"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 28 May 2012


i finished book 9 of Night World today, and it was really, really neat!  the way the stories are stand alone yet weaved into this whole universe is genius.  i now want to dig thru my library & see if i can find my other LJ Smith books... i had all of them at one point, but idk if they all made it out of hs.  since my locker was the school library, some of my books never made it back there.  LOL ah well, after payday, i'll check out BAM & see if they have more on sale!  : )  meantime, i'll check out what's left in my collection.  maybe another re-read of The Forbidden Game is in order... :D  

also today - more white collar, royal pains, some psych... yes, USA marathon!  : )  love love!  

and there was a lovely game of canasta at grammy's w/ mom & aunt jan.  they won, boo!  but it was a good game, very close score!  those are the good games, when you feel like everyone was working toward victory.  ya know, ya know??  

aunt jan & i got into a *ahem* discussion about gay ppl, and she went OFF.  first of all, she misunderstood what i said, and then wouldn't listen when i tried to tell her.  even mom piped in, trying to tell her that she was misunderstanding, but she just kept going on & on about things... she kept getting louder & louder & wouldn't LISTEN & i finally had to yell "THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID!" and then she finally HEARD me & everything was fine.

oye.  it was rough there for a minute, tho, because she kept saying stuff that she thought i was saying and she was twisting it all up, to the point i couldn't even say anything because she kept making it sound like i didn't know the Scriptures or didn't believe them or something.  i even tried to point out - USING Scripture references - what i was talking about & she went back to the same argument she was making before which didn't make any sense.  you know i like to have discussions w/ differing points of view, but if you can't DISCUSS your POV w/o yelling, attacking, or actually listening to what the other person is saying - instead of your preconceived ideas of what they're saying - then it just becomes a big mess, and nobody gets anything out of it.  

ya know?

anywhoo!  i'm going to play on the forum & watch some more royal pains before bed.  : )  i hope your memorial day went well & that if you had parades, picnics, memorials or anything outdoors that you didn't get rained out!  


Sunday, 27 May 2012

things you don't want to end

i finished Black Dawn today.  of all the heroines in the night world, maggie is the one i have identified the closest with so far.  i'm now onto the last book of Night World, Witchlight.  well, the last published.  fans of the series have been waiting for the conclusion to this story, Strange Fate, for over 20 years.   i don't know how they've done it!  i don't want this story to end, i don't want to finish the book.  but i will... i enjoy the sensation of being sucked into a story - even when i feel like i'm not enjoying it LOL!  

other things i enjoyed today - white collar, hanging out w/ mom & leyton, watching videos from when leyton was little, phil whacking the weeds in my yard, watching fringe (almost caught up) and discovering all sorts of new things on lisa's website!  : )  i joined the forum, to discuss all things lj smith.  of course now i have to remember to GO to the forum... 

tomorrow i will enjoy doing laundry, i think.  after i read witchlight.  before i finish that, i doubt i'll be any use to anyone.  well, unless it's canasta time before then.  i guess i'll tear myself away for more family time.  


Saturday, 26 May 2012

family time

today was a very nice saturday!  all caught up on GH (why don't they just bring natalie on the show already?  grr!), finished Huntress (omh, the most intense story yet!  i think this was part of lisa's brilliance, writing them like this.  they build from james & poppy's super-sweet story w/ almost no tension (it's there, it's just super quick) to this one where i really wasn't sure if things were going to work out!!  sometimes reading intense stories is exhausting... but worth it!  lol), watched some White Collar, and got to hang out w/ mom & leyton & play Payday.  : )  i won, even!  

mom decided she didn't want to get out of the house, so i went to aunt sandy's for aunt vickie's bday dinner on my own.  there was a big crowd, and it was lots of fun!  aunts nancy, judy, sharon, kim,and sandy & vickie, of course; uncles arnie & rick, cousins amy, brandi, and matthew & his kids, nathan & bentley.  hooray!  great night of food (spaghetti, which i ate a few noodles & LOTS of sauce cuz it was yummy; delicious spinach salad; twinkie cake for dessert) & fellowship!  : )  oh, and aunt judy brought her pics of hawaii.  their sea turtles are HUGE there!  : )  

i stopped at kwik shop on my way home (actually, i was there 3 times today!  LOL) & chatted about vampire books w/ the dude who was working.  that was pretty cool.  *laugh*  

and i think that's about it!  tomorrow i'll try to upload the pictures from tonight.  i'm gonna watch one more ep of white collar, read a bit of the next book, and then hit the hay.  so thankful to have THREE more days of the weekend before it's time to head back to work!!  : ) 


yes, joss whedon IS a genius

yesterday was pretty much a day of "I'm ready for the weekend!" sentiments.  LOL  i got things done and the phones were busy for the friday before a holiday.  i got a couple "oh, so glad you're here today!"'s lol  i did take an hour of vacation & leave at 3, so i could pick up erin & go see the movie for which i have been waiting for years - the avengers.  


i don't know if you know, have i mentioned?  i LOVE superheroes.  not in a "collect all magazines/comics/posters" kinda way, but definitely in a "collect stories & movies" kinda way.  *laugh*  i have really greatly enjoyed this last group of marvel superhero movies - iron man especially, but also captain america, thor, hulk (this last one)... on top of that, i am super fond of tie-ins.  books that go together (hello, Night World, Dark-Hunters!), shows that do cross-overs (GH/OLTL, golden girls/empty nest, even reality shows - you KNOW i rooted harder for jeff & jordan and brendan & rachel on AR), and movies that are sequels but not sequels.  

anyway, i realize that because of this, i was in the the perfect pre-conceived arena to love this movie.  but even i couldn't have imagined just how MUCH i would love this movie.  so much, in fact, that i would go back to see it again today if i had the money.  LOL  and also - i had completely forgotten that joss wrote this.  but the movie showcased his immense talent, is wit and TIMING.  oh, gosh, that man has timing!  the cadence on the episodes he wrote for buffy & angel & firefly & ... there is only one word, and it is BRILLIANT.  : )  

also, a side bonus of going to this movie at this time (aside from the cheaper price) was that after the movie, my dear friends shelly, mike, mac & jess were there, too, and we got to chat about the awesomeness of the movie & also just catch up a little!  : )  sometimes you don't know just how much you miss ppl til you see them again, ya know?  

so, that's my take on the avengers and joss whedon.  have you seen the movie?  are you a fan of joss?  what'd you think?  


in other news, after the movie, erin treated me to culver's for dinner & then i went over to mom's to hang out w/ her & leyton for a bit.  we made another movie, and then mom brought out her camera for leyton to play with... LOL  

he is quite the videographer... : )  

i got home around 10, i think, and finished up the last book in volume 2 of Night World, Soulmate.  intense and awesome story, altho not my favorite.  today i'm taking a break before starting volume 3's first story, Huntress, baking cookies & catching up on GH.  i'm planning to go over to mom's & hang out w/ her & leyton later, and then tonight is dinner w/ the aunts for aunt vickie's birthday.  yesterday was her birthday & phil's.  he's 32.  : )  

what's on your agenda for this weekend?  

oh, also, i updated leyton's graduation post w/ pictures!  : ) 



last night - or this morning, you know how these things work - i had a long, twisty, strange dream.  nothing really happened in this dream - there seemed to be a storyline, but i'm not sure exactly where it was going.  there was a dream w/in the dream involving erin, and then in the dream i was on the phone telling her about the dream w/in a dream.  at some point i was shopping w/ juli & she was trying on heels & she was 8 months pregnant.  aunt nancy had to come help prop her up.  later, i was walking toward a building w/ tia & tamara mowry (of many twin-tastic television offerings LOL).  

i like when i remember my dreams.  i like when they have stories.  i like when dad is in them - which, somehow i feel like he was involved in the basement part of the dream, but it's like he was standing over to the side or something.  idk, exactly on that one!  

now i'm off to work on a post about yesterday, and how joss whedon is a certified GENIUS.  : )  


Thursday, 24 May 2012

non-blog (Picture Update!)

there is no blog tonight because i was too wrapped up reading.  : ) 

oh, but leyton's preschool graduation was tonight & it was SO CUTE!  i have to see if i actually got any good pictures.  : )  

i guess, technically, this is a blog post... 

goodnight & ttfn!  ; )  

thought i would add the graduation photos i have here.  : ) 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

more night world

*bounce* SO EXCITED!  

so, today was a pretty good day, first of all.  work went well, my meetings went well.  okay, my first meeting went well, my second meeting was a little weird.  i'd set up a conference room for the onsite ppl & then had a call-in number for the canada ppl.  except everyone called in, so it was just me in this big ol' conference room on the phone.  if i'd known the other on-site ppl weren't going to attend IN PERSON, i could have called from the comfort of my desk!  yeesh.  i wasn't really upset, tho, just mildly annoyed.  *laugh*  and the content of the meeting went well, so i guess that's the important thing?

i totally forgot my leftover spinach chicken salad in the fridge today at lunch & ended up w/ a shrimp & veggie bowl from the caf.  whoops.  and i'm pretty sure my salad isn't going to be edible tomorrow for lunch, but i'll check it out before throwing it away...maybe i can pick out the chicken & cranberries at least... we'll see!  

my wall-mate is on vacation tomorrow & friday, so she gets a 5 day weekend!  lucky!  lol  i took tuesday off, so i will have a 4 day weekend.  hooray!  long weekends rock!  : )  

trish is going camping again this weekend & leaving tomorrow.  stupid camping season.  *grumble*  *laugh*  she said i shouldn't grumble about it since it's something she LOVES, so i will say i hope she has lots of fun!  : ) 

after work, i met mom & the boys at chili's for dinner.  i had a coupon for a free appetizer that expired today.  heh.  it was tasty, tasty dinner!  and fun to hang out w/ anthony for a little bit.  and leyton, of course, but i felt like i hadn't really seen anthony in awhile, so ya know!  AND he was in a good mood, not teenager mood, but a really good mood, so it was super nice!  

after dinner, i went across the parking lot to the old borders, which is now a BAM! or books a million.  

*sound of harps, laughter, every good thing in the universe*

dude, why have i not been in this store before?!?!  oh my goodness, the prices!!  *swoon*  the prices - i got both the 2nd & 3rd volumes of the Night World omnibus for a total of $7.43.  SEVEN FORTY-THREE!!!!!  these are $10 books, ppl!  *bouuuunnnnce*  seriously, when i saw the price i about fell over.  i was so, so, Sooooo excited! !!!  : )  i can't wait to go back when i have money for a real book splurge...  : )  

anywhoo, so i came home & dove right in to the first story of volume 2, Dark Angel.  it's really different than the first 3 stories, and i can't decide if i like it or not, but i like it.  that makes sense in my head.  i like the writing, i'm just not sure i'm going to like where the story goes.  meh, that makes a little more sense.  LOL 

so, i've read thru the new blogs that have been posted & now i'm off to get lost in the story again.  

what're you reading lately?


oh!!! P.S.  - River Takoda was born today, to my dear friends tina & tony!  CONGRATULATIONS to the new parents!!!  : )   

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

top of the tuesday to ya!

- season finale of bones - what?!  
  - related: WHY DID THEY CANCEL THE FINDER?!  that season finale was bollox as a series finale.
     - boo.

- GH: carly, seriously, forgive johnny already.  unless he's dead.  then you pretty much don't have a choice.  jason, GET OVER YOURSELF and get back together w/ your wife.  i seriously do not want to see another jason/elizabeth reboot.  i used to like rebecca herbst.  (well, i still like her, i just am not fond of elizabeth any more at. all.  and that's on the writers, not on becky!)  

- i got to work early today & i still didn't have enough time to get everything done that i had scheduled.  of course, i didn't stay late, either.  spent most of the day feeling like i was spinning at mach speed.  
           - better busy than bored!
           - btw, my performance review yesterday was amazing and i am so thankful to be so blessed!  
                had to share.  : ) 
           - also btw - today was my 6 year anniversary.  what?!  wow!  

- phil's birthday is friday, so i texted him to see if he wanted to do dinner w/ me & mom tomorrow.  do you think he texted me back?  punk.  lol  but he sure did answer my words w/ friends request quick enough.  *grumble*  

- my mouth still feels better than it has been feeling, but is not staying at 100%, 100% of the time.  still, happy to know/feel it's healing!

- oh!  when i got home tonight - after i'd been here like 5 minutes - the power flickered, fizzled, and died!  it was so weird - i could hear it struggling to stay on.  weird buzzing coming from the phone/microwave area and the bathroom outlet.  the stove clock hung on valiantly long after everything else had gone to sleep.  it was only off for about 1/2 an hour - i went to the neighbors to check if it was off there, too, and it was.  so i called the energy company, automated system of course, and let them know it was out.  my neighbor on the other side came over to my house to find out the same thing!  LOL  half an hour later, we were back up & running!  thank God it wasn't TOO hot out!  

- seriously have got to sleep.  i don't think i've forgotten anything, but i guess that would be the nature of forgetting, if i had... *laugh*  

- hope your night and tomorrow are well!  


Monday, 21 May 2012


today i was a little boy crazy.
had a lovely daydream about my canadian police officer/detective on the way to work, and various scenarios about where i would meet said officer detective.
by the time i got to work, he was retired from the canadian force and had moved here to do private security.  he was either widowed or divorced, i couldn't pinpoint which, and had twin daughters who were 19 and in college, and didn't want any more children.

: ) 

boy crazy moment number two came after lunch, when my work crush went into the building before us, and it'd been so long since i'd seen him, i didn't immediately recognize that he was someone i knew, so i gave him the polite "hello smile" - you know the one, where you don't want to be a dick but you're too nervous that you'll come off as a complete idiot if you're too friendly?  anyway, i SHOULD have been more friendly because i know him.  so then i had this whole afternoon of "omh, he is going to think i'm a total stuck up witch because this is the 2nd time i've done that to him!"

i couldn't get it off my mind til i emailed nicki the whole story - which then morphed into this whole conversation of certain types of movies/books.  LOL  certainly took my mind off the "i'm a horrible rude person" thing.  

of course, then i went to the "i'm a dork" thing, but i'm okay w/ being a dork!  
i just don't want to be rude.
i'm sure he didn't give it a second thought, tho.
(thanks, nicki!)

(for those of you who know, he gives me the same HS butterflies that AK did back in the day.  LOL  but he's not canadian that i know of, so i just "enjoy" the crush part, ya know?)  

just to be clear: 
crushes are fun.  
they don't mean anything deep.
is it fun when you get to date a crush?
is it necessary to date a crush to enjoy the crush?
sometimes crushes are married, 
such as mark harmon (oh, mark!)
sometimes crushes are gay (and married!),
such as matt bomer
sometimes crushes are musical, 
such as YANNI, phil collins, billy joel
and sometimes they have been with you for as long as you can remember, 
such as bruce boxleitner, gil gerard, phil collins, billy joel, and 
yes, the hoff.
where'd he go after AGT, anyway?  
miss you, hoff!


my point.
crushes are like flirting.  they are nice and fun and not full of pressure (mostly).
they don't have to go anywhere or be more than what's on the surface.
but when they do, it's also really fun!  LOL 


so, that's where my head was at today!  
boy crazy!  

tonight i finished up my switched at birth marathon & then started a supernatural marathon (providing more crushable moments!).

: ) 

work = crazy monday.
mouth = feeling better.

and i think that takes care of today.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

healing with books

i read FOUR books yesterday.  Spellbound, Dragonswan, Born of Ice, and Fire and Ice.  i was wrapped up in the stories.  i didn't want to stop reading!  in fact, today after leyton left, i felt kinda lost.  searching my bookshelves for my next read, trying to find just the right one.  sadly, the stories i want to read weren't there, so i need to run to the bookstore... well, but i'll read a romance next.  i mean, those were all romances, but they were more.  deeper stories.  sherry's books are always pain and love and intense, so intense!  lisa's, too (spellbound was the last story in the first omnibus of the Night World stories).  i have lots of both that i could re-read, too, but at the same time that i want to stay in those worlds, they are SO intense that i need a little break.  ya know?  

do you have authors like that?  

along w/ all my reading, i also got to hang out w/ leyton!  : )  jen texted me around five to see if he could stay the night, and i said sure as long as he realized that i wasn't going to be my normal fun aunt self.  he said okay & came over & we watched movies & he was very sweet, asking about my tooth & everything.  it hurt to smile, laugh, yawn, and every time he was like, "i'm sorry!" and i told him thank you but he didn't have to be sorry, it was just part of the healing process.  : )  

he wanted to go to bed at about 9:30, and he was OUT after story & prayers.  of course, then he was UP at 6:30, and i was so not ready to be UP.  i did get up & fix him some waffle & sausage for breakfast, then went back to bed for an hour.  after that hour, he'd had enough alone time & really wanted me to get up, so i did.  we made videos & snuggled & played angry birds & watched Animaniacs.  

jen picked him up around 9, and then i was feeling kinda lost.  i returned my movies & found some money i was previously unaware of (PTL!) & came home to watch Grimm, The Finder & GH.  i can't believe it's only 1 o'clock, feels like it should be later!  *laugh*  after GH i think i'll read my EW (my & marianne's shared boyfriend, MATT BOMER is on the cover along w/ channing tatum, yummmy!) & then a nice little 1977 innocent, fairly non-complicated romance.  at least, i'm hoping... lol  did you know that books were 95 cents in 1977?  sweet!  

tonight i'm going to mom's to watch the finale of celeb apprentice.  go arsenio!!!  : )  


Friday, 18 May 2012

a surgery story

work was quite productive for only being there half a day!  but the whole day i was in 
kinda a half in half out mode.  

filling out the paperwork and getting numb took almost as much time as the actual surgery.
it was really weird to hear everything that was going on.
the doctor & assistant were quite nice, and very competent, but it felt very ... 
i got some good reading in, tho.
finished Daughters of Darkness & started in on Spellbound.
i really need to find the next omnibus editions to read!  

i took my script into WM & then came home & took some meds & watched some movies & read, read, read.  : )   Facing the Giants was slow but good; The Mighty Macs was enjoyable; and Falling Up was quite cute!   mom kindly picked up the script & some extra gauze pads (which thankfully i haven't needed), and a chocolate shake (no straws!).  AND leyton hung out w/ me for about an hour, so that was super nice!  : )  he came over while mighty macs was playing, but wanted to watch some Thomas & Animaniacs instead.  heh.  

i've been about to fall asleep since about 9, so i'm hitting the hay early.  

thanks for all the prayers, keep them coming please & thank you, that everything will heal up nicely and QUICKLY and that there won't be any dry socket issues - because that sounds painful & scary!

hope your friday went well!  *HUGS*


Thursday, 17 May 2012

new year's eve ... again...

i wrote a little review of this movie when i saw it in the theatre.  watching it again, i agree w/ my original assessment, and now definitely want to own it.  it could be part of a josh duhamel marathon, a rom-com marathon, and is definitely one i can watch multiple times!  : )  still gives warm fuzzies!!! 

after work i took my free movie coupon (and 2 weeks of 1/2 price movies!) to the family video & rented 5 movies for less than $3.  woot!  : )  new year's eve, three musketeers, facing the giants, falling up, and the mighty macs.  my original plan had been to get a bunch of super hero movies in anticipation of going to avengers sometime soon, but then i got distracted by facing the giants & falling up, which were in the rent one/get one free section, and my plan changed.  heh.  had i known it was going to be that cheap, tho, i would have picked up the super hero movies as well!!  ah well, i have two weeks of 1/2 price to go... 

i was hungry but couldn't think what i wanted to eat.  trish & al went camping tonight, so i was on my own.  (hope you guys are having fun!  it is GORGEOUS out!!!)  i drove around a bit aimlessly for awhile, and then decided that cheese curds & ranch sounded good.  : )  and a diet root beer.  mmmm!  

now, a little GH (love having todd back, but really tired of starr & michael fighting.  be friends again already, okay?  please?  i love it when you're friends!  and, i know it's early, but wouldn't it be neat if todd & sonny were in-laws?  come on...!) & Daughters of Darkness & bed.  

i'm not nervous about the surgery tomorrow, really, but i am nervous about the normal things that give me anxiety.  finding the place (why didn't i try & find it earlier?!), filling out paper work, recovery... will i be able to eat?  will it be like a root canal or worse?  will my left side stop hurting or hurt worse?  will i need to be on more pain medication?  oye.  

so, prayers, please and thank you!  i'll let ya know how it goes tomorrow!  


(random happy photos)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

a beautiful day

i think my jaw is feeling better.  the pain is still there, but it's just twitchy now, and not as intense.  most of the time.  i've been using less pain meds anyway, so PTL for that!  just in time for my surgery on friday... LOL 

got to meet one of the new hr reps that i've been working w/ a lot lately.  she is super sweet & energetic & LOGICAL and i really hope that she is able to maintain that attitude.  hr is a really tough job, ya know?  we see things and deal w/ things that would make most ppl drop to their knees in agony.  it wears on ppl, it can make even the nicest, bubbliest person a little run down or bitter.  i struggle w/ it myself sometimes.  i have coping mechanisms for those days when i feel the bitterness creeping in, or the sheer flabbergast at ppl.  

anyway, wow, tangent.  LOL  

work was fine, busy, BUSY, BUSY, and i took a much needed break at lunch to read for a few minutes.  : )  

after work, i picked up dinner at taco john's, went home to change, and then went to mom's to hang out w/ the boys til mom got home.  she got off early, so we were all able to hang out together!  : )  we rode bikes/walked to the park & there was a father & sons playing w/ a remote control boat in the lake.  leyton was SUPER excited - and it was reallllly neat.  i think mom's going to get one cuz she really liked it, too.  

a really, really fun evening, and i am so thankful for it!  : )  

when i got home, i watched a really sweet Glee & caught up on GH.  got to chat w/ erin & schedule some hang out time.  yay!  now, off to read & hit the hay.  tomorrow will be another BUSY day.  hopefully it'll also be trish (and al) day, but she texted today to say they might go camping early, so ... we'll see!  


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

dark shadows - a brief review

it sucked, but johnny depp did a great job.


okay, so it wasn't 100% awful.  there WERE comedic moments, and the little boy did a great job in his few scenes.  the sets were amazingly dressed.  LOVED jackie earle haley.  : )  "Dude!"  but the bottom line is that i was BORED.  even when things were happening that were supposed to be exciting or whatever - i was yawning.  and not because i was tired.  so, my review is "Meh."

it was nice that mom impromptuly invited me to a movie, tho!  and there was popcorn... : )  

before that, my day was pretty alright, just super busy.  work, labs, more work.  had to rearrange my calendar 3 times because the issues i was working on kept overlapping into my next "appointment."  my wall-mate & i had to get out of the office for lunch, so we went to happy joe's.  they have a buffet which is a dollar off on tuesdays.  it was good, but they didn't have a lot of pizza out.  at a pizza buffet.  at lunch time.  *blink*  yeah, that was a little disappointing!

after work, i went to target for groceries, which is where mom texted me about the movie.  lol  i got some chocolaty mousse, tangy hummus, couscous salad (idk if i'll like it, but i'm going to try it!), and my usual staples of soda, milk, tortillas & meat.  the guy stocking the meat counter was cuuuute.  and had a brogue, but idk if it was real or an affectation.  we chatted for a bit, and he kept it up, but it still sounded a little like mine when i get stuck in an accent.  but he was cute.  : )  

i like flirting.  i always have.  it's fun.  it's harmless.  it's friendly.  ya know?  but sometimes, just sometimes, i wish that flirting would lead to something more.  *sigh*  it rarely does.  

anyway!  home - watched bones & the finder & now i'm off to bed!  well, i'm going to read the Scriptures & then a bit of Secret Vampire first.  : D  

have a great night!  


Monday, 14 May 2012

book weekend

i read a couple lovely romances this weekend, Sand Dollar and The Eldest Son (i don't like that title for this story, but it was a fabulous book!).  now i'm reading Secret Vampire, which is a story in LJ Smith's NightWorld series.  (sidebar, sad news, april told me today that Secret Circle has been cancelled.  she & trish & i are pretty upset!  :(   )

*sigh*  thankfully, there is some good news in the renewal circle  - Once Upon A Time & Grimm are both coming back.  yay!!  

anywhoo!  did everyone have a good mother's day?  i had the opportunity to bless some lives, which was really neat.  God does work in mysterious ways sometimes, tho.  i set out to go to kohl's to get mom & grammy's chocolate (they have these yummy godiva chocolate bars there...), but on my way there i had a panic attack & just felt like i really did not want to go to kohl's.  it was the strangest thing!  i decided not to go to kohl's, but to stop at starbuck's for 1/2 off a green tea frapp & maybe afterwards head to kohl's.  except after the buck's, i went to the PO to mail some bills.  i didn't have everything in a neat pile like usual, so i took a couple minutes to find everything & get it in the box.  then, i should have turned right to go down to grammy's to deliver her card, but i turned left like i was going back home.  

all of this happened to i would be at a particular stop sign JUST as a particular couple were crossing the street. they were an older couple, and as they were crossing, i made eye contact w/ the woman & smiled at her.  she came over & said happy mother's day, and my first thought was 'Okay, crazy lady.' and i said happy mother's day in return.  then she asked if i could help them, and i said, "maybe," because if she needed money or something i was not going to be able to help.  but she explained that she & her husband had recently moved from chicago to help their daughter out w/ the birth of a new baby, and that her daughter was at the hospital today to have the baby & they needed a ride.  i had a peace about this & said, "sure, hope in."  because it's chloe & i live in the car sometimes, (not literally), i had to clean it up a bit.  and then i accidentally tried to take off while eddie wasn't fully in the car.  whoops.  ilene & eddie were their names (i think - why didn't i write this down last night?  oh yeah, i was reading...LOL).  

so, i took them to the hospital - well i took them to golden corral because they decided they needed to eat something before going to the hospital & said they could walk from there.  i was quite happy to be able to help!

i still didn't make it to kohl's, tho!  but i went today after work, so it's all good.  : )  i got 3 candybars for FREE because i had a $10 certificate from them.  woot!  i like being paid to shop!!  heh.  

anyway, after all that i just went down to mom's & hung out there, reading & watching food network shows til the SURVIVOR finale started.  even tho i was rooting for someone other than who won, i do think she deserved it!  she played a HARD game, good strategic & social game.  she kinda reminded me of rob, i think i mentioned before... except i still like rob BETTER but what do ya do?  LOL 

oh, saturday night when i went over there, leyton & i had some fun.  we played catch/volleyball before he went to the circus w/ gramma.  he also played a game where he hit darts w/ a toy hammer... and one of them landed thunk & stuck on dad's painting.  it was hilarious!  

later that night, after they returned and before bath, leyton had fun showing off his new toy, of course a laser ray gun that made noise.  LOL  and he also enjoyed playing in a storage bin... i dragged him along the kitchen floor a bit like a race car just for fun.  : )  just to hear him laugh, really.  heh.  it worked!  

ummm... what else this weekend?  i watched the shadow & some WM family movie night movies (love!), game of your life & secrets of the mountain.  woot!  i need to find the who is simon miller one... (i always want to say "who is simon baker?" but i know who that is - The Mentalist!  LOL)

today i had to visit my regular doctor ($75, ugh) who told me that i don't have any infections (yay!) or TMJ (yay!) but that it looks like an inflamed nerve (boo) and i'll just have to deal w/ it & stay on some meds until it (eventually) goes away.  (boo)  so, idk.  sometimes it feels like it's getting better & sometimes it feels like it's getting worse if i don't take something (either the vicodin or IB) at regular intervals.  (still saving the vicodin for bedtime, which seems to be a good time for it, even tho i CAN take it during the day.)

heard from sarah - her mom is doing well & the tests all came back NOT CANCER so praise Jesus for that!!

when i got home tonight, i (oh shoot, i just remembered i was supposed to stop at mom's to pick something up i left there & i forgot.  shoot.  i'll have to do that tomorrow!) watched Grimm, Once Upon A Time, Celebrity Apprentice (YES!!!!!) & Psych.  : )  excellent hulu night!!  

now i think i'll read & then hit the zzzz's because, well, i'm tired!  have to remember NOT to eat anything because i have labs in the morning.  (darn, i was just thinking a snack would be good...oh well...)

hope you have a great tuesday!  


Friday, 11 May 2012

recreation & other stories

first of all, 
shout out birthday
to my dear
: ) 
now, for your regularly schedued

i got to sleep in an hour today.
that was nice.  : ) 

went to the dds to try & get some answers about this insane mouth pain.
not so nice.
i love my dentists, that's at least a plus.
the determination from tapping & cold testing was that it's not my tooth causing this pain, and she said everything w/ my jaw from a dental standpoint seems fine.
so this is a good thing, and a bad thing.
i mean, yay it's not my tooth!  
but boo - because if it was my tooth, at least i would have an answer.
and an easy solution!  
now i have to go to my regular doctor on monday & see if it's an ear or sinus thing.
which, either of those would be okay, and preferable to something more serious or sinister, ya know?  now that it's not the tooth, my mind is all abuzz w/ ... what COULD it be?  
prayers, please and thank you!

i went in to work for a couple hours - mostly was only able to work on email!  lots of issues going on today for a friday, which was quite strange.

i was happy to be outta there at noon!  
i met mom at WM & she bought me gas, that was nice.
then we had a little misunderstanding about my wanting to borrow some money to get me thru the weekend cuz i am B R O K E.  i know, bad carrie!  
i was gonna go home & veg out for a bit, but decided to go hang out w/ mom & leyton instead.  
i'm happy about that decision!  

we went to a really neat park & had lots of fun!  there are all sorts of slides, and an area for littler kids, or developmentally challenged kids, an area w/ a wheel chair ramp & swings that are bigger, and the ground is that cushy turf to reduce injuries.  leyton had a ball!

this last one is my favorite.  : )  
mom did good!  

i did sustain a flesh wound, however.

there was a little boy about 2 or 3 who was running around apparently unsupervised.  he was so cute, and there were ppl watching out for him, but no one seemed to know to whom he belonged.  at one point he was up on the talllll slide, and made it all the way up there, was going to go down & i think got scared & then went down the other way.  well, leyton & i were at the swings & i was pushing leyton.  the little boy came up & wanted help onto one of the swings, but i didn't think he'd be able to hold on & it would be quite a drop for him.  so i tried to tell him to go over to the smaller swings.  and i was trying to keep an eye on him so he wouldn't walk in front of leyton's swing.  well, of course in a split second (and in slow mo at the same time) he walked in front of leyton's swing as it was swinging back.  i grabbed at him but not in time, and he was walloped pretty good.  knocked to the ground.  :(  
i scooped him up & cuddled him & he didn't cry or anything, just hugged me & seemed okay.  after a minute he wiggled to get down, so i set him down & went in search of his ppl.  another lady was there & knew who he belonged with, so she walked me over to them & i told them that he'd been knocked over & whatnot, and they might want to keep an eye on him.
they could take it to mean because he was knocked over or because he is a TINY BABY WANDERING THE PARK ALONE, whichever they want.

i hope he's okay.  he was so little!  

he did seem fine, tho, he was running around and i do not think he hit his head when he fell... 


other than that, and that it was H O T, it was a fun couple of hours!  : ) 

then we picked up anthony from his bus drop off & went to culver's for dinner.
leyton took my top bun that i'd discarded & put it on his sammich.  LOL 

he only took a few bites of the "larger" sammich before discarding the bun again.  

we dropped the boys off after dinner & stopped at WM for some necessities & my RX refill.
then mom went to work & i came home to watch SMASH & GH & maybe a movie later, altho it's already 9:30 & i'm tired!  *laugh*

i finally replied to a couple emails from last week & got pictures uploaded (obvs) & am feeling pretty blessed.  : )  

and my mouth doesn't hurt too terribly much... 

how was your day??