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Monday, 25 October 2010

monday is as monday does

oh my heck.  oh my heck!  i'm so grateful for this weekend's break, because today was a kicker!  soooo busy, and soooo short!  had a 2 1/2 hour meeting offsite at the end of the day.  i totally forgot about it, too, until after lunch, which means that the last hour or so went TOO fast.  lol  the meeting was at least fun.  : )  

prior to that, i had to wear multiple hats... most days i can do things one at a time at least enough to get something done, ya know?  today i got a lot accomplished, but nothing DONE, really.  just a lot of email & phone calls & questions to answer & ... *laugh*  it was a good day, tho.  i didn't go back in after my meeting because it was over at 5, so i'm sure tomorrow will be all kindsa busy, too.  woot!  

i had to run some errands before coming home, but i did make it here by 6,.  had some leftover mac & cheese for dinner.  noticed the neighbor's back door was open, so i went to let them know, and ended up scaring the bleep out of them.  LOL  whoops!  i knocked on the door & heard "oh s&*!"  lol  

anywhoo!  computer didn't want me to watch NCIS tonight, so i popped in Buffy.  : )  i'll catch up on all the shows i'm missing eventually!  i did get to talk to my cousin dawn tonight, which was nice.  she was looking for a book for bub, but i didn't have it.  i know, shocker, a book i don't have.  but it wasn't really my kinda book.  the secret life of bees.  i hear it's good.  and i heard it was made into a good movie.  still, no thanks!  

ummm!  i'm sure there was something else, but of course i'm watching buffy and getting mildly distracted.  heh.  hope your monday was not mundane!  ttfn.  : ) 

postcard from finland!  


  1. Oh how I know what you mean when you said you got a lot accomplished, but not a lot DONE! That's the story of my life at work lately! I have just been SO swamped! I'm watching the Cowboys game at the moment and they are SUCKING it up :( It's so depressing! So I'm thankful for you to keep me company and put me in a good mood :) I've missed you Carrie Marie!! My co-worker let me borrow "The Secret Life of Bees" and I didn't think I'd like it either, but it's a really good read and movie! I even ended up reading another book by the same author called "The Mermaid Chair" and I think I liked that one better :) More my kind of book :) I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week despite it being a busy one! p.s. LOVE that postcard! how cute!

  2. Sorry about the Cowboys! :(

    I'm so happy to see your comments, tho - I've missed you, too! : ) *HUGS*