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Friday, 22 October 2010

better day

i needed today.  i needed to sleep til 10:30 and eat a bagel w/ cream cheese & ham slowly.  i needed to clean the kitchen and my desk and part of the livingroom.  i needed to sit on the couch & read People for a little bit.  i needed to watch season 1 of Buffy and season 2 of Buffy.  : )  i would have LIKED to watch blue bloods, hell's kitchen, NCIS... all my shows from the week that i haven't caught up w/ yet.  however, my computer is having issues.  i've done all the normal things i do to fix it when it acts up, so i'm not sure what the delio is.  :(  i just know that every time i try to watch a show now it locks up!  *growl*  

other than that slight annoyance, however, it's been just what i needed.  : )  

juli called last night - she thought we were hanging out this saturday instead of last.  hmmm.  we might get to, not sure.  there's something going on tonight for Quad City Christian, too, but i actually think i'm just going to stay home.  jen said leyton'll be coming over after dinner tomorrow, so maybe she & the kids & i can hang out in the afternoon.

mom found a poem i wrote in 2002.  i'm not really a poet... 

Be Strong
by Carrie Marie
January 29, 2002

A long time ago someone told me, 
"Be strong!"
I said, "I'll try."
Their reply?
"Try? No! BE strong!"
So I am strong.
I cannot lift a truck, 
Or scale a high mountain
But I am strong.
I found a job
To support
My five brothers & sisters.
I am strong.
The state, they said,
Take your siblings
And give them good homes, 
And they WILL be happy."
"How can we 
Be happy
If we are not
I asked.
So I am strong.
For them, 
For us, 
So that we
Can be
And one day, 
When I am gone, 
My brothers & sisters
Will remember
That they were
And they will say, 
"She was strong."

i'm not sure i even like it, but mom did?  it hung up on our wall forever.  so, i found it while cleaning my desk off today, and thought i'd share.  lucky you!  ; )  


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