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Thursday, 28 October 2010

some stuff

post cards:

from russia, via tallahassee, fl.  i don't know that i've ever been to tallahassee, but it always makes me think of a romance i read in HS called Tallahassie Lassie.  LOL  no, really!  that's what it was called!  no offense to the author, but the title must've been the most interesting thing about it.  i rememeber reading it in the mall one day as i was waiting for ... someone, or something.  i remember the cover, i remember where i was sitting while reading it, the way the sun shone, and that i was thinking i wanted to go to florida.  do i remember anything about the story?  one of the characters might have been involed in radio.  

*hahaha!  okay, i guess i DID remember more than just the cover and title.  i just googled & it's about a romance btwn rival DJ's!  hahaha!  : )  

this one's from my nephew, stephen.  i love exchanging postcards w/ him!  i can't wait to find a good one for him in chicago!  

aunt janie sent this card, which plays the charlie brown theme music.  : )  she sent mom one, too, thinking of us at this difficult time.  so sweet of her!!  i am so blessed with my family, they are all awesome in their own unique ways!!

and finally, something that is on my christmas wishlist!  : )  i may end up getting it this weekend - it's free w/ the purchase of $30 at hallmark, and i have quite a bit of hallmark shopping to do!  heh.  and clothes shopping.  and post card shopping.  and pretty trinkets for my dear friends who are getting christmas gifties from me shopping!  do i sound a little excited about the shopping??  : )  

i also need a new coat.  mine is still warm.  and still has a wonderful hood!  but has some aesthetic issues.  *laugh*  i'm very picky, tho - i went a whole winter w/o a coat a few years ago because i couldn't find one that i liked.  thankfully, that was not a HARSH winter... lol  i definitely need a hood, because i don't wear hats, and keeping my head covered last winter helped me not get as sick, i think.  something about not having howling wind go thru my ears, perhaps?  heh.  

today was a good day.  i was boo'd at work, and i got a cringey feeling, but it was closely followed by the happy elation of presents.  and it was CUTE, too!  i'd have a picture - sandra took one, and emailed it to me, but i didn't get it, so i'll have her send it again monday.  : )  it's a gothtini glass w/ some candies, and a mini beanie baby bear dressed as a vampire.  too cute!!  

not as many phone calls, really quite quiet on that front!  still very busy all day, and there were some issues... but it was all good at the end of the day!  

and then there were tacos.  mmmmm!  i met mom at sancho's & had the most delicious tacos in the QC.  and the chips!  and the salsa!  and oh, their salsa!  i don't like cilantro so much, but in their salsa, i don't mind it.  heh.  mom & i had a good semi-planning time for our trip, and then jen texted and there was some irritated time, and then dinner was over & we hugged & said our goodnights & see you tomorrow's & i love yous.  

i'd planned to go to WM on my way home, but decided anything i really need i can run in & get tomorrow before we hit the road.  : ) so i just came home & pre-jammied up & attempted to watch Glee.  computer froze.  twice.  but then the second time it recovered itself before i shut it off, and then it worked fine thru Glee & No Ordinary Family.  now, the rocky horror glee show ... how did i feel about it?  hmmm.  well, the music was wonderful!  john stamos singing "hot patootie" and the dancing that ensued when he sang it felt like the normal Glee.  the rest of the show - felt like the brittany/britney episode.  and while the music was AWESOME the thing that made Glee a household name was sorely lacking in both episodes - the writing!  

anyway, i really, really am liking No Ordinary Family.  if they don't mess w/ THEIR formula, i can see them lasting awhile.  (i'm also looking at YOU, Heroes, when i mention the "don't mess w/ what's working" scenario.  grrr.)

i got to chat w/ april for a little bit.  

watched some Buffy, too.  LOVE!  

and oh crap, it's now midnight!  i still have to get up in the morning, just not AS early!  LOL  

and in conclusion - this article made me go WHAT?  why do we allow ppl to get away w/ this kinda crap?  we should not treat ppl this way - fat, skinny, black, white, short, tall, gay, straight, young, old, men, women.  we are all PEOPLE, and we should all be treated with respect.  

so there.  

: ) 


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  1. you sure do get a lot of post cards! how fun is that!? I love it!