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Friday, 8 October 2010


well... i went to the dds this morning & my teeth are not the cause of the headache, so i guess it's either sinuses or because this stupid shoulder/back pain is still hanging on - even after that great massage!  *pout*  i mean, i'm EXTREMELY happy it's not my tooth... i have a $1000+ procedure that i need to have done as it is (thank God for insurance, my out of pocket is less than that, but still more than i have to just hand over all at once... )!  

oh, on the way to the dentist, there was a fire truck behind me, lights going & all that jazz.  they stopped at what appeared to be an accident - there was a van & a car on the side of the road.  when i came out of the dentist 45 minutes to an hour later, i went to kwik shop for a sparkly diet soda.  while in there, someone ran VERY FAST past the door, soon followed by the po-po.  tim (the kwik shop guy who i used to go to school with) pointed the cop in the right direction, but that runner was FAST and had apparently disappeared.  the policeman popped his head in & asked, "did you see if he went north or east?"  and we're all like, "once he was past the window, we don't know!"  *laugh*  then, when i went back on the road w/ the firetruck, there was just the cop car that was chasing the guy, and the blue van.  hmmmm....!  exciting!  (only exciting cuz dude wasn't hiding in my car or something!  lol)  

i made it to work in pretty good time, and then pretty much booked it through a bunch of stuff til lunch!  they catered in adolph's for us, for the final thank you of customer service week.  it was VERY yummy!  i brought my camera, but forgot to bring it IN (hello, not helpful!).  there was a lot of food, but i was (mostly) good.  i probably could have skipped the beans and jalepeno popper, but mmmm!  and i didn't use tortillas for my taco meat therefore allowing me to eat a handful of chips w/ guac & salsa guilt-free.  : )  (then i had a few more chips w/ more salsa, which was probably a little guilty.  but when i checked my BG later it was fine, so yay!)

the headache kinda dulled and only made a couple appearances, but by 2 o'clock i was ready to go... so i did.  i stopped at the PO for postcard stamps & to send off a little package to natalie.  : )  hopefully she'll like!  i'm still waiting on my package of gifties for a couple other ppl.  i thought they'd get here today, but no such luck!  maybe tomorrow... : )  anyway, i came home & read People & just vegged out for a few hours.  it was nice, quiet - didn't even turn on a movie or radio or hulu or anything!  then around 5:30 i started to feel peckish.  

i thought i'd go to chick fil a, because i was craving their grilled chicken that i thought i was going to get thursday & didn't.  (GC was delicious, don't get me wrong!)  however, as i was driving, my "GET FUEL NOW OR YOU'LL BE STRANDED" light came on, so i stopped at kwik shop.  i still had this morning's cup in the car, so i got a dr pepper for cheap (refill rate, gotta loves it!) & ended up chatting w/ the cashier cuz she apparently is my neighbor!  heh.  then on the way to CFA i realized i didn't have any cash, and needed to stop at the ATM.  i took a detour to get to one that won't charge fees. (really? why should ANY ATM charge fees?  why does it matter who is getting the money out of your machine?  the money is already in there, no one has to work to give it to me, you don't need $1.50 from me!)  then i passed by subway, and a seafood sub sounded better than grilled chicken (and essentially the same amount of carbs, BUT the seafood sub comes w/ more veggie options!).  i still wanted fruit, tho.  so i got the seafood sub at subway & then went to CFA for a medium fruit cup.  yuuuummmmy!  plus, by this point it was after 7 & i could feel my blood sugar getting lower by the second, so the fruit was a nice pick me up on the way home - and better for me than fries, right?

okay, i really need to go to sleep.  i'm working 9-12 tomorrow ... i wanted to work 10-2, but there were some issues, so 9-12 it is.  cuz i am AT LEAST sleeping in an hour on my saturday!  yeesh.  these ppl who want to get up early on saturday to go into work, i just don't understand it.  of course, i don't understand it any better during the week.  lol  

oh!  tonight's viewing - Caprica, Bones & The Good Wife.  all very, very good!!! 


(for marianne - i put this on her FB, too, but you all know you wanted to see it!)

Courtesy of People, ya know.  : )  

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