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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

remember my name

FAME!  no, not really.  actually, it's hulu - idk when the last time was that i watched hell's kitchen - when did i have my marathon?  anyway, i must've stopped the last episode about 15 minutes in for some reason (i think mom & i went somewhere?), and tonight when i went back in to watch it - HULU REMEMBERED WHERE I'D BEEN!  the show started right where i left off!  : )  SWEEET!  

along w/ watching chef ramsey, i'm making some pumpkin spice bars for sandra's birthday tomorrow.  they smell sooooo good!  i'm resisting eating one.  i might eat one once they've cooled, tho.  just to make sure they're okay to bring tomorrow, of course.  ; )  i decided not to frost them.  i don't really like frosting.  even yummy butter cream frosting, just not a fan.  ICING, however, i do enjoy.  but only on certain things... hmmm.  that's probably one of those things i overindulged in, in the past.  now i am all about moderation millie!  mod-er-a-tion!  a sliver of cake, a bite of donut... these things help when there are other things i can't seem to eat the "recommended serving size" of - like chips at a mexican restaurant!  you want me to count out 13 chips?  i don't think so... (altho i did count out 13 animal crackers for a serving... but that's entirely different!  there are no refried beans or guacamole to dip animal crackers in!  and, besides, that would be icky.)  

anywhooo... tomorrow i don't get to see the boys.  :(  i'm trying not to be sad about it.  saturday will be here SOON!  and mom & i are going to sancho's for dinner (chiiiips!), because i have a BOGO coupon.  : )  then next weekend, CHICAGO!  i am so uber-excited about chicago!  and then it will be november & my birthday celebrations can begin and Lord willing, this funk i've been in can kindly GO AWAY NOW!  i'm ready for the excitement and celebration of birthday, thanksgiving and christmas.  i'm ready for A WEEK OFF!  : )  

i'm ready for bed, tho, right this now.  so, have a lovely night, my adorable readers!  you complete me.  (can you tell i had an extra piece of cheese at dinner?)  mwha!  



  1. WOOT! I love when Hulu does that!

    So here is the dealio...I am totally jealous that you get to go to Chicago! Can I get a postcard? lol I will send you my address! Then when I go on all my trips I can send you one! :) I hope you have so much fun! And I am sad too that you don't get to see your kids tomorrow, but that makes it even better the next time that you get to see them!

  2. Yes, absolutely! and yes, i am looking forward to saturday when (as far as i know) i will get to see them... :)

  3. Hey you! Just wanted to let you know that my spice rack and tupperware arrived today. This is both good news and bad news. Good news because I love getting packages, bad news because Josh is becoming insistent I actually use them. Anyway, enjoy your non-kid day because when you really think about it, that could be kinda awesome. :)

  4. Yay for packages! And did the spice rack come w/ spices?