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Monday, 4 October 2010

i can't even remember...

so, i found myself in a bit of a shopping haze today.  on etsy.  do you know about etsy?  it's this amazing online marketplace for vintage & homemade wares, and it is a.ma.zing. amazing!!  : )  i believe micaela is the one who told me about this site, but now i'm not sure.  *laugh*  i know she's responsible for my finding our city lights, which has a shop on etsy... hmm.  

anywhoo... while tooling around on etsy, i found some adorable cards for some adorable ppl, and i can't wait to get them so i can immediately mail them out!  lol  also today i forgot my lighter at home, so i had to walk over to walgreens to get a new one, and while there i got a mailer to sent natalie something as well!  now the challenge will be getting to the post office to affix proper postage to get it mailed out.  if i can remember where the PO is on the illinois side, i'll stop there after my class tomorrow.  : )  

today kicked off customer service week at work.  we had bagels & cream cheese for breakfast.  nom nom!  *laugh*  lunch was mediocre, but there was a diet dr. pepper involved!  then, had an amazing salad from subway for dinner - spinach & veggies & oil & vinegar dressing & imitation crab meat.  that's right, it was my seafood & crab w/o the bread.  and w/ wayyyy more spinach.  YUMMIE!  

was at work til 6, then came home & tried to chat w/ april, but i wasn't very chatty (sorry!) because i was trying to do too many things at once, and really today wasn't that interesting!  i watched CSI Miami (so happy happy happy to have my horatio back!) and undercover boss (awesome!  did notice that this CEO was WAY generous w/ all her ppl!  like, normally they'll give each person something that equals about $5000.  this time around she was giving 6 months off w/ pay, flight lessons, college scholarships...!  very nifty!!).  oh, and desperate housewives, which is funny & sweet & a little creepy...!  oh!  and i sorta stumbled on this asian series, A Man Called God.  the lady who played Sun on LOST is in it, and it's in korean (i think) w/ subtitles. and sometimes they speak english, still w/ subtitles.  i don't really get how korean film works, i think.  *laugh*  

aaaannnnnd.  it is so totally time for me to go to bed.  : )  have a great one!  ttfn!  <3 ya!  : )  


  1. mmmmmm.i love subway! and, i love shopping. we are twins.

  2. haha! i've always wanted a twin! yay!