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Friday, 29 October 2010

Chicago - Day 1

just had lunch at weber grill. A.maz.ing! Our waiter was knowledgable and awesome. Now we are on our way to Woodfield Mall!


what an awesome day!  i got up at 8 & did some stuff around the house - and finished packing!  lol  i watched some buffy & bret came over to get the key & drop off a cd he wanted aunt sheryl to listen to.  i told him he could take back the pop cans to get some money & make a key for himself.  : )

mom picked me up at 10:30 & we headed out.  it was a very nice drive.  beautiful day, great weather!  we had to stop a couple of times because there was a rattling in the back that we couldn't figure out and it was driving mom batty!  heh.  finally she figured out it was coming from the very back seat, so she adjusted it & the sound went away, thank God! 

we got into town about 1:30 or 2, checked in to the beautiful staybridge suites.  i LOVE staybridge!!  the lobby is beautiful, and there's free coffee available at any time.  they have a library w/ books (which is great since i did something very un-carrie-like & forgot to bring a book w/ me!).  they also have movies available to borrow!  we borrowed No Reservations & Just Like Heaven, which i'm too tired to watch tonight, but tomorrow when we get back to the room we'll hopefully feel like watching.  i haven't seen either of them since they were in theatres, and i really like them!  : )  there's a business center w/ internet access (which is why i'm blogging, yay!).  there's continental breakfast in the morning & a fitness center & FREE laundry service!  woot! 

after we'd explored the room - kitchenette w/ dishes & separate living & bedroom areas - 

we headed out to lunch at Weber Grill.  i've wanted to eat there ever since mary & i saw one while we were in schaumberg several years ago.  : )  as i said above, which i sent here right after we ate - it was amaaaaazing!  beautiful restaurant, the service was excellent, and the food delicious!  our waiter even gave us extra pretzel rolls to take w/ our leftovers.  YUM!  there'll be a whole menu post when i get back, with pictures!! 

after lunch, we headed over to woodfield mall for some retail therapy.  : )  we went to Lush, Godiva, Macy's (got some Philosophy products, they smell soooo nice!), I <3 Chicago where i got a multitude of postcards (some will be going out to you, my dearest blog buddies, when i get back - of course i didn't bring anyone's address WITH me to send them out from here!  d'oh!)... oh, we visited the sanrio store, for some hello kitty mini notebooks.  i can't resist them!  : ) 

we were at the mall for 4 hours or so, and figured we walked about 2 miles in that timeframe.  fun!!  heh.  we decided not to get dinner/dinner, and just head back to our room & eat our leftovers.  still delicious!  : ) 

now i'm ready to SLEEP and it's only 10:30!  LOL  it's been so busy, tho, and tomorrow will be another day of walk walk walking. : )  we want to go to the zoo, the aquarium & the field museum.  idk if we'll get to all of them tomorrow, we might have to finish up on sunday, or our next visit.  but whatever we do, i know we'll have FUN!!! 

for now, i must check on a couple sites & then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz land!  : )   i hope your fridays all went well, and that any halloween parties you went to were a blast!! 

ttfn!  love ya! 

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