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Saturday, 2 October 2010

hazy lazy saturday showmance

i've had a lovely, relaxing day.  i got up around 10, wrote out some postcards, read some mail.  left at 11-ish for the post office.  stood in a line that went all the way to the doors.  bought stamps & more stamps.  and international stamps.  heh.  then i went to the mall.  the plan was to get a (late) birthday present for a friend.  except i got freaked out by the parking lot.  :(  they had a big portion blocked off for ... idk what.  i thought i had a spot, but then it turned out to be handicapped, and then there was another car backing out, but i missed that spot.  and then there were just cars everywhere and... i got panicky.  so i drove out of the lot, thinking i might go back tomorrow.

it was such a beautiful day!  i drove around for awhile, taking pictures... 

there were some crazy ppl out driving today, too!  i only take pictures when there are NO CARS around when i have my big camera, because it's not the easiest to handle w/ one hand, and i don't need to cause or be in any accidents!  i also do not turn in front of ppl when i have to turn left & there's oncoming traffic, especially if they have their signal on.  

i was happy to get some pictures of the changing leaves, and hope to take more as the leaves change more.  i don't want to miss them again like i did last year!!  

once home, i spent the afternoon watching csi: NY, blue bloods, GH...aunt carol called me for help uploading pictures to FB.  : )  today they celebrated aunts janie & jan's birthdays, with breakfast at symposium & then rousing games of hand & foot (canasta) and present opening.  don't they look happy???

now i'm going to watch some more GH & whatnot.  doesn't this sound like such an exciting day?  *laugh*  but it is just the kind of relaxing day i needed.  next week will be busy, again, still, and i'm grateful for this time that i get to just veg out & rest up.  : )  


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