"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 23 October 2010

feeling better minute by minute...

slept til 11 today.  oh, glorious sleeping in!  the weather cooperated by finally breaking into a rain.  : )  

headed over to juli's about 11:40, stopping to get her a mt dew & myself a diet pepsi along the way.  i just hung out at her house for about 4 1/2 hours, chatting w/ my friend as opposed to being auntie carrie.  i mean, for the most part when i am over there, it's to play w/ the kids.  juli & john & i only get to really TALK for 1/2 an hour or so.  but today, i was BFF first and aunt second.  and the kids were fine!  sarah had a friend over, so they played polly pocket & watched tinkerbell.  andrew watched blue's clues & played w/ his cars.  juli & i (and john when he was home briefly for lunch) just chatted away.  it was VERY NICE!  she made brats for lunch, w/ carrots & apple slices.  mmm!  i always forget how much i love carrots until i have them.  *laugh*  

we watched some of the sarah jane adventures (apparently this is kinda a spin off of doctor who) which is very british and strange sci fi.  i like it!  : )  andrew & i played w/ a balloon for awhile.  sarah joined in for a few minutes, as well, after her friend had to go home.  oh!  i just realized i forgot the instant potatoes i was going to take home w/ me.  bummer!  

anywhoo, we also had some popcorn & then it was time for me to go.  i tried to watch some Outsourced when i got home, but computer's still being goofy.  but then phil called to see if i wanted to pick leyton up early, so i headed over there.  i'd asked phil to ask leyton earlier if he wanted to go to WM w/ me, and he did, so that's where we headed right away.  i had to get some TP & cottage cheese & milk.  i let him talk me into getting some yogurt & cheese shaped like mickey mouse, too.  (i don't really mind the yogurt - he ate two of them!  but the mickey mouse cheese?  well, it was only $2, but still!!  oye!)

we actually saw jen & phil while we were there because they needed a couple things before the fights.  i have mixed feelings about them hanging out, but don't want to go into all of that here.  am just going to count it as a good thing for right now.  !!?!?

leyton did so well in the store, riding in the cart & organizing the groceries around him.  lol  i let him ride one of the bikes up & down the aisle a couple times, which was cute (darn absence of my purse camera still!!).  we got back here a couple hours later & watched Shrek & Labyrinth (LOVE), looked up Thomas stuff online, ate dinner (jen said he hadn't eaten since breakfast, hadn't been interested in lunch, so he ate really well - two pieces of pizza, 2 things of yogurt, 1/2 a jell-o, some animal crackers and a root beer!), jumped on the couch, played w/ legos... : )  

and finally got him to go to bed (WITHOUT making me go to bed, too, miracle!) at 11.  honestly, i didn't try before 11, because i figure he can sleep til whenever tomorrow.  i'm hoping for at least 8... lol  we're going to meet mom for breakfast, since jen apparently has plans for him in the afternoon.  

anyway, i'm happy to spend this time w/ him, and we had fun & yay!  : )  

i'm so glad i opted for a big, squishy couch back in 1997?, when i bought this!  my main criteria was that it matched Tooncis, and honestly it didn't get very much use in the first apartment!  my tv was in my bedroom, and the only time i was in the livingroom was to walk thru it & get to the kitchen... LOL but it has served me very well.  it's been w/ me for a very long time!  and it's still comfy, and squishy enough for my nieces & nephews to jump on!  : )  

(sorry the pictures are kinda out of order.  blogger's being a brat & not letting me arrange them the proper way!)

oh!  we also played "try to catch me."  this is not a game where i have to chase after the boy, which is good... lol  he likes it when i "catch" him running.  : )   really it's no wonder he went to sleep fairly well...!  i kinda exhausted him by letting him run all over the place!!  ; )  

 prior to the game, he was drawing w/ the cute multicolored pens we got at WM.  

have a great night!  i guess i should go to bed soonish.  : ) ttfn!  


  1. He is so cute! I love kids! How old is he? My little brother is six, and it so much fun to play with him!

  2. Aww! Yeah, kids are the bestest! He's 3 going on 10. lol

  3. LOVE the adorable pics!! You are such a fun Aunt :) I LOVE Labyrinth!!! One of my all time favourite movies! I even have a crush on the Goblin King! :) My favourite part is when they dance to "As the World Falls Down" at the masquerade :)

  4. hahaha! I love her hair during that whole ball scene. and thank you for the fun aunt comment.:)