"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 15 December 2012


wow.  it's been a month since i've blogged.  

almost literally and to the day.


i confess, life has been good.  my computer still gives me fits, and is just too frustrating to deal with most days.  today i only had to restart it once, so that's a plus!  but it's still making the angry noises, so... *shrug*  i'd much rather be curled up on my couch than fighting w/ my computer.  i've been reading blogs & FB & websites & whatnot thru my phone, but i still can't figure out how to BLOG from my phone.  :(  it takes me to the site, and i can comment & everything, but when i click on the text box to write a new post, nada.  so, if anyone knows what i'm doing wrong, please let me know!  i'd like to update & post pictures & such!  

to catch up... there's too much that went on this past month, but here's a quick recap:

 my bookshelf before i reorg'd.  do you think i have taken an after picture yet?
all my sherrilyn kenyon's are on the top shelf, lynsay sands below, and then kerrelyn sparks.
they're in order or shelf space needed at the time, but also, interestingly, in order of discovery.  LOL
thought i'd share.  : )  

 curled up reading (on a particularly cold day, as evidenced by the blanket!) My Sister is a Werewolf, I believe...

shout it from the rooftops, baby!  : )  
God is GOOD!

- my birthday party was fun & i had a good week off, despite the visitation on my birthday & the funeral the day after.  :(  i'm so grateful that he is with my dad, and the LORD right now, but we on earth sure do miss him.  partially because of that, the week felt like it went too fast, and i didn't get 3/4 of the stuff done that i had wanted to while i was home.  but i did read a LOT of books (i think it averaged out to one a day, awesome!)!  : )  i completed my Love At Stake series & read that.  : )  (oops, not quite complete - i still am missing maggie's story, which is in an anthology i haven't been able to find yet!)

wow, sorry for the blurry!  yeesh.
altho, be prepared, because there are more blurry pictures to come.  *sigh*  ppl move so fast!  

- thanksgiving was nice.  the boys had fun looking at the ads their mom threw in "the ad desert" as phil coined it.  LOL  

- work has been going well.  i've sort of given up on mr crushtastic, because i don't seem to see him AT ALL anymore, and i figure if he liked me even a little, i would hear from him or something, but i don't, so i need to stop living in fantasyland.  other than my books.  LOL  i can live in fantasyland in my books all the livelong day!  : )  it's been busy & somewhat crazy sometimes, but that's how i love it.  

- had a very nice christmas luncheon w/ friends trish, amy & marcie.  we went to golden corral & they have a really yummy buffet set up!  : )  plus it was just nice to hang out w/ the three of them for a few hours!  after brunch, trish & i did a little shopping & then hung out at her house.  we watched the prep & landing movies & then a very sweet hallmark movie called Christmas w/ Holly.  highly recommend it!  : )  oh!  and trish made me a blanket & gave me the first 4 Twilight movies for christmas!  sweet!!!!

- have been hanging out w/ mom & leyton & sometimes anthony, and you know that is always fun!

- and ... christmas shopping!  i'm almost done, but have a bit more to do today.  so, i think that's all the catch up you're getting, if anyone is actually even reading this anymore.  LOL  maybe i'll get lucky & be able to post again later!  i NEED to get the christmas calendars done - only have TEN DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!  oh my heck!  

- one more thing along w/ the christmas shopping - i picked up tickets for me & anthony to go to SHINEDOWN in february!  *BOUNCE*  suuuuuuper excited!  i hope he will be, too.  i'd asked him when i heard they were coming if that was something he would be interested in, depending on how much tickets were & he said yes.  when i first looked, it said tickets were going to be $200 or so each.  uh...NO.  but then i called the other day to check again & it was less than $100 for two tickets.  HOORAY!  praise the Lord!  shinedown, POD & three days grace.  CAN'T WAIT!  : )  can't wait to tell anthony, but am saving it for christmas.  : )  

what's up w/ you?  are you ready for Christmas & done w/ all your shopping?  heh.  *HUGS*