"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 18 October 2010

happy postcard monday

today was definitely a monday.  i heard it allllll day long.  i said it alllll day long!  monday craziness from start to finish.  thank the Lord i'd had a good night's sleep to prepare!  (except for that moment where i thought a boxelder bug had gotten into my hair...)

found out that i don't get to see the boys on thursday.  :'(  that seriously makes me sad!  even tho they're spending the night saturday (yay!), there is just something about not being able to see them on thursday ... anywhoo, i'll either be hanging out w/ mom on thursday or going to dinner w/ some friends.  not sure which, yet!  

watched tony danza Teach & Desperate Housewives.  read some bloggy blogs (natalie's going to have her baby ANY MINUTE NOW!)... oh, speaking of natalie, i got a beautiful card from her!  i love stationery!  i really need to get some cards.  and postcards, actually, because i've run out already!  jana's cards are making ppl all over the world happy (literally!  i sent one of the marble cards to japan & they really liked it!!).  : )  

i also got these in the mail, from Israel and Kentucky!  

marvelous, marvelous!  i received an email from my uncle terry w/ some dad stories.  oh, how i love learning not only more about my dad, but about my uncles as well!  

and now i really, really must sleep!  i wanted to go to bed at 11, but time got away from me, as it usually does, and now it's midnight.  hope everyone's mondays were winning!  did the rangers win?  i don't even know, but for those rooting for them, i hope so!  (sorry yankee fans...unless you won, in which case... no, still sorry!  ; ) ) 



  1. I am not sure why, but reading this made me like you so much more than i already do :) i think it was mostly the part where you said marvelous marvelous! i love that word :)

  2. Aww! Gratzi! And you're right, it's a great word! : )