"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 30 September 2010

another thursday to be thankful for!

fabulous!  that was my evening.  : )  my day was a little meh - i wasn't feeling very well most of today.  but i did get a lot accomplished at work, and i got to have lunch w/ my friend sherry.  we ate at quizno's & i had a flatbread sammy that was pretty good.  i don't remember what kind, of course.  it involved mushrooms & chicken.  mmmm.  

after work, to mom's!  leyton was dressed in one of THE cutest outfits.  and he told me a story on the way to the restaurant... 

we went to chick fil a for dinner - i think that's going to be our new thursday thing, because they have family night on thursdays!  tonight there was a face painter, and leyton wanted to be a puppy.  mo the clown did a very good job!  

leyton saw this one & said, "i like it."  heh.  

the cow also made an appearance, for many high fives & hugs.  leyton is really wanting the cow to be his best friend now, it's sooo cute!  the cow wrangler remembered him from last week (idk if it was the same cow - this one was nekkid while the other one wore a shirt...).  : )  we saw an old co-worker of daddy's, and got to talk w/ him for awhile.  he's now a host at CFA!  he's perfect for it, too, very friendly!!!  

leyton played & we were there for a couple hours, eatin' great food & havin' fun!  then we went back to mom's & watched Thomas & then part of The Apprentice when leyton fell asleep.  on my lap, all snuggled on the couch.  i love snuggle time!!!  : )  

tomorrow i am working 1/2 a day & then taking vacation & hopefully will be able to just relax for a bit!!  was gonna go to dubuque, but i'm just not feeling up to it.  i'm sorry, matt & johnna!  :(  but Lord willing, i'll be sending you a really nice wedding gift!  : )  also, mom & i might see You Again sometime this weekend.  

sorry so short, and not many pictures, but i didn't bring the camera in to the restaurant because it was kinda packed, and i wasn't sure where we'd be sitting!!  have a great night & happy FRIDAY and ttfn!  : )  : )  : )  


And the winner is...Thanks to Random.org's number generator... #4, CHALLOSH!  Way to go, Challis, and you thought you'd missed it!  : )  

I've contacted the website's contact (sentence structure...) & will let you know as soon as he tells me how you can pick up your gift certificate!  

Hooray!  Since I sorta messed this one up, idk if they'll let me do it again, but it was a fun time anyway!  : )  

Tune in to the menu next time, when I review Healthy Choice frozen meals!  

: ) 

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Uncle Gene sent me this picture of Dad, along with an interesting story... : )  Goodnight, again!  LOL


Day 27 – Your favorite place Day 28 – Something that you miss Day 29 – Your aspirations Day 30 – One last moment

Day 27 - Favorite Place
This one's easy!  Anywhere my nieces & nephews are, instantly becomes my favorite place!  Thursdays w/ Leyton, trips to MC or Omaha... I don't get to see my Postville crew as often, but whenever I do, wherever we are - that's my favorite place.  

Day 28 - Something I Miss
Another easy one, and yet not easy.  I miss Daddy, but that's someONE.  The someTHING would be our daddy daughter dates.  I miss the spontanaety (sp?) of it.  
(Also, recently, I miss Mt. Dew.  Oh my goodness how I miss it!  I have so far been good on the soda front - not 100% on other fronts, but w/ soda, yes.  I have been drinking Water, Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper... and milk, but I switched to 1%.  That was what I thought would be hard, but it's really not.  The desire for a Dew, tho... it's been tough!)

Day 29 - Aspirations
Oh, goodness... not to beat a tired drum, but right now I'm just aspiring to survive & see the kids grow up.  Getting older doesn't bother me, so much, but getting older and being "sick" does.  I'm achey and tired and every new creak I pray (literally) isn't something life-threatening.  I've been really stressed this month, more so than usual, obviously!  And w/ the new diagnosis, I question everything in ways that I didn't when I was diagnosed w/ high BP.  My tummy hurts, my shoulder aches, my foot falls asleep - and I think, "Do I need to be worried?  Should I go to the hosptial?"  I'm not a hypochondriac, ppl!  And I don't want to become one!  It's very frustrating.  

Day 30  -  A Moment
Corpus Christi, Texas, 1993 or 4, I think.  Phil & I road tripped w/ Daddy to Texas, for a bowling tourney.  Our hotel in CC was amazing - not the hotel itself, as I recall that was pretty normal Holiday Inn in the 90's.  But the view... the view was spectacular!  Phil & Dad had gone somewhere, I don't remember why I was in the room alone.  Most likely it was because they got up & went to breakfast while I had a lie in.  I do love to sleep in!  : )  Anyway, they were gone & I was just staring out the window at the water, the beach, and the (possibly hot, possibly not, who could tell from that distance?) guy practicing his karate on a ... what are they called?  Sandbar?  The little land masses that jut off the beach into the water, but above the water... Anyway, it was like a scene from The Karate Kid or something.  I imagined that the guy looked like Ralph Macchio.  : )  He could have looked like Ralph Nader.  I just realized I have no idea what Ralph Nader looks like.  Oh, I digress, AGAIN!  LOL  (This moment is taking much longer to transcribe than I thought it would!)  He was on the (sandbar) practicing his martial arts moves, while the waves lapped over his feet.  I watched for a long time!  Not just him, but the water.  I am fascinated by water, oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, rain... it's all so beautiful!  

And then when Dad & Phil got back to the room, they'd brought a friend.  They had picked up a stuffed armadillo for me in the gift shope.  : )  I named him Adam.  

And wow, that concludes 30 days of me!  I hope you've enjoyed reading ... I have enjoyed remembering things to share & all that!  


and now it's after midnight, so i need to send an email to sean of my giveaway's benefactor fame, and see what i need to do to reward that $45 to someone!  thanks to everyone who commented!  

today was a pretty good wednesday.  work work work.  went in early, stayed late.  don't feel too sorry for me, tho, it was still only 45 minutes extra!  then i got to go grocery shopping!!  i picked up the usual - soda, milk, TP, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.  i also scoured the clearance aisle & found christmas presents for william & adam!  *bounce*  i had something picked out for kathryn, too, but then ended up putting it back because i just wasn't sure it was the right thing.  and i wasn't able to find what i want to get jacob for his birthday, so i'll head to toys r us sometime this weekend & see if i can find it there.  maybe i'll take leyton & ... oh, wait, he & his mom are going to pick up anthony this weekend.  (safe trip there & back!!)  

i got home a little before 8 & made dinner (healthy choice steamer).  the healthy choice meals have a dietary exchange on their labels, which was really neat.  i'm a little concerned about the sodium in their "healthy" choices, tho.  i mean... really?  but idk what actually constitutes "a lot" of sodium.  i'll have to ask about that next week... 

i watched Glee!!!  really awesome episode showcasing britney spears!  i was a little disappointed in the rest of the plot, but felt it did move things along in the rachel/finn and wil/emma stories.  i reallllly don't like terri.  i like the actress, but i would MUCH rather see them make her a part of the show w/ her new life (i.e., a new man) rather than even the hint that she & will are getting back together.  blech to THAT!  

also watched the hub's & NCIS: LA.  and some of jeff's journey in india!  : )  read some blogs.  micaela showed everyone what's inside my purse.  take a look!  

what else?  what else?  no idea!  that means it's time to go to sleeeeep!  take care, have a GREAT night and/or day, and TTFN!  : )  

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

zzz's again!

my mind is mushy tonight, as in i can't seem to think clearly!  so, i'm off to bed!  today was pretty good - watched Castle & Chuck & The Event (love love love!).  made soup for dinner (yummy).  talked to sarah for a bit.  : )  got my delivery of jana's picture postcards, and spent some time writing a bunch to send out tomorrow!  happy happy!  

i hope your tuesday went well!  tomorrow is already hump day, and grocery day for me, if i have the energy after work.  : )  


Monday, 27 September 2010

undercover boss is back! hallelujah!

oh my heck, can i just say, MONDAY!!!!! 

first of all, it got down in the 30's during the night.  bbbbbrrrrr!  you know i was happy, tho, w/ all my blankets piled up on me!  : )  did you know there are certain blankets that will just instantly warm you?  oh yes.  i'm sure you know.  last night it was my christmas fuzzy blanket that finally made me warm and snuggly.  and i really can't wait to buy new blankets!!!!  (i'm obsessed.  i know.  is there a 12 step program for blanket addiction?)

i got to wear long sleeves to work, and my hair down instead of in the pony tail it's been perpetually in all summer long.  oh, the joy of simple things.  

busy busy busy, as usual.  i didn't have as many emails today, tho, and not so many timecard tickets, so that was a plus!  i actually had time to deal w/ one of my error reports.  woot!  grammy gave me a farmer grown tomato yesterday, and i made a delicious PB & tomato sammich for lunch.  does anyone else have any garden tomatoes they'd like to give me?  cuz now i'm feenin' for more!  : )  

have a feeling the OT bus is going to be visiting me more, altho i only stayed 15 minutes over tonight, which was enough time to get vacations done.  then it was time to hightail it home & play online!  : ) 

tonight i watched Undercover Boss (love love love!), Desperate Housewives (!!!) and then some season 1 of Bones.  i thought i'd watched all the seasons, but i guess not... i'll have to check my notes... 

and my mind's fading fast, so i'm thinking vegging out sounds good.  i didn't even get laundry done... !! take care, and oh yeah, check out this postcard stephen sent me... : )  


Giveaway, Part II

Hello bloggies!  How are you this evening?  Did you know that I am a ditz?  Or, rather, I have ditzy properties.  I'm okay with it, really.  : )  In order to make up for some of that, I give you - the actual giveaway post from the Menu blog!  How special do you feel right now?  You don't even have to click over to it!  It would, however, be mondo cool if you could click over to the website & take a look, and then leave a comment with what you like best.  : ) 

I was recently contacted with an opportunity to share something fun with my readers.  It's not exactly a menu item, but they do have a kitchen website!  And I'm allowed to shake it up once in awhile in the name of free stuff, right??  : )  

Do you like to shop?  I like to shop!  I especially love to shop for bedding.  I have 7 pillows and at least that many blankets, and I'm always looking for more!  When I received this email, offering to give something free to my readers, I had to check out the website for bed sets. It's part of a really neat group of sites, carrying everything from kitchen supplies (like this spice box!) to furniture to PURSES!  : )  

This particular site, tho, is dedicated to all things bedroom.  

I like this blanket, and it's a really good price!  There are several lovely quilts & blankets, pillows & throws that I really enjoyed!  

Check out the link, see some things you like, then come back here & tell me about them in the Comments section!  Using a random number generator I'll pick one of them to win a $45 gift certificate which can be used on ANY item on ANY CSN site (not including shipping, which is okay, and you can find free shipping on several items as well)!!  How neat is that?!  

So, go my lovies!  Click on the link, peruse the site, and tell me what item (or items) made you smile!  I'll be accepting comments through sometime Sunday, and announcing the winner on Monday.  Comments are open to non-followers, so please make sure I know how to contact you should you win!  : )  

Just to give you a chance to look things over & all, I'm extending the giveaway til Wednesday.  You're welcome!  


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 25 – A first Day 26 – Your fears

Day 25 - A First
What first would you like to know about?  I'm gonna go for the humor on this one.  My first non-babysitting, non-family, non-college, actual paycheck with taxes taken out of it job.  Guess where?  Some of you might already know... Cashier at Wal-Mart.  Yup, I was your friendly checkout gal.  Woot!  *laugh*  Because I didn't know any better, really, I had such a fun time at that job!  (Okay, it's true, I've had fun at almost all of my 20-something jobs! I'm a fun kinda gal!)  The work was monotonous, sure.  I didn't smoke at the time & they insisted on sticking me on the cigarette register.  I had no idea what to give ppl when they would request them!  Really, it must have been comical, to watch from the outside as a customer pointed out, "That one.  No, one row up.  Now, over three.  Yes, that one!" as I fumbled around looking for something called PalMal.  LOL  At the time, all I could think was, "Dear Lord, why is it so HOT in here?"  heh.  I was there for a nice amount of time, and the most fun was when working the Speedy Checkouts near the doors.  This was pre-Super Centers, so there were only 4 or so Speedy Checkouts and one set of doors in & out (not counting Garden Center).  During the winter ppl wore gloves w/ the fingers cut out & jackets because the COOLLDD blast of air every time the doors opened was arctic.  *laugh*  When things were slow, and we had to "red line it" to hawk customers into our lines, we cashiers would chat & get to know each other & sometimes dance and sometimes play interesting games.  : )  

Day 26 - Fears
Oh...wow.  This is kinda a heavy one, eh?  I could play it off & tell you about my fear of falling (but I'm not afraid of heights!) or of those squirmy things ppl like to use as bait for fishing.  Or I could go the heavy way & tell you about my fear of not seeing my nieces & nephews grow up.  I'm not scared of dying, per se - I believe in the Lord's salvation, and I know that when I die, I'll be in Heaven with Him, with Daddy.  But knowing how hurt I am, how much I missed Grandpa Forrest growing up, and how much I miss Daddy now... I don't want to do that to Leyton, or my other kids!  I want to be around for a long, long time, to watch them grow up and graduate and get married and have kids if they choose to.  I want to live to be Great-Aunt Carrie.  That's the thing I pray for, that's the main reason I pray for health for myself.  


so, yeah!  wow.  now let's get on with the weekend fun portion of this post, shall we?  it's gonna include pictures because ... um... have we met?  lol  

saturday night, before all the going to bed at 11:30 & getting up at 1 business, we played.  one of leyton's favorite games is to play in the master shower.  idk why, but i suspect it's because it's a tiny enclosed space - like a closet, and don't you remember how much fun it was to play in those when you were little??  heck, if my closet floor was more free of clutter, i think it'd be the perfect place for a fort!  i might work on that soon... *laugh*  

last night i decided to let him stay on the couch.  i left the TV on w/ the dvd player's "screen saver" going all night.  he slept really well - woke me up around 8.  we snuggled & told stories for a little bit & then i convinced him to get dressed & let me get dressed.  we ate breakfast & then played a lovely game of BANZAI!  *laugh*  no, not the tree...

jumping is so much FUN!  after that, we looked at pictures on FB & then played on Google, looking up images of Thomas & his train pals.  it was really neat, to have leyton sitting on my lap & for him to be able to say, "i want to see..." and i could just type it in & bring up an unlimited supply of whatever he wanted to see!  after awhile, i found some thomas clips & things on youtube, and let him watch a couple while i got some laundry done.  then we headed out to WM so i could get a couple things & he could get a train.  

or, the plan was to get a train, but he has expensive tastes.  LOL  we had discussed which trains he wanted to get (we have a convenient check off sheet that came w/ Harold) & that we should start a collection for my house so he'd have them to play with here.  once we got to the train aisle, tho, he was all about the $20 toys!  i tried to get him back on track w/ the $6 trains we'd discussed, but it was a no go.  *laugh*  then we looked at cars, and i found a nice matchbox garbage truck that i figured i could have for my purse.  matchbox cars are awesome cuz they're just 97 cents!  : )  however, leyton decided he wanted a lego knight set, in some random decision that i still don't quite get.  since it was for my house, i said okay, cuz i don't care about little pieces.  (altho, having said that, i did just remember that he somehow lost 8 magnets that were in my drawer.  i let him play w/ them, so i can't be mad.  i'm just really confused as to how they completely disappeared in the 15 minutes he was playing with them!)  anyway, he ended up taking the matchbox truck home, because he wanted to take the legos & i knew jen wouldn't really like that... 

whew, that was quite longer than i thought!  *laugh*  when i got home, i just wanted to watch some hulu & veg out.  however, mom called right when i walked in the door, asking if i wanted to play cards at grammy's.  so... i did.  aunt jan & i lost.  :(  twice.  :(  ah well, it was fun times anyway, and i hadn't seen grammy in TOO LONG, so it was good to hang out.  : ) 

on my way home, i stopped at kwik shop for a diet pepsi, and mom stopped there for gas, and she asked if i wanted to go to You Again.  sure... so we came back here to check the times, which didn't work out.  boo!  but jen's going to TN next weekend to pick up anthony, and she's taking leyton w/ her (as of now that is the plan!) so we might try to go to the movie on saturday.  we'll see what happens, but i definitely want to see this show!  

tonight i watched Blue Bloods (yes, another new show, shush!) and really liked it!  then i caught up w/ last week's OLTL (seriously, how did Ford go from being dead, bludgeoned to death w/ his award, to only having been "attacked"?!?).  now i'm off to bed, to start another busy week in the AM.  thanks for reading, and don't forget to go leave a comment on the menu!  so far, there are only two, so one of them is going to win the $45 gift certificate to one of the many CSN websites!  : )  


Saturday, 25 September 2010

up up up

oh my goodness!  it's a quarter after one.  we went to bed at 11:30.  the previous times leyton has spent the night, once he's asleep, he's asleep!  tonight, however... asleep at 11:30 (his idea, even!) and up at 1, crying (i thought because he had to potty, which he did) and insisting we get up & have breakfast.  


well, we're not having any breakfast, yet, but we are in the livingroom watching Thomas again.  i just want to go back to sleep!  *laugh*  might as well be productive if i'm going to be up, tho.

so, as i said, i slept very late (so shouldn't -i- be the one who wants to be up?  *laugh*).  i left here about 4 & returned the shoes, which gave me money for gas and dinner!  God is good!  : )  i picked erin up & we went to subway.  mmmm!  i'd been craving subway for what now, a week?  it tasted very good!  and it was nice to chat about life and GH and whatnot.  but all too soon, i had to take her back because it was time to pick up leyton!!!  : )  

he was excited, and phil said he hadn't eaten yet, so we got all packed into the car & then went through a drive thru.  leyton decided he wanted BK, and their toy was an owl!  ironic, no?  LOL  

when we got home, it was after 7, dark, RAINY and cold.  i had leyton hold the umbrella so he wouldn't get rained on.  he also wanted to bring Happy (stuffed dog that i kept in the backseat for him) inside.  so, he's got Happy & the umbrella.  i've got my purse, his food, my drink, his drink, my leftover sandwich... and my keys.  i had this feeling that i needed to be very careful.  i thought i was being careful.  and still... my keys slipped out of my hands & slid right down btwn the porch & the house.  ARGH!!!!!  i hadn't put more $$ on my phone because the website was being a jerk and i hadn't gotten to the store.  

(sidenote - while i once praised virgin mobile customer service because they were very helpful & polite, my recent experience has not been good.  :(  first of all, on their website to top up, there is an option to use paypal.  i have $$ in my paypal account, so i chose that option as an alternative to getting a top up card at the store.  except that every time i click the link that says CHECKING/PAYPAL, it takes me to a screen that wants me to register a credit card.  bwha?!  so, i called their CS number, because i've had such good experiences in the past.  however, they've changed their automated system, making it VERY HARD to get to an actual person.  once i finally DID get to an actual person, i explained the situation, but they were apparently A) from india w/ a limited grasp of english or B) not listening to me.  then i had a coughing fit & they hung up on me!  i said "hang on" or "excuse me," for pete's sakes!!  so THEN i sent an email to their customer service.  that was on ... thursday, i think, and i still have not had a response from them.  so, virgin mobile, what's the deal?  i like you, and i would LIKE to keep using you, as i have been a good and loyal customer for over 5 years.  however, it's getting to be very inconvenient!  *sigh*)  

anywhoo.  so, i couldn't call anyone, i have a 3 year old who is hungry and tired, I am tired, and it is wet.  and of course i've locked the car.  thankfully, my neighbors were home, so we went over there & used their phone to call phil (then mom when phil didn't answer), then played w/ their little girl who happens to be the same age as leyton!  mike very kindly, somehow, fished my keys out, so phil didn't need to come to open the door.  he was already on his way, tho, and had skipped his shower to help, so he just took one here.  

oh, i picked up the train post cards i'd left in mom's car after our boone trip, and when i pulled them out, there were also a bunch from madison, wisconsin.  *boggle*  i tried calling mom, but her line was busy, so i'll have to remember to ask her tomorrow.  idk where they would have come from other than some stash of dad's, tho!  weird... but hey, i'll use them!  they're pretty!  *laugh*  

well, tootie bum has fallen asleep again.  i wonder if i can get him back to bed w/o him waking up?  or should i leave him on the couch?  i hate to do that, tho, and then if he wakes up & doesn't know where he is, he might be scared!  so i guess i'll try to move him.  



My mom likes owls.  Growing up, we had a nifty woodwork owl (which is still in her house) and an owl portrait that were always just kinda "there" for me.  I didn't like them, or not like them.  And then Harry Potter came into my life, and Hedwig, and suddenly I really liked owls, too!  Not the same way I like turtles, of course.  But I see their cuteness now.  I don't find their big eyes creepy anymore, I find them fascinating.  : ) 

So, I tell you all that because I found the CUTEST owl pillows!  I bought one for my mom for Christmas.  I hope she'll like it... 


Take a look at the shop & let me know what you think!  : )  

Today I slept til 1:30.  Yep.  IN THE AFTERNOON!  Honestly, I think I could have slept longer, except I was hungry, and thought I should eat something.  (Just in case you're worried, I did get up at like 8 & have something to eat to stay on some sort of schedule.)

Talked to mom, watched CSI: NY.  Am leaving soon to take some shoes back to Famous Footwear & then meet Erin for dinner (Subway or Arthur's?  I still don't know!) & then pick up Leyton!!!  We're going to watch a movie & eat popcorn & stay up late & maybe play on FB - he likes to look at the pictures!  

Hope you're Saturday is going well!  


Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 21 – Another moment Day 22 – Something that upsets you Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better Day 24 – Something that makes you cry

Day 21 - Another Moment
*blink blink blink*
there was that time when mom, daddy & i were at an iowa basketball game, and i jokingly told dad that wayne newton was going to be in town soon & we should go.  i was gauging his reaction, because i really did want to go, i thought it'd be neat.  i didn't think he'd go for it, tho.  and i was right, he scoffed a litle when i said it, like he didn't believe i was really excited.  

then a couple days later he called & asked if i could get that night off work.

we saw wayne newton.  it was neat!  man can sing!  (of course.)  

of those moments, even above actually GOING to the concert, the moment that i remember best and makes my heart go all warm & fuzzy is that phone call.  it was such a surprise, hearing dad ask if i could get thursday night off on short notice, because he "just stopped by the box office" and found out ticket prices "weren't that bad."  : )  i <3 him.  i miss him.  i love the memories of him i can bring to mind!


Day 22 - Something That Upsets You
Injustice.  when i see/hear/read about ppl being treated unfairly for some reason, it makes me want to jump in & defend them, or rescue them, and pound whomever is treating them badly!  i believe in treating ppl well, with respect, no matter who they are and if you agree with them or not.  you don't think ppl should be gay?  okay, but those who are guy aren't any less human.  you can disagree with their lifestyle or choices without treating them disrespectfully!  of course, those ppl at least have "reasons" for their rudeness.  what really steams me is when ppl in positions of power (bosses, pastors, presidents, etc.) rude and get away with it.  THAT's steamy.  and not in the good way.  

Day 23 - Something That Makes You Feel Better

Day 24 - Something That Makes You Cry
missing ppl.  not just Daddy, but mostly!  at least when i'm missing April or Joy or Debi, etc., i can email them or IM them... happy books.  or, sad parts and happy endings.  movies and TV shows like that, too.  hallmark commercials, sometimes.  heh.  


so, hi!  as you can see, i had some catching up to do.  i apologize for not dedicating a post to each "day."  sometimes life gets in the way of these things, and it's not a ruled kinda thing anyway, right?  *laugh*  

today my tummy did not feel good, it's still kinda queasy at this moment.  :(  thankfully it didn't hurt constantly, or so much that i couldn't work or anything!  i just felt icky all day.  and yet, i got a lot accomplished!  yay!  

mom didn't get off work early, so no movie for us tonight.  : (  but that was probably better... *laugh*  hopefully my tummy will be BETTER tomorrow, because it's a busy day!  so, instead of going to the movies, i spent tonight doing something i said i wasn't going to do - watching new shows.  lol  i watched outsourced, running wilde, and the event, and i liked all 3.  running wilde seemed a little awkward because it just jumped right in & stuff, but i warmed up to it once i "got" the style.  the event looks to be really good.  awesome cast, and great directing in the first ep!!  : )  

and that's my news tonight!  : )  have a great one & pray for my tummy!  oh, and don't forget to stop over to the menu to check out the site & leave your comments!  ; ) 


Thursday, 23 September 2010

sounds like...

I needed music today.  I don’t listen to music at work a lot, because I normally am not bothered by the sounds around the office.  I actually use them to know what’s going on, ya know??  When I worked where I worked before my current job, music was my constant refuge!  There was always whispering going on, and ½ the time I felt like it was about me – only ¼ of the time was that true, probably, but I did have reasons for thinking so!!  To escape from the stress this caused me, I had a whole CD collection & headphones to plug in to my computer.  Alanis if I was mad, Yanni to calm me down, Phil or Def Leppard or Metallica to chill with.  I always feel like I type faster when listening to music.  Whether that is truth or merely perception, I do not know!  I just know that when I can focus on the music in the background, it helps me concentrate on what I’m working on!  *laugh
Today there was just a lot of CHATTER going on, and I didn’t really feel well, either, so it was extra annoying!  I just wanted everyone to SHUT UP! 
I broke out the Glee soundtracks, then Phil, then the boss opened his door & he was listening to muzak while on hold for a meeting, and it made me want to listen to my main musical squeeze (tied for 1st place w/ Phil of course!), Yanni!  : )  I didn’t think I had any Yanni here, tho, and was sad …. Then I remembered I have his Ethnicity CD in my drawer.  WOOT!  Listening to that CD, I started to feel better… : ) 

*** auto caps OFF ***

and then, i got to meet mom & leyton at chick fil a, and all was once again right with the world!  : ) 


leyton went back & forth about the cow.  he loved the cow & wanted him to come visit again.  then he was scared of the cow & didn't want him anywhere near us.  then he was back to loving the cow (because the cow kept high-fiving him!  LOL).  i was happy when the cow made leyton happy, because I love the cow & wanted him to be around us!!  LOL 

there were two guys & their daughter sitting near us.  she was about 2, i think.   her dress was beautiful!  and the patterns looked like they might've come from Hawthorne Threads, which i just LOVE.  i wish i sewed, because i would love to make things w/ the fabrics they find.  they're unique and fun.  : )  anyway, as we were leaving, i told her dad (one of her dads?   honestly, idk if these two were together or just friends, i just got an impression that they were both gay, but even then that doesn't mean they were together, so at any rate, i apologize for any generalizations should one or both of them ever come across this blog & they weren't together.  whew!) that i loved her dress & he said her grandma made it (and many others) for her.  so, it very well could have been material from HT!  : )  

oh, there was also a balloon guy there, as evidenced by the blue sword leyton requested.  sadly, the balloon sword did not survive the trip home.  : (  

once we all got to mom's, leyton set up some train tracks & i played papparazzi!  my favorite activity... LOL  

we also played firefighter, which i don't have pictures of because i didn't want to hit leyton in the head w/ the camera as i was rescuing him!  heh.  then it was bath time & i had to come home & now i'm here wondering if i have time to watch something on hulu or if i should just wait til tomorrow night?  i am actually enjoying the silence right now - tho silence is a relative turn.  the A/C is going and the dishwasher is washing and every once in awhile the smoke alarm in the guest room beeps letting me know that i have STILL not replaced its battery.  d'oh!  

and now i must go and publish the give away on my menu.  please stop over & follow the link to CSN's site, then leave a comment there to be entered in the drawing!  $45 gift certificate is on the line, ppl!  you know you wanna look!  : )  

TGIF tomorrow and TTFN!

i also received two postcrossings today, and a letter from one of my visiting teachers.  woot!!  happy mail!

from berlin  

from Connecticut!