"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


It's so earrrrly bah.  Well, not too early - I have to leave for work in like 3 minutes.  But I wanted to see if my payroll statement for the 15th was up yet.  It's not.  :(  *grumble*  I just want to see if there's OT on it, and how much, and if I get to go shopping or if it all has to go for bills... I just wanna know...!  *laugh*

I had a really weird dream last night.  Mom, Leyton & I lived in our old house, and there were apparently some plumbing problems, so I found us a hot, British plumber.  And for some reason he was in my bedroom helping me take everything down off the walls, because he didn't want to damage them when he worked on the plumbing.  (?!)  Leyton came in & jumped on the bed & said cute British things in his southern accent (yes, Leyton sometimes has a southern accent.  I have no idea where he gets it from, other than possibly genetics because I sometimes have a random accent...ooohh...)!  Tony, the plumber, and I discussed our love for Jack Sparrow.  Captain Jack Sparrow.  lol  It was just weird, the normalcy of the dream - Tony reminded me of someone...

And now it's time to go!  : )



  1. I hope you are having a great morning so far! :) I'm on my second cup of coffee here at work! I hope you have some OT on your paycheck so you can do something fun with it instead of all having to go to bills (HATE it when that happens!) I love reading about your dreams! This one in particular was a very nice one! I want Tony the hot British plumber to show up in my dreams! :) I have a thing for those Brits :) They make me weak in the knees! p.s. I absolutely love your new layout! That pic of Leyton is TOO adorable!!!

  2. Thank you! That is one of my favorite pictures of Leyton. : ) And yes, Tony the hot British plumber could walk outta my dreams & into my car any time he wants. lol