"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Martinez? Yes Please!

oh, i love A!  he was in a little soap i used to watch called Santa Barbara.  it was about california.  it was beautiful!  i miss SB.  ooh, there was also a little soap called Sunset Beach that i liked.  but Santa Barbara was better.  : )  A played Cruz Castillo, and he was 1/2 of the Cruz/Eden supercouple.  he was also involved in a pretty big storyline on General Hospital for awhile.  he played a love interest for samantha on Profiler.  and tonight, he was on Castle.  happy happy carrieboo!  : )  

along w/ castle, i watched chuck, the event and finally caught up w/ some GH.  normal evening activities ensued as well.  

today, october 19th, is one month before my 34th birthday.  can i really be almost 34??  i remember being in my early 20's & thinking 35 was SO OLD.  now i'm happy to have made it this far, and i don't really feel any differently than my early 20's.  more settled, less settled.  idk.  *laugh*  and i wish, a little bit, that i could tell 23 year old me a few things.  start exercising and get into some healthier habits to avoid putting on the 65 lbs i have in the past 10 years.  have a daddy-daughter date every week.  don't let mom's attitude get to me so much.  enjoy time w/ the fosters more.  TAKE PICTURES.  i've always loved pictures - i seriously think it's part of my genetic make-up.  but prior to dad's passing, i always let the camera intimidate me.  i was shy about taking pictures of ppl, and let their insecurities about having pictures taken cloud my free spirit.  and also, disposable cameras got expensive!  it's so much easier w/ digital!  

for my birthday this year, as in years past, i am planning a party.  sushi & hibachi for dinner, then harry potter and the deathly hallows.  everyone's invited, but i'll be happy no matter who shows up.  : )  even though i have thrown myself a party (well, organized myself a party, LOL) for the past few years, i still get nervous that no one will want to show up.  actually, maybe because i've been doing it so long, i wonder if i'm annoying ppl by having it.  of course, i guess if ppl are annoyed by my party they can just not come... 

i love planning it, but i also stress out about it.  i'm terribly dichotomous, which you all know by now i'm sure! i'm neurotic but bold, brave and scared all wrapped up into a ball of emotional whatnot.  heh.  simply put, though, i can't stop w/ the parties for my birthday.  i would throw a party for everyone's birthdays if they'd let me!  i think we all deserve to be celebrated, each year is a blessing that we get to spend w/ our family and friends.  i pray that i have many, many birthdays to come!  but the truth is that we don't know.  and having daddy's party on his milestone birthday was awesome, and i'm so grateful that mom wanted to do it that year. but i wish we would have done it every year before that, too.  so... instead, i do it every year!  

and also, i like presents.

just kidding.

a little.  ; )  

i'm looking forward to wearing the silly paper hat they make you wear at Osaka.  i'm looking forward to pictures of family & friends enjoying the show of hibachi grilling!  and of course i'm looking forward to a peanut roll and some grilled SALMON.  : )  

now i'm hungry, but it's time for bed, so i'll just nibble on a piece of cheese & drift off to dreamland.  

ttfn & have a faboo night!

my cousin bradley turns 18 tomorrow.  ohhhh!  he's such an awesome young man.  

my brother rocks!  he brought me balogna today, so i can make balogna & cheese sammiches!  yay, phil!  love you!  : )  

okay, for reals, gotta sleep!  ttfn!  


  1. hahaaha this one made me laugh! happy birthday in a month! :) i love birthdays! i threw myself a surprise party once! it was a hit ;)

    haha http://coreywilkey.blogspot.com/2010/04/last-two-weeks-of-my-ridiculously.html

  2. Love it! that is an awesome party post!

  3. it's kinda crazy...especially the naked dancing part...hmmm...i think i get a little comfortable on my blog on occassion lol

  4. Oh how I wish I could go to your birthday party!!! That would be awesome! :) I am the same way about planning my birthday - nervous that no one will show up etc. Have you ever seen the movie "Stella" with Bette Midler? There is such a sad sad birthday scene in it and I'm always scared that will happen to me. But your true friends will want to be with you so no worries :) Man I can't wait for Harry Potter!! Again I wish I could go with you :) We are so alike Carrie - I am the same ball of emotion you are! kisses!