"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 30 April 2011

what a lovely day! (many photos!)

today was so nice!!  first, tho, i had a really weird dream - i don't even know what it was about now, but there was, of course, a crazy bathroom involved.  this one had black stalls, and the doors were at hip-level, like those turnstyles at the amusement parks.  and was apparently co-ed, as georgette, kristie, bret, and some actor were all there.  georgette was sitting at a table reading a magazine.  then there were bunk beds in the bathroom as well... and i remember thinking, the first time i went into this room in the dream - "i should be waking up soon, as this is definitely not a real bathroom!"  but then i wasn't waking up.  and i ended up in there twice, and finally finally i woke up - and you guessed it, had to use the loo!  LOL 

anyway, once i got up for reals, i picked debi-bob up & we went to penney's to find some church outfits for the boys.  i ended up finding a really cute dress for ariyana and a really cute spring/summer purse for myself.  which i almost got for free cuz the lady didn't charge me for it.  LOL debi was like, "did she charge you for the purse?"  aw, snap!  so, we went back & then she did, and the $45 purse which was on sale for $21.99 only cost me $12!!!!  : )  

love a great bargain!  

next we went to target to return some stuff & have a bonanza at the dollar spot.  seriously, found lots of really cute notecards & notebooks & a few somethings special for some special peeps!  *laugh*  

and then ... we got to watch this dude play ball!!!  : )  

it was nice for bob to meet the boys & see phil & mom after a long while.  we had a good time chatting & hanging out, and then it was time for her to go back to her own boys.  *sniffle*  my plan had been to just come home & wallow in missing my friend, but thankfully i ended up being too busy to be anything but happy we got to hang out!!  : )  the boys wanted to hang out w/ gramma, so they went for ice cream & then picked me up.  

we ran a couple errands (picked up Read It And Weep, as you saw above!) & then went to mom's & played at the park.  anthony rode his bike & leyton rode his motorbike & mom & i walked.  : )  it was nice - even tho it sprinkled every once in awhile, it was mostly just cloudy.  warm enough that i didn't need a jacket, but not hot.  lovely!  

seriously so much fun!  even if the boys fought a little.  *laugh*  i love the picture of all three of them chasing each other & catching each other.  : )  at one point, we were heading back to the house, and mom forgot her video camera in the gazebo... d'oh!  glad i remembered it!  

when we got back to the house, anthony & i rested for a bit inside while mom & leyton were doing something outside.  *laugh*  then anthony & i joined them for some basketball.

 notice the seemingly floating ball?  hee!

leyton's got some good form!

after that had worked up our appetites, we decided to go to BWW.  oh, when they had picked me up, leyton wanted to get mr turtle out of my car & bring him w/ us.  so we did, of course... 

anyway, when we got to BWW they were PAAAACKED and the wait was like 1/2 an hour, so we went to IHOP instead.  leyton was not happy about this change, and as he didn't have a nap today, it got pretty ugly for a few minutes!  but then he was happy w/ IHOP, so it worked out alright!  

now watching some renegade & then it's sleepy time for carrie!  : )  hope your weekend is going as fabulously!  : )  ttfn!

Friday, 29 April 2011

oh the places you will go

do you think katie holmes or kate middleton every really thought they would go to the places they have? do you think when katie was dreaming of tom cruise, she could have ever really envisioned that she would one day be his wife, the mother of his child(ren)?  i wonder what went through kate's mind when she met the prince.  they began as friends, and i think were both seeing other ppl at the time they met at school?  did she know she wanted to be friends with him?  or, as more often happens with friendships, did it sneak up on her, and one day she discovered she actually liked hanging out w/ will.  did she & her girlfriends ever have a "we're hanging out with the PRINCE of ENGLAND" moment?

silly question, that last.  i'm sure they did.  *laugh*  i'm sure at her bachelorette party it was mentioned at least once that she is going to MARRY the PRINCE of ENGLAND!  heh.  

i was randomly up at 4 to use the loo, and i gave serious thought to coming in the living room to watch the royal nuptials.  in the end, tho, after about 20 seconds of debate, i decided that sleep was more important, and that i would enjoy it more if i watched it later.

i was right.  AND i had a lovely sleep!  : )  

tonight when i got home from hanging out w/ debi-bob, i pulled up the youtube channel & watched various clips.  i watched kate walk down the aisle, and the vows, and the balcony, and the kiss - which i'd watched on the news in the breakroom this morning.  i know everyone's talking about the dress, which was lovely and classy and timeless, imo.  but here are some other observations... 

- kate's earrings.  i love dangly earrings!!  

- their smiles.  and both of them trying to hold back smiles during the "serious" portions of the ceremony.  i had the BIGGEST grin on my face as i watched them, each time they looked at each other i could feel their affection radiating out.  

- the way they talked to each other during the ceremony & on the balcony.  

- their EASE.  they both were so relaxed!  MILLIONS of ppl are watching them, cheering for them, etc., and they are totally at ease.  i mean, they both looked around a couple times seemingly a little nervous, but it was "normal wedding nervous", not "millions of ppl and the Queen are watching me" nervous.  LOL  dude officiating the ceremony (uh... i know his name is roland, but can't remember his title, i'm sorry!) stumbled once, but wills & kate spoke their lines steadily & with confidence.  LOVE IT!  

- the production value!!!  oh my heck, westminster abbey must've been wired up the yin yang, because there were cameras everywhere, and the ppl behind the editing were amazing, too.  it was like watching a movie, a really awesome movie that i could FF thru all the boring parts.  (again, sorry, but all that singing was really not what i was watching for!  *laugh*)  

so happy for them!  i sincerely hope that everyone - much as we the public would like to see them - will respect their wish for a couple years of privacy.  and especially that no one will start harping at them about children!!  give them time to be the duke & duchess of cambridge first, ya know?  : )  


in other news - i had LOTS of fun hanging out w/ bob tonight!!  : )  she & the boys made me some crafts, which i'll scan in tomorrow hopefully.  and jacob found turtle buttons & sent them to me!  too cute!  also, she made me some banana bread, which i had a piece of a minute ago & it was so yummy! (thanks, bob!!)  we went to dynasty buffet for chinese & sushi, and it was particularly delicious tonight!  we pretty much closed the place, too.  *laugh*  

tomorrow we're going to do some more hanging out & a little shopping.  woot woot!!  then i might head over to a local hall to watch my friend jennifer's dad attempt a world record title - he is going to attempt 2000 push ups in an hour.  the current record is 1940, i think.  it would be neat to see, but idk if i'll have time, so we'll see!! 

and now i really need to SLEEP!  i'm very grateful that my computer let me watch all the wedding stuff.  : )  

did you watch?  what'd you think?  do share!!  


Thursday, 28 April 2011

well, shoot

yesterday after work i picked up subway ($2 meatball and cold cut combo 6" subs, ppl!  get 'em while it's still april!) & then went to hang out w/ anthony & leyton for a bit.  even got to see phil!  : )  

got home at 10:30, and promptly went to bed.  w/o turning on the livingroom light or anything!

today was a little stressy & quite exhausting, but i did get to chat w/ debi & april a bit and so that made the day go by fast!  well, that & the insane amount of work i have every day.  *laugh*  oh, AND!  i got to lunch with 4 friends i don't normally get to see, one of whom works in a different building now & we had a BLAST!  so hilarious, we chatted about all sortsa stuff.  it was really a lot of fun!  

after work, went to WM to pick up my rx & some milk & waffles - which i forgot the waffles.  BUT i did remember soda and jello, so we're okay.  : )  

oh, wait, before i went to WM - i went to CFA to meet mom & the boys.  except i only got to see them for a quick hug, because jen suddenly changed plans & decided she wasn't playing volleyball & was going over to her bf's & so she needed to pick up the kids before going across the river.  mom was LIVID at this change in plans - not because the plans changed, but because of the way/time she was informed.  if jen would have let her know earlier, she would have taken the boys to steak & shake or something closer to their house instead of CFA, which is across town.  i just think sometimes ppl don't think about how their actions affect other ppl. jen didn't think about how her actions would affect mom.  mom didn't think about how her actions (or attitude) would affect jen.  anthony didn't think about how his actions would affect anyone.  (he made me almost cry last night, and not in the good way!)  bret ... well, never mind there.  idk what's going on w/ that boy.  

anyway, so mom was going to take the boys over to aldi to meet jen, but then jen was done shopping so she came over to pick the boys up.  and mom said she wished jen would have let her know earlier that the plans were changing & to please let her know next time.  her voice wasn't the kindest, but she was kinda put out... 

after jen & the boys left, mom & i went across the street to azteca 2 for dinner.  i had thought she'd already eaten, but i guess just the boys had... (btw, when leyton saw me, he gave me a biiiiig hug & that made me feel really good!)  so, salsa, cheese dip, chips, quesadilla w/ ground beef & cheese & sour cream & tomato.  YUMMY!  except later my tummy didn't really enjoy something, but idk what it could have been!  i eat all that stuff normally.  lol  

mom got some time to vent, and that was good.  too often - and i might have mentioned this before - she doesn't really TALK about things, and then they just explode at some point.  so, venting is good.  (debi, i'm looking at you when i say that, too... LOL)

speaking of debi (aka bob)... she is coming to visit tomorrow!!!!!!!!  *bouncecheer*  so happy!  i haven't seen her since last march, when we all met up at sarah's to meet baby chase!  wait... didn't i road trip last summer?  maybe.  i'll have to check my notes.  i may have seen her since that trip.  anyway, whatevs, she'll be here tomorrow after work & we're gonna hang out & go out to eat & do some shopping & just HANG OUT!!!  : )  excited!!!!

now, it's 11:30 & i am really ready to sleep.  i am contemplating getting up at 4 am to watch some of the royal wedding on the royal youtube channel.  we'll see if i am able to pull myself outta bed ... if not, i'll be checking out all the blogs later!  : )  have a great FRIDAY - TGIF!!!!  and i'll say - ttfn!  : )  

today's card is brought to you by Ukraine!  

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


erm.  that is supposed to be "spicy" only pronounced "spice-ay" but it looks like a slur... i think i'll just change my title so you won't know what i'm talking about.  except i'm going to leave this explanation in.  ; )  LOL 

uh, anyway.  today wasn't bad.  got a lot accomplished, as always a good thing!  salmon for lunch, arthur's for dinner.  good food day!!  : )  

got to chat w/ april when i got home after 7.  :  )  

had some very nice comments on fb.  

watched renegade.  wooooT!

glee tomorrow.  and maybe survivor if the computer cooperates.

get to see the boys tomorrow!  : )  

ready for bed!

(don't you love random random thoughts?)


Monday, 25 April 2011

my letter

i wrote this letter to bret tonight.  i'm sharing it here because ... just because.  i'm upset, and the more he ignores me the more hurt i get. 

so, hi. i don't know why you've decided to ignore me. did Jesus tell you to do that? did He tell you to move out w/o telling me, even tho i opened my home to you when you needed somewhere to stay - for a month, which turned into 1/2 a year? did He tell you to ignore me, even tho i rearranged my entire schedule to get you to work in the mornings while your car was not drivable, and let you borrow my car any time you wanted to go to church or a friend's or wherever? did He tell you to ignore me even tho i rearranged my entire christmas vacation so that you could go to KC?

i did these things because you are family and i love you. do i mean so little to you? do you think this is what the Lord has planned for you?

did you decide to stay at nick's and not tell me because you thought i would disapprove? because you think you're doing something wrong? i can tell you - i think you're doing something wrong, but the only reason i think so is because of how you are treating me. if you would have talked to me, let me know that you wanted to move in w/ nick immediately, we could have worked something out. it's not like it would have been a big deal, and you could have made sure you had everything you needed.

this whole thing could have been a positive. i don't understand why you are insisting on turning it into a negative. :( i especially don't understand why you keep posing things about the Lord right after i send you notes asking you to talk to me about what's going on. the only thing i can think is that you think the Lord is telling you to treat me disrespectfully, and i know He is not telling you that.

so. that's all i wanted to say. if you think by ignoring me i'll go away, i'm sorry but that's not going to work. eventually you're going to need to talk to me - or, i guess that's not right. you could make the decision not to talk to me. i think that would be really sad, tho.

oh! and also - i really think you should talk to me before applying at
(company x). it would be an awesome opportunity for you, but you need to make sure you're ready for the commitment of (company x).

okay, i hope you're doing well. and that you'll talk to me soon.

 i'm doing a lot of second guessing now that i sent it, because what if i'm irritating him?  as soon as i think that, tho, i think WTH?  if he's irritated it's out of guilt, because he should NOT have done what he did, and he should NOT have ignored my first texts & fb message to him.  at that point, i wasn't upset at all - just curious as to if he'd moved out.  once he ignored me, and i knew it wasn't because something was wrong w/ his phone, that's when i got upset.  it was like a light switch was flipped, and i realized "oh, he's ignoring me."  it hadn't occurred to me that he would before then.  i mean, why??  

then flashbacks of the holly situation ... i thought things were fine & meanwhile she's trying to OD in her bedroom & hates me so much that she screams horrible things at me after i have tried to help her. i mean, she obviously had a side to the story, and obviously i must've done something wrong while opening my home to her.  but since bret would constantly tell me i was the best roommate he'd had, i guess that's where i thought things were okay?  i guess if you lie to ppl you shouldn't be surprised when they believe you?  so... was he lying?  did he hate living here as much as holly did?  am i a horrible person for trying to help ppl when they need somewhere to live, opening my home to them for free?  in holly's case, we never talked about an amount she would pay me, but in bret's he is the one who insisted on giving me money "every week."  it wasn't every week, it wasn't the amount HE said he wanted to pay me.  but i didn't harp on him about it.  


ah well, live & learn.  of course, what i'm learning is that apparently God doesn't want me to help ppl anymore.  :|

so - how was YOUR day?  : )  

other than this situation & being at work til 6, it was a pretty good monday here.  altho the movie times didn't work out for me & mom to see Atlas Shrugged.  i came home & made a tunafish & egg sammich.  

and soon there will be bed.  ahhhh... my pillow & comforter sound very ... comforting right now.  

(happy things - postcards in the mail from finland and micaela - she made hers!  awesome!)  

Sunday, 24 April 2011


i loved spending time w/ these three, and mom, this evening.  so thankful that i've been able to hang out w/ leyton so much!  and phil - have seen him more in the past weekend than i had in a month!  : ) 

he took the boys home at 7 (anthony really enjoyed his Easter basket!) & i stayed to watch the next restaurant owner or something whatever show curtis & bobby flay are on... cuuute!  and then celeb apprentice, which was a really good episode!  next week looks like it's gonna get crazy between a couple ppl.  ooooh.  

heh.  not ready to get back to work tomorrow!  but grateful for a job to go to... lol  just wish i had another couple days off.  : )  

hope your monday goes SWELL!  ttfn!