"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 28 February 2011

zzz's x 3

it's 11:30.  i meant to go to bed at 11.  but ... well, bret & i were watching Chuck & i was writing micaela back & i didn't start reading blogs til 10.  so... yeah.  here i am!  : )  

today was rather a lot for a monday.  i started my 12 hour fast at 9 last night - which was difficult since i didn't get dinner til 8-ish!  still, that actually worked in my favor, as i wasn't AWFULLY starving this morning, but i was hungry.  9 o'clock couldn't come fast enough!  *laugh*  i got to work super early at 7:15 (how?  idk, i think i will have to take river drive from now on after i take bret to work!) & my pod-mate told me some pretty nifty news - her bf has a friend ... who is... wait for it... YANNI'S PA!!!  oh my heck, oh my heck!  i am 4 degrees from Yanni!  : )  well, it's exciting to me, anyway.  heh.  

labs went fine, i like the tech i had today.  much better than the tech i've had the past couple times for sure!  right after i got outta there, i shot across the street to BK & got an iced vanilla coffee & a sausage & cheese croissant.  i forgot about their sizes being wonky, so i ordered a medium coffee.  holy cow!  that thing lasted me the rest of the day.  seriously, i finished it at like 4.  craziness!  also, it was surprisingly better than i'd expected.  

work was rather fun, got a lot accomplished, but still left feeling like i'd stopped in the middle of too many things!  and i didn't leave til 6:30!  one really nice thing - our african american group had a panel discussion & awards ceremony, and they broadcast it over the web.  so i got to listen/watch that as i worked on memorial requests.  it was a great panel, too!  one not so nice thing - (edited because ppl are nosy) ... i just don't understand how everything is everyone's business?!  this irritates me in politics and the media, too.  just because ppl are in "the public eye" doesn't mean they've given up their rights to privacy.  and just because i voice my opinion about something w/in your earshot, doesn't mean ... well, anyway.  enough of that, right??  

so, after work i was quite hungry, and i stopped at TB for a taco.  i hadn't had a taco from there in awhile & it was sooo good!  not in an adolph's way, but in like a mcdonald's cheeseburger kinda way.  *laugh*  anyway, i had to stop by jan's for something & then i came home, at last, to rest!  at 7:30.  13 hours after i'd left the house this morning!  *laugh*  tiiiired.  i had the most lovely letter from micaela, tho, waiting for me, so i read that & wrote back & watched chuck & there you go to the beginning of the post!  LOL 

so, after reading all that, be sure to head on over to the Menu & comment & tweet & FB & comment some more.  $15 to CSN stores could be in it for you!  : ) 


Sunday, 27 February 2011

a fairly open house

today is my day to sleep as long as i wanted.  my day to be on the computer as long as i want, watching whatever shows i want to watch, reading blogs, writing posts.  yes, it is my day to write multiple posts.  : )  like the one about the GIVEAWAY on the menu blog.  have you been over there to check it out yet? you could win a $15 code for any one of over 200 CSN sites.  

i've watched What Would You Do, The Cape, and finally caught up w/ GH - oh my heck oh my heck!  she can't be ... she just can't!  i'm so sad, if it's truly true.  she's one of my favorite characters.  not saying who, in case you watch and haven't seen yet.  : )  i'm not sure what i'll watch after The Cape.  i really don't know what i've watched & haven't... i wish i could watch my NEAL but ... alas... that page is still not updated.  :(  

anywhoo, yesterday as you read at the menu (didn't you?) i met mom & the boys for lunch at the new chinese buffet by my house.  it was prety good!  and we had some fun after the food was gone, of course... ; )   

i had all sorts of plans for yesterday, but they went awry when i decided to sleep in, instead of going to the bank & the PO & aunt jan's before lunch.  so, instead, i went to aunt jan's after lunch & payroll took a little longer than i thought, but i did get to combine a trip to the bank w/ some grocery shopping!  : )  multitasking, oh yeah!  

okay, now i think i'll watch Undercover Boss & some CBS shows, while hopefully helping my cousin shawna w/ her blog.  happy Sunday, party bloggers!  hope your weekend has been awesome!  


feelin' a bit o' pressure

my gas tank was on empty yesterday, so i decided to fill it up & see how much it would take.  $35 later, i knew.  recently i have been able to fill my tank up for $22, which was still awful since i fondly remember a time when i could fill it up for less than $15!!  anyway, since i have a bit of a commute, a tank usually lasts me a week.  if i go to mom's during the week, w/o making it on the way home, i cut it down by a day.  so, as gas prices rise, that's an extra $13 a week.  doesn't sound like a lot, but that's just if i strictly go to & from work!  i'm very thankful that bret has a job, but right now it means i have to take him there before i go to work, so that's adding ... next, monday i have to go to the lab for blood work.  tuesday i have to take chloe to finally get the brakes fixed, and then am hopefully still having dinner w/ nicki!  wednesday is payroll - and even tho jan's is close by, it's still an extra start & stop of the car.  

and i really, really want to plan some road trips this summer to see joy & sarah & debi!!  but if a tank is $35... idk.  i really don't.  :(  

anyone else feeling the pressure of the pump?


Friday, 25 February 2011


spectacular day.  so happy it's friday!  it was a loooong one, tho!  and i have to do payroll tomorrow, so i should be in bed, but i'm not.  *laugh*  i got home about 10:30, and then misha & her bf, andrew, were just getting here, too, so they're hanging out for a bit.  

phil called at like 11 to see if i could watch the boys at jen's tonight, so i went over there after work at like 7.  loooong day.  oh, i guess i mentioned that already.  *laugh*  anyway, we had lots of fun.  leyton & i watched some WWE & some phineas & ferb, which i love love love!  we got some cuddle time in, and story time, and of course "mess w/ anthony" time.  all in all, tho, they did well together tonight.  okay, so mostly it's because anthony was watching TV upstairs & we were downstairs, but still!  ; )  

 Chatting w/ Gramma on my phone  : )  

any guesses what would've happened if i'd let him press "call?"  
can you smell what the rock is cooking?  
and what happened to his beautiful hair?!?  
the rock, calling out john cena... 
the leyton, calling out the rock...
they could be twins!  except leyton has hair...!

more cena imitation
just in case you didn't know (i didn't, but hey, cool beans!)

some cuddle time, some pac man, some random phone calls
and then... 

play time!!!  : ) 
until he saw Tokyo Mater, and then it was all restfully gazing at the TV.

so cute!
later, he got hold of the camera again, when he was supposed to be getting his pillow pet & coming back upstairs to jammie up!  
anthony, of course, hid from the glare of the papparazzi!  heh!  

in other news... 

work was busy as usual.  woke up this morning to SNOW, but then the sun came out & it all melted away - just in time for new snow tonight.  meh.  i mostly worked on claims & memorials, and surprisingly a lot of timecard issues for a friday!  

mom called shortly after phil to see if i wanted to hang out, but i'd already told him i'd watch the boys, so i had to decline.  she's picking them up tomorrow for the rest of the weekend, as well.  tomorrow, the day i'd thought to rest... LOL  instead, i need to go to the bank, WM, the PO, do payroll, all before noon so i can meet mom, leyton & anthony for chinese buffet lunch!  : )  then maybe i can veg the rest of the day... we'll see!

for now, i'm off to beddy bye.  it's midnight, andrew just left, misha mentioned she wanted to go to bed, bret's out w/ a friend playing pool... goodnight & i hope your friday was funtastic!  i leave you w/ a lovely homemade postcrossing from california!  

ttfn  : )  

Thursday, 24 February 2011

odd duck

today was an odd duck of a day.  i woke up feeling just awful - stuffy head, tummy not feeling so hot... and so i decided to postpone my dental appointment & come home to rest after taking bret to work.  my intention was to go back to sleep, but then when i got home i was hungry, which i took as a good sign!  

i ended up just vegging out w/ GH & Chuck & WWYD/HWYD.  it was a nice mind wipe.  i also went thru half a box of tissue & was in the loo every hour for the first couple of hours.  (sorry, too much sharing?)  i'm feeling much better now, so i am going to make the trek into work.  i can still get a good 5 hours of productivity in!  i've been tummy-issue free for 2 hours now, i can breathe thru my nose (thank you equate dayquil!) and i'm actually formulating thoughts that make semi-sense.  : )  

also.  did i mention?  I'M GOING TO YANNI IN A MONTH!  : )  

i made it in to work at 1 & stayed til 6.  i think i had a fever at one point.  i got very, very warm & my head was all fuzzy, but then i took some ibuprofen & went outside & felt better.  and i was able to get vacations done & claims confirmed along w/ putting out fires, so it was a productive day!  : )  

it's engineer appreciation week or some such thing, so someone made treats!  they were gooood treats, too... mini cheesecakes & mousse & souffle's.  mmm!  everything looked so pretty.  

juli called & wanted me to adopt one of angel's siblings, but i had to say nope.  angel is an only kitty, which i discovered when i tried to get her to accept my Familiar.  

(ummm... i tried to find my pictures, but FB has apparently eaten my entire kitties album.  what's the dealio there?) 

wasn't he cute?  *sigh*  she wasn't having any of that, tho, and i'm not going thru it again!  it was nice to talk to juli for a bit, tho!  after work, i called mom & she & leyton & anthony were on their way to golden corral for dinner.  perfect timing!!  i met them there for some yummy food & family time!  *bounce*  and mom said she got the Yanni tickets, and has booked the hotel, so WOOOT!!!  : )  : )  :)  

and now i am totally tired & ready for bed.  thank God it's nearly the weekend!!  i'll leave you w/ a postcrossing from belarus & some pictures from tonight.  hope your day was less feverish & just as fun as mine!