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Sunday, 10 October 2010

bucket o' balls

no idea.  it's just the title that came to me.  (oh, probably because i just saw the picture of tiger woods hitting his golf ball right at the camera of a photographer.  heh.  it was a cool shot!)

this morning i got up & my head didn't hurt, and my shoulder didn't hurt, and my back didn't hurt.  HALLELUJAH!  : )  so, i felt energized & did some laundry (still loads more to do), dishes, and other cleaning.  then i went to mickey d's for breakfast.  then i vegged out & read some People & watched Blue Bloods & CSI:NY & then mom called to see if i wanted to go to a movie!  i watched some of Jeff's free world travels while i waited (he got to visit romania, and dracula's castle!  seriously jealous of his whole trip and yet i know i'm too much of a travel snob to really enjoy myself on that kind of trip.  i need cushy.  : ) 

mom picked me up at 5 & we headed to the theatre to see Life As We Know It.  i'd read some reviews that didn't like it, but i really did!  i enjoyed it A LOT, and not only for josh duhamel.  katherine heigel bothers me sometimes, but i enjoyed her for the most part in this film.  and the popcorn was yummy!  

when i got home, i was hungry for dinner (popcorn is great, but not really substancey!), but really didn't feel like anything.  idk how to explain it, but i know everyone goes through it, so you'll know what i mean.  when you're hungry for something specific, but you can't put your finger on what that specific thing is... altho tonight i know two things that would have satisfied that feeling - pumpkin curry or pizza.  i didn't have any of either in the house, tho, of course.  : |   so, lean cuisine white lasagna it was.  while i watched Apprentice.  (really good ep, loved the men's video.  annoyed at the "pc" "it's too violent" thing.  it wasn't violent, it was FUN.  like a pillow fight!  sure, getting hit w/ a pillow can hurt.  but it's FUN!  and i really feel like the person who was fired should not have been.  there was another person who deserved to go WAY more, and this person got classicly thrown under the bus by their team.  shame, shame!)

i can't believe it's already monday tomorrow.  *sob*  idk why my weekend didn't feel long enough ... oh, wait, cuz i was there yesterday, that's why!  lol  i had fun, and i like to help out, and it was totally my choice, so i am NOT complaining!  i just didn't realize how 3 1/2 hours on saturday could make my weekend seem shorter?!  crazy.  

anywhoo, i'm hoping to get to be in 1/2 an hour or so, so we'll see how that works out!  : )  hope your weekend's been a blast!  and here's to a marvelous monday for us all!  <3 ya!  


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