"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 7 October 2010

day 2 of the headache... i am going to the dentist tomorrow because i am suspecting it could be tooth related.  altho now my mouth feels fine, and the headache isn't really there anymore.  but my shoulders are still achey.  am i coming down w/ a flu?  what the heck??  

anywhoo.  headache was not as bad as yesterday, except when some awful screechy printer made noise.  idk where it was coming from, but every once in awhile AAACCKKKK!!!  and someone brought in scotcheroo's, which i LOVE, but i only cut off a sliver.  *sigh*  someone else brough in corn dip.  i had some of that w/ some chips.  but like, five chips.  which is better than my "used to" but my nutritionist is under the impression i shouldn't be snacking at all.  well, not having carbs btwn meals, except for my evening snack.  ummm... i am trying!  mostly.  i have cheese & SF jello that i bring every day to keep me going btwn lunch & dinner.  so, it's snacking, but not carb snacking, if you know what i mean?  (i hate having to even think about this stuff, you don't even know how much!  i also hate that i am surrounded by a foodie who does nothing but talk about how much they love food & all the things they are eating/can't eat/want to eat and a closet foodie who eats all kinds of things that are bad for them & then talks about how they DON'T eat all that stuff... it just makes it hard for me to quietly sit by and eat my jello...even tho i truly love jello!  thank God!)

anywhoo again.  : ) 

tonight i met mom & the boys at jen's & anthony picked golden corral for dinner.  we stopped at my house to pick up my camera & some DP for mom cuz jen apparently only has beer in her fridge?  which surprises me because she drinks diet soda... so, idk!  i didn't look in the fridge, so mom could have meant she didn't like the soda in there.  idk, mom & jen have been really attitudey w/ each other recently, and it's annoying.  anthony started off the drive w/ an attitude, but we called him on it right from the get-go & he stopped.  he was very polite & sweet the rest of the evening.  : )  which is the REAL anthony.  he is a good kid.  

so, as you see we had some fun!  then we went back to jen's for bath & story time, and then bedtime & i headed home!  it was a really nice night.  

and now I must go to bed!!  : )  ttfn!   


  1. i love the new design! you post so often that I have a hard time keeping up with them all! makes me feel like a terrible blogger! i missed several days! shoot!

  2. Thanks, Corey! And sorry, too. LOL I do tend to write A LOT, but writing is life, and how I keep sane...heh! : )