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Monday, 11 October 2010

Living With Greatness

soooo... the post that i just worked on for an hour turned into my new page, What I Think About Love.  idk where it all came from, well, actually i do.  it came from all these bullying stories that have made the news as of late, and the fact that the majority of the kids were teased or outted for being gay, and this lead to their suicides.  and sex was involved in the other teen deaths, whether in reality or only rumors.  and it all kinda snowballed in my head!  


monday.  blech.  *laugh*  it was a beautiful day, and work went pretty well.  lots of stuff to do!  i almost stayed til 6, but thought i'd save that up for next week when it's payroll cutoff again.  : )  this week, i plan to leave on time every night, and i need to take vacation at some point to get a couple things done... idk when or if that'll happen, yet!  

fixed an okay dinner when i got home.  watched some desperate housewives, undercover boss, and CSI.  found a new blog template for the Menu.  : )  tried to organize my thoughts and possibly failed.  *laugh*  read some bloggy blogs.  

doesn't that sound exciting?  well, it can't always be, i guess.  i'm not indiana jones or nancy drew!  altho i wouldn't mind being nancy drew some days.  forever a teenager, with a rich dad & one of the coolest hobbies ever.  i mean, really!  : )  

for now, i think it's time to read a couple more blogs & hit the hay.  i am quite tired, and it is after midnight.  take care and ttfn!  

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