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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Chicago - Day 3, Recap, and PHOTOS!

so, i am now home!  watching buffy, cuddling w/ angel (the kitty, not the vampire detective - altho, he's here, too).  today was pretty glad.  : )  we slept til 10:30, ate some breakfast, watched a movie (the swimming one w/ kevin costner & ashton kutcher?), and headed out.  we did some shopping at macy's - mom wanted some bath stuff for her, as yesterday she got christmas pressies for the aunts but didn't get anything for herself!  heh.  

then, i wanted to grab lunch at Portillo's.  idk where i'd heard of it - food network, likely!  but i happened to see one a few times as we drove around during the weekend.  since we'd passed it more than once, i thought i knew where it was.

i was wrong.

we drove around for an hour looking for this restaurant i'd seen several times!  lol  mom was a trouper, she just kept looking for me!  finally, tho, after we'd driven so far that we could see the City up ahead (the closest we got to the actual city...), we gave up & said we'd just grab lunch somewhere else along the way home.

then, suddenly, God shined His light upon us in the form of a different Portillo's!  

good times, and thank You, Lord!  i mean, it wouldn't have killed either of us had we not found it, but it was just really neat timing, and it could only be a blessing, ya know?  : )  

the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful, and nice.  we saw a rainbow - but no rain!  *laugh*  so mom said it's not really a rainbow... but it was pretty!

ahhh.  and soon i should get to bed, since i actually have to GET UP in the morning.  LOL  first, i'm going to go back & edit Day 1 & Day 2, adding pictures in.  be sure to check back w/ those posts soon!  : )  

it was so nice to get away w/ mom.  it was nice to remember daddy, and there were some tears, but those were more tension releases because of all the CRAP going on, rather than being sad about daddy.  even tho we are, we're okay.  ya know what i mean?  

this trip was perfect, was healing, was what i needed and hopefully what mom needed.  tomorrow starts november, the month of celebration of me!  (and grammy, boo, bret, juli, renee, kaylie, kate...heh)  november, the month of THANKSGIVING.  november, the month of a special giveaway!  this one's not sponsored, tho, just something i've put together, so it's not as fancy as the last one.  but i think y'all will like it... : )  

okay, more on that later.  i really am going to add photos now!  ttfn!  loves!


  1. Just so you know, I haven't stopped reading! I have just been so busy being Marilyn and all...I am going to be getting caught up tomorrow, so expect more comments tomorrow! Also, you post card should arrive anytime, so it will be waiting for you when you get home from Chicago! :) And, I am going to add you on Facebook right now.

  2. I LOVE "The Guardian" :) That's the swimming movie with Kevin Costner haha A boy I use to love was in the Coast Guard so this movie has always meant something to me haha I am SO happy you had a wonderful time in Chicago! That really is PERFECT timing to find the restaurant you were looking for when you did :) I completely believe it was a blessing :) I'm thankful for the time you got to spend with your mom and that the trip was something you both needed!

  3. The Guardian! that's it! similar names were "swimming" around my head. *laugh*