"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Very Special Thank You!

sooo... after my last post, i headed out to maybe get a taco and mail out a group of postcrossings.  i decided against the taco (going to make bacon & eggs in a little bit instead), but remembered to pick up my mail on the way home.  

i was greeted w/ a couple terrific postcards, and also the pressies i was waiting for to send off to a couple other ppl.  : )   



fun book by an awesome author, BJ Daniels is one of my all time favorites!  : )  

lovely, yes?  : )  

along w/ those dear things, there was a key... "why would there be a key?  i'm not expecting anything big..."  completely had forgotten a conversation i had w/ marz a couple days ago!  

this is what awaited me - notice the beautiful turtles decorating the package?

i cut them out & will put them in my postcard album.  : ) 

this was my face when i pulled it out of the mailbox (not the best photo of me, but pretty accurate to how excited i was!): 

and i kept getting more excited as i opened the box!  

on top, a ziploc w/ beautiful crocheted doilies and butterfly magnets made for me by marz's mama.  i lllllove them all!  the green one reminds me of my darling sea, and sea turtles.  : )  

GORGEOUS!  marz, your mama is UBER talented, and please give her a biiiiiig hug and thank you from me!  

the presents didn't even end there, tho!  there was a fabulous monogrammed card, and inside a most fun letter.  i love letters!  you'd never guess, right?  lol  

 she drew a turtle!  awww!  : ) 

after i'd read the letter, i unwrapped the bottom of the package to discover... 

bliss!!!  isn't he cute?  i'm naming him Marzello.  : )  

so, THANK YOU, dear marianne!  you ROCK and i'm so happy to call you friend.  (i was happy to call you friend before the presents, too, but you knew that!)  : )  

i'm very blessed to count you all as friends, you spoil me with unexpected presents (SMK ring a bell?*wink*) and letters, phone calls and photos and bloggy blogs.  thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to share a little bit of mine.  i appreciate you.  i love you!  (and Jesus loves you, too, which is way more important.)

: )



  1. YOU ARE THE CUTEST!! what a beautiful pic of you and your smile!!!

    my twinkie was SO excited to put that together - she went over to our parents and momma insisted on sending you her crochets :) so cute!!!

    marzello- i love it!

    i have the urge to call her now and point her to this very post (it will make her day!!!) but i want her to be surprised and find it on her own ;)

    i adore you both xoxo

  2. *blush* Thanks, Micaela! I truly feel blessed to know you both & your family - and all through that little project called Postcrossing and the blogosphere!! (Also, I have to admit, I couldn't wait for her to find it on her own & I FB'd it to her. LOL SOMETIMES I'm patient, really!)

  3. Carrie Marie you are SO sweet!!! Thank you for this beautiful post and your kind words!!! I'm crazy about you and often call Micaela just to chat about how much we love you :) One of these days I'm going to sign up for skype and we'll have to set up chat dates :) That is the most adorable picture of you and your smile - it made my day!!!! I can't wait to show my mom your post at lunch today :) That is the way I felt when I got my seahorse from you :) I'm so happy you liked that little guy :) I saw it while out shopping with my mom one day and just knew I had to get it for you and your love of turtles :) xoxoxoxo

  4. Awww! Your comment made me want to do the Snoopy dance! : ) Skype might be a problem - no web cam. I'm living in the computer dark ages at home! lol One of these Christmases I'm treating myself to a laptop. heh.