"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 15 October 2010


do you watch?  it's goooood!  funny, heartfelt, cop show but not... and there's banter!  i love banter.  

today was a very goofy friday.  our email went down for awhile, of course RIGHT when i sent around a note about treats for boss's day!  *laugh*  then, when it came back up, FLOODED the rest of the day.  woot!  lol  it wasn't a typical friday, for sure.  usually, fridays are slow, because everyone's on a 3 day weekend or something.  lots of out of offices, voice mails... but not today!  everyone was calling in w/ account questions & the like.  crazy, but made the day go fast!  plus, my whole pod was in a goofy mood, so there was a lot of laughter going on!  : )  

i wanted sancho's for dinner, i think i mentioned that before.  didn't work out, so i ordered chinese.  i love this place's crab ragoon & fried rice.  i thought mongolian beef would be delicious.  nooooo!  i mean, i'm sure it was good - phil liked it.  but it was not good for me!  

phil called me at 7 & i went over there to hang out.  LOTS OF FUN!  : )   mom & i got there at the same time, and when leyton opened the door, he got this huge grin on his face & said, "all my ppl are here!"  heh.  too cute!!  we played w/ the dart gun & read the adventures of Cold Cuts, a superhero cow.  she's amazing!  lol  really, it was a fun read.  leyton snuggled w/ me while i read If You Give A Pig A Pancake.  we played w/ his trains, well, actually A train.  heh.  

all too soon it was time for aunt carrie to leave so mom & leyton could go to bed.  phil, who hadn't had any sleep at all today, had gone about 1/2 an hour earlier after more snuggles & love from leyton.   

when i got home, i had a lovely postcrossing from australia.  i haven't been able to register it yet, tho, because it's missing a number.  whoops!  hopefully polly will read my profile soon & send me the missing digit!  

i got to chat w/ joy for a bit, yay!  watched Bones, of course.  : )  i was sad to miss mandi's debut w/ the super secrets, but w/ everything going on, i just couldn't turn down more leyton time.  hopefully the show was a big success (i'm sure it was) and there'll be another one soon!  

tomorrow is a busy day, potentially!  i need to get groceries & a couple presents, and am supposed to hang out w/ juli & the kids for a little bit.  then there's the bonfire, and i still don't know if the boys are going w/ me or not.  phil's bring leyton to jen's at 11:30, and the bonfire festivities begin at 3, so... we'll see!  

have a great night & i'll have more fun photos tomorrow, Lord willin!  : )  


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