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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Beautiful Day & A Hell's Kitchen Marathon

i don't like getting up early!  *laugh*  especially on a saturday.  but, i do like OT checks, and i also like helping w/ follow ups, so... : )  i went in from 9 - 12:40 (my next to last follow up had some issues!).  for some reason, my badge didn't work, tho.  i had to knock on the window to get a co-worker to let me in!  *laugh*  apparently they forgot to turn on my weekend access, even tho it was requested in the same email as others', and THEY didn't have any issues!  d'oh!  *laugh*  

it was a nice morning, tho.  we ordered breakfast pizza & it was delicious!  and the pieces were a good portion size.  

when i left, it was BEAUTIFUL outside & i've been wanting pictures of leaves... so i drove around, down by the river & other places, taking pictures of the beautiful colors.  and also the bridge, practicing cuz i want to make some post cards of it, and the other bridges, but i haven't found a good vantage point for photos of those yet.  what do you think of these, tho?  

oh yes, there was a row team practicing!  that was a neat surprise because A) i didn't know we had any and B) i've never seen it in person before.  and so close!  those ladies are amaaaaazing!  : ) 

and the leaves... this top one is my favorite tree, and the photo can not even do it justice, because it was sooooo gorgeous.  

i'd planned to try some different angles at look out point, but by then breakfast had been a long time ago, and i was getting peckish!  plus, i sorta had to go to the loo.  : )  so i came home for a bit, watched Law & Order LA & then started a Hell's Kitchen marathon.  oh my goodness!  do you guys watch this show?  normally i feel kinda bad for the chefs, but wow this group is fiesty!  there's this one girl who reminds me of my friend gette cuz she is TOUGH!  she's also good at what she does & kinda knows it, which isn't like gette.  or, rather, gette has more tact about those two facts.  LOL  

now it's time to figure out what i want for dinner that doesn't have very many carbs (i had a cookie at lunch and while it was very delicious, it was probably more than the 1 carb i'd allowed for it...).  what i'd really like is some SALMON but i don't have any!  *pout*  ah well.  maybe a taco!  



  1. You have some pritty photos there Carrie. =?;>)