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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Love Bites

Everyone knows i love vampires, right?  if there's anyone reading this who was previously unaware, let me just make it perfectly clear... 

i *heart* vampires!!!!!  : )  <3 <3 <3  

there we go.  now, this is not to say that i love all things vampiric, of course.  take the Twilight series, for instance.  i am firmly planted on team jacob.  firm.ly.  i simply like the character of jacob better than the character of edward.  storyline wise, i didn't "root" for a jacob/bella pairing.  almost from the beginning i sensed jacob was more like family than romance for bella.  still, i like his character better than edward.  this is not to say i DISlike edward.  ya know.  lol  

i read many (M A N Y) vampire books while in jr. high & HS & college.  i was constantly on the lookout for them!  i can't tell you what my first vampire book was.  well, i could if i wanted to check my notes, but i don't feel like combing through them right now.  : )  The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith might have been.  i don't think it was dracula, tho i have read it.  i didn't really like it all that much, though, so i don't think it would be the story to inspire me to read more vampire novels.  actually... if i remember correctly, i think i read it for two reasons - it was a classic and i figured it woulf freak out at least one teacher.  (it did - DARIN!  hahahaha!)  

one of my favorite stories, tho, was called Love Bites, by Margaret St. George.  i read it during my senior class trip to dauphin island, AL.  i read 4 or 5 books during that trip, actually.  that was during the period of time when i could read 4 or 5 books in a week.  *sigh*  i miss those days.  : )  anyway, so this book!  i read it, i LOVED the way it portrayed the vampire community.  i'm not so much into "traditional" vampires, w/ the black cape & pasty faces & whatnot.  (altho, this little cutie would make me rethink that...)

but this story - about a vampire DJ and his "squire"... it's delicious and non-traditional and i just liked it a lot.  : )  

of course, after i read this book, i lent it - as i loved to do, lend books! - to my friend kimmie.  sometimes i get these premonitions... and i had a feeling that i wasn't going to see that copy again.  but i lent it anyway.  well... you guessed it!  we graduated, i moved to storm lake, kimmie moved to chicago, and i haven't seen her (or my book, LOL) since.  and of course it's now out of print... but, tonight, on amazon, i found it!  

color me a happy carrie!  after a restock of my paypal account, this puppy will be on its way to my doorstep!  woot!  : )  

today was tiring but not bad.  a little annoying at the end of the day, but that can't be helped.  sometimes ppl think they know what's going on, and they don't, but you can't tell them that w/o causing bigger issues, so it's just as well to smile & nod & try not to let it get to you.  ya know?  sure, YOU know.  LOL  

bret texted me ... he needs a place to stay for november.  do i let him stay here?  i have the room.  he has money, or, well he can at least buy groceries.  however, from my whole holly experience, i realllllllly am leery.  *sigh*  but 2/3 of my living w/ other ppl experiences have been good and have not resulted in lost friendships, so... do i go for 3/4??  *laugh*  what's everyone think?  

i got to see mi mama tonight rather unexpectedly.  she was bringing me a present.  : )  she mentioned clothes shopping in chicago.  have i mentioned how much i dislike "clothes" shopping?  or, w/ mom or jan, rather.  i mean - they have this idea of how they want me to dress.  it's not a bad thing, i'm not saying that at all.  it's just not ... me.  i have my own style, and i choose the clothes i do for a reason - comfort.  *laugh*  i like to be able to pick things out and NOT try them on, and most of the time the things i like the best come from the men's department at kmart or target or WM.  : )  i have wide shoulders, and girl tops are too constricting - and no matter how 'pretty' a top is, if it's not comfortable, i won't wear it and it's not worth the money!  now, for skirts, it doesn't matter where i get them from, as long as they're long & flowy.  : )  anywhoo!  i do want to go to woodfield or somewhere like that, and they have some good stores.  as long as mom doesn't try to make me try stuff on... : )  

oh!  i made a really grand pasta w/ cinnamon.  mmmm!  will definitely be making it again.  

and... more buffy.  : ) 


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