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Monday, 25 October 2010


i love plaid.  if i were scottish, i would want this to be my family plaid.  i think it's called a scottish black watch plaid?  idk if that's the official name ... lol  when i was in college, i had a piece of fabric draped over my desk.  it made me happy to look at every day!  i would love to have shoes in this pattern, and a purse... 

or, possibly... one of these: 

blues & greens, love em!  : )  

but it doesn't have to be that one for me to love it.  i just love the pattern of plaid.  my friend nicki's favorite color is plaid.  which i share to say that i am not alone in my love of plaid!  it's not just for highlanders & farm folk.  or grung rockers.  *laugh*  actually, i think i saw a commercial the other day for ... target?... featuring some new plaids.  and while i was looking for images of that, i found this instead: 

anyway, idk what made me think of plaid tonight, but i have a hankerin to shop for some plaid!  

but for now, as usual - BED!  : )   one more episode of Buffy first, tho.  heh.

goodnight & ttfn!


  1. oh yeah, and speaking of plaid, maybe that's why i love leyton's shirt so much in the above picture! : )

  2. i was just going to say that about Leyton's shirt! (i loooove his name!)

    i love when my max wears plaid... something manly about it ;)

    next time i see anything plaid, i will snatch it up for my sweet friend! i love these random posts like these that open up a new fact about a girl i adore xo

    ps. what you said on my post about summer-- touched mine and my twinkie's heart. she called me crying, and we both wanted to just hug you! x

  3. i love plaid too! i have plaid shoes! i will have to show you sometime!

  4. *hugs* thanks, micaela! and you're right, there is something... i wonder when the first time i saw plaid was? was it Highlander? for a long time (okay, still, i admit it) adrian paul was a major crush of mine because of that show. and possibly because of the plaid! ; )

    corey! i wanna see your plaid shoes, fo sho, fo sho!!! : ) (suddenly, gangsta carrie appears...LOL)