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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


do you remember tony danza?  if you are anywhere near my age, you know tony danza.  you will remember him from shows like Taxi and Who's the Boss?.  after that, he had a talk show.  before he was an actor, he was a boxer.  before that, he was in school to be a teacher.  and now - whether because someone approached him w/ the schtick for a reality show, or because he decided he wanted to teach and someone heard about it & decided to make reality show - he's teaching in philly & has a reality show about it.  

there's the potential for this to be really cheesey.  

it's not, tho, so far.  it's really heartwarming and heartbreaking.  i love his heart, he wears it on his sleeve.  he's always been like that, to me.  on his talk show, he showed his true self, i felt.  idk!  now, with this ... he's teaching HS english, to a room full of students who are diverse - some are bored by the class moving too slow.  some are lost by the class moving too fast.  he's gonna hafta find that balance.  

i think this show is touching my heart so much because what he's doing, that was my plan.  all through school, i was working towards being a teacher.  i love to teach!  i love to watch kids learn, to see when they realize something new, when they "get" it.  i tutored all through HS, i helped my teachers w/ their paperwork, grading.  oh how i loved to grade papers!  i should talk to julia, actually, to see if she ever wants help grading papers.  i think it'd be fun to go hang out over there & grade once again!  : )  

all my life, it seems, was directed toward that one goal.  and then, college.  i didn't really have panic attacks til college.  i didn't have a lot of confidence problems, that i remember.  all it took, tho, to knock me down were a few snotty ppl.  and i don't think the majority of them meant to be snotty.  i mean, i think that's just kinda how kids are sometimes.  (not to be confused w/ my evil co-worker later in life.  i totally think she meant to be snotty, and she was very talented at it!)  

so.  yeah.  i just lost a paragraph somewhere... basically i think it said that even tho my life didn't turn out the way i expected, every experience led me to where i am now, and i love my job!  i get to teach, just in a different way, and even "grade" papers!  ; )  

so... aside from all that!  i've been watching Chuck & Castle & Stargate SG1.  Thanks to Georgette, who reminded me that i've been missing my richard dean anderson fix!  all of these shows have a similarity in that they make me laugh, w/ subtle humor, rather than overt sitcom humor.  

i've really lost my train of thought now!  it's bugging me, the disappearing paragraph.  i thought i'd saved it, but  apparently not!  i'll leave you w/ my favorite piece of mail from today.  thanks, micaela!  BIG SMILES!!  : )  

ttfn!  : )

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