives me a tingly feeling in my stomach just thinking about it!!  i miss alaska... i miss the mountains in juneau.  i miss the smell ... *sigh*  

how've you all been?  
i do miss logging in every day, and writing, and i feel like i'm missing recording things.  
(one thing that i'll just briefly say - there is something totally illogical going on at work, and the principal of it really annoys me.  it doesn't affect my job/performance or love of either of those things, it just seriously annoys me anytime i think about it, which i now have to do every day.  the fact that i - and a friend of mine as well - have to change something merely because of someone's PERCEPTION, with no basis in legality or reality or LOGIC, it just boggles my mind.  
sorry if i've confused you, but i don't want to go into details (altho if you email me & ask, i'm sure i could give you a good story!) here, i just wanted to record it so i'll remember it later!  LOL)

got to hang out w/ mom & leyton the last couple weekends.  : )  

is big brother on tonight?  i missed sunday because i went over to erin's to hang out & watch some swimming & gymnastics.  : )  

oh, that's the other thing!  i've been missing the Olympics!  i LOVE the olympics, but nbc.com won't let me watch the videos or live unless i 'register' using my cable provider.  um, hello, nbc?  i don't HAVE a cable provider.  so boo on you!  i did get to watch a bit at erins, and then a bit at mom's as well.  but it's not the same!  i miss my men's gymnastics & diving & swimming (go lochte!!  go phelps!!!  *heart*) & women's gymnastics & ... erm... okay, i think those are the things i like to watch.  i like the IDEA of rowing, but i don't particularly like watching it on tv.  it's fun to watch live, tho.  i wonder if there'll be another regatta that i can take leyton to this year?  he still talks about the last one!  : ) 

okay, i think it's time for me to head to CFA.  : )  

remember - Jesus loves YOU.  gay you, straight you, transvestite you, He loves YOU!!!!
the only question is do you love Him back, and what does that means to you?
(i know it's technically two questions...)
if the answer to the first is yes, then no one else should be judging you on the second.