"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


today was three emotions - mostly happiness, because there was lots to keep me busy, it was payday, julie was back, trish, al, megan & i went to mongolian grill for lunch, i watched some episodes of buffy that i have no recollection of ever seeing, and i treated myself to capriotti's for dinner.  i was going to try something new, but the bobbie called to me & i ordered that again.  : )  i'm so blessed and grateful for the blessings. 

and yet, there are two other emotions that prevailed at various points today...

annoyance, at some shenanigans going on at work.  idk why some ppl get away with the stuff they do.  but then again, i do kinda understand why they act the way they act.  i might not LIKE it, but i understand it.  i try to explain it to other ppl, but they don't like OR understand, and they just think i'm trying to change their minds.  so... of course i'll keep defending those i defend because i am who i am.  and i'm not perfect, so i don't expect others to be! 

sadness, because sergio is still in such a state of ... he is fighting for his life.  we are praying for a miracle.  literally, he needs a miracle.  and he's already had so many, so many things have fallen into place to be of healing for him - and then he contracts this virus and whammo.  they are on the very, very last treatment they can do for him, and we are all just praying so hard, and in such great numbers.  matthew 18:20 says, "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."  there are WAY more than two or three gathering together in His name for sergio!  in matthew 7, "7Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."  Lord, we are asking for HEALING for sergio, we are seeking Your WILL and WISDOM in this situation.  we are knocking on that door, dear Jesus, we are begging for a miracle for sergio.  amen. 

my heart is aching for my friends, but is filled with happiness and love, too.  hearts are funny things like that, they can hold so many conflicting emotions at the same time! 

i seriously wanted to go to bed before 1 tonight, but alas, that goal was not reached.  still, i think now is the time to sleep.  goodnight, good prayers, and ttfn. 

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

do ya?

okay, the first part of this post is really ranty, and was inspired by an episode of a show i LOVE called secret life.  i apologize cuz it sounds like i'm yelling, but i'm really not.  i just wish that we as christians would focus more on leading ppl to Christ thru love rather than thru condemnation and disagreements. 
do you believe that God created us with free will?  like, really believe it?  because, if you really truly believe in free will, then there's no point in being upset with ppl for their choices.  you can certainly disagree with the choice, and YOU can CHOOSE to not associate with someone who makes choices you disagree with.  you can also CHOOSE to explain to someone with a differing view why you believe what you do, and LISTEN to their view.  and even when you think someone is wrong - or you know someone thinks you are wrong - you can respect their right to choose.  that's not an american right.  it's not a legal right.  it is a God-given right, and why do we think we can argue with that?

having said that - every choice we make has consequences.  cause and effect.  good things, bad things, mundane things, "every action has an equal and opposite reaction."  God designed it this way, and i just don't understand some ppl's need to argue w/ others about their choices. 


i'm stopping the rant now, even tho i have lots more to say about it, but i feel like i was starting to lose the point (see preface!).

today was a good day!  chicken & dumpling soup and egg salad for lunch was delicious!  crackers & cheese dip for dinner was very good (thanks to a friend who gave me leftover spinach artichoke dip)!  i'm craving a cheeseburger SO BAD!  i'm almost tempted to get one for breakfast from sonic, but i think i'll hold out for dinner.  i think i'm specifically craving BK or Hardee's.  i'll have to give it some thought.  and also PANCAKES.  becca mentioned them tonight & all of a sudden i was like, "yesssss."  i hadn't even thought about pancakes for a month!  *laugh* 

anyway, mail today was awesome!  post card from holland:

post card from micaela:

i have to say, she picked one of the perfect shots of dallas for me.  reuinion tower IS dallas to me!  it's literally my first memory OF dallas.  well, technically, a picture of it is my first memory of dallas.  *laugh*  it was in my dad's collection of photos from a bowling tournament trip, of course!  and tho i've been to dallas and seen it in person, it was from afar.  and still, when i think of dallas, that's what i think of, that rounded corner photo.  so, thanks for the memories you brought with that card, micaela!  : ) 

trish gave me a couple post cards from her trip, way darling!

also received a $10 check from the radio survey ppl, a birthday invitation for stephen's party at the end of july, a certified letter notice for one of my neighbors (gotta put that back in the out box, eh?), aaaand... that might've been it!  but that was enough!  : ) 

what else?  oh, here's one of the cards i am sending out, from ourcitylights: 

cute, yes?  : ) 

i watched an episode of LCS and of course the SL ep... then finished season 3 of gene simmons family jewels - and apparently that's all that i can watch online!  pooh.  then, bret sent me a message asking about something that happened in season 3 of Buffy, so i popped in that disc to answer his question!  heh.  and realized that i apparently blocked this season from my memory??  i don't recognize any of them, but i'm sure i've seen them!  possibly just once, tho?  i tend to watch the last 3 seasons over & over again, so i have those practically memorized.  : )  i guess i'll watch some season 3 inbetween the new summer shows (can i just say, i LOVE that there is now a summer TV season.  LOVE!).  : ) 

oh!  and mom called - she bought me a toaster.  thanks, mom!  she was shopping at WM & saw some for like $7, and remembered i had said i wanted one but hadn't gotten around to purchasing yet.  that was sweet of her! 

okay, and now i guess i should think about going to bed.  maybe one more episode of buffy while i read the rest of my blog buddies!  have a great hump day & thanks for taking the time to read my somewhat random (okay, a lot random, it's the name of the game!) ramblings!  ttfn! 

Monday, 28 June 2010


i've spoken of my friend mel and her son, sergio, and the struggles he's going thru right now.  he's the same age as my nephew, anthony.  and he's the neatest kid, always thinking of others, how he can help them, etc.  and he needs all the prayers we can give right now. 

i don't understand why things like this happen to kids.  i don't understand why a perfect bone marrow donor was found, and sergio's recovery was going SO WELL, and suddenly he gets a virus & is now back in the hospital and needing a machine to help him breathe, on so many medications - medications to help things and then medications to counteract the side effects of those medications.  constant pokings and lines and sedation so he isn't scared by all the lines and things.  and this is a boy who's been through a LOT the past year.  why does he (and his family) have to continue to go through so much?? 

i don't have to understand, to believe that God is using this for His glory, but it would sure be nice if there could be a miracle toward that purpose, soon. 

*sigh*  today was a day of a lot of happy things for me, but sergio, mel, shawn, and mckenzey are on my mind and in my prayers and i want them to be happy, too.  healed, and happy. 


Sunday, 27 June 2010

strawberry slush

i don't really feel fully awake.  it's 4:30.  i slept and dreamed until about 2:30.  i didn't go to bed late, either!  i just needed some SLEEP.  apparently! 

when i got up, i heard planes, so i thought i'd go on another little adventure.  this is what i saw:

i saw a couple planes, but missed the pictures.  i was driving, so i feel good about keeping my attention - or, well, my hands on the wheel at least!  my attention was certainly on the plane because it was RIGHT BY MY WINDOW!  lol  it was neat to see all the ppl out in lawn chairs along the road.  gave me ideas for next year, when i have my own chair.  : ) 

other than that, nothing exciting today.  used twitter to communicate (effectively, even garnering a response!) my love of the ourcitylights postcards i purchased & am sending out.  : )  i guess i'll need to train my brain to the twitterverse now... we'll see how that goes! 

back to twentysixmiles (john schneider, woot!!) and my strawberry slush w/ a shot of dew.  ttfn!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

it's a bird! it's a plane!

today i mostly stayed inside my castle, watching Criminal Minds, Matilda, Secret Life & GH.  i read some of my magazine.  i made some really good tortillas for lunch.  i got to talk to phil on the phone for awhile!  it's nice to get to have long conversations with him, because a lot of the time when i see phil, it's a hi-bye kinda thing when i'm at the house & he's on his way out. 

i did go out for a bit this afternoon.  i kept hearing the planes fly overhead, and seriously the two things that bug the heck out of me when i hear them & can't see them are fireworks & planes!  because i love watching both!  i had wanted to go to the air show this weekend, but oh my heck it was HOT and HUMID outside!  there was no way i wanted to spend $15 to get in when i wasn't sure how long i could handle the heat.  plus, i was reminded that i don't own a lawn chair.  d'oh!  i must remedy that one of these days & get a camp chair w/ fancy schmancy cup holders so i can get my diva on while i sit ... places.  lol 

anyway, i went to pick up a a strawberry sparkling lemonade - and can you tell me why i received a regular lemonade, after the gal repeated back to me "strawberry"??  at least she did apologize for getting it wrong, and got me the correct drink.  (unlike the last gal that gave me the wrong thing there, she acted all huffy & like it was MY fault she gave me the wrong thing!  ppl!)  once i had the correct drink, i went to mail some postcards & then wanted to drive to aunt sandy's neighborhood to watch the planes.  only to find out they'd blocked off the road to her house!!  wth??  bah. 

so, i just drove around a bit, looking at the sky.  only ever saw one plane, and not close enough to get a picture!  but i did get to see a lot of this:

and i think i tricked my body into thinking it was on a roadtrip!  *laugh*  or i was doing conditioning for next week's trip! 

i managed to get all of uncle gene's key west posts edited this afternoon, which was fun!  i hope you've been checking them out!  : )  seeing all that shrimp really had me craving it, so i made shrimp penne for dinner.  pretty good, but i'm still hankerin for some crab something - or - other! 

time for bed soon, even though tomorrow's plan is much the same as today's.  thank God for restful weekends!! 


Friday, 25 June 2010


wow, i'm tired!  my eyes are going all blurry.  and it's not even midnight!  AND i can sleep in tomorrow, so you'd think i wouldn't be tired.  but i think i'm going to bed after i watch rookie blue. 

today was kinda of the unexpected sort.  work was kinda slow, which is normal for a friday, but i was expecting it to feel more frantic w/ julie on vacation & handling "everything" myself.  altho, i have to be honest, a lot of the handling was just putting things into folders for julie, so she'll have stuff to keep her busy when she gets back.  : )  timecards were quiet (*gasp*!) and i had a meeting on memorial requests, which was fun.  i was supposed to meet megan for lunch, but she ended up coming in late because ariana had a fever & needed to go to the doc.  i was okay, tho, because there was awesome food in the cafeteria!  FRESH FRUIT and cottage cheese with the burger bar!  made me happy!  (and interestingly, discovered someone else who likes cottage cheese on burgers!)

i'd planned to go to a friend's 40th bday party after work, but started to get nervous about all the ppl around 1, and finally texed his wife (also a friend!) to let them know i wasn't going to make it.  i really wasn't expecting that, because i've been to the venue before, so i knew how to get there.  i already had in my mind that i'd stay for 1/2 an hour-ish, so i wasn't worried about that.  i think what got me was that i saw they were expecting 100+ ppl ... and i was only going to know maybe 5.  including my friends!  *laugh* 

this turn of events, while disappointing, worked out for good, because my mom called around 4 & sounded like she needed to hang out.  i met her for a movie, and she seemed in better spirits about 20 minutes in to karate kid.  (sidenote: AWESOME movie!  it's over 2 hours long, and feels long, but in a good way - like you don't want it to end, and then it doesn't for awhile, ya know?) 

(okay, i'm going to watch more AGT before i sleep.  second wind might be kicking in, or i might just be addicted to this show.  *laugh*) 

and finally, sergio is holding his own with this latest treatment, but still please, please, please join the prayer chain for him, and remember him in your thoughts and prayers.  healing healing healing! 

goodnight and ttfn!

oh!  and also - my citylights cards came in the mail!  now i have the problem of - i have 6 postcards out & have to wait til they get registered to send out more!  (altho i have been sending some to friends & family, of course.  i sent sergio one of jana's cards.  i hope he'll enjoy it when he comes out of his healing rest to see it!) 


Thursday, 24 June 2010

thankful thursday

i'm so thankful for letyon, he makes me happy happy happy! 

okay, this one looks like he's wearing a kilt.  but it's shorts! 

we played with trains & what-not.  doctor's orders were for him to stay out of the sun and rest, so that's what we did.  LOVED my day off hanging out with him. 

now i must go to bed.  quick prayer request - my friend mel's son, sergio, is back in the hospital with some infections and flus (yes, plural flus) which are causing major issues with his compromised immune system.  as of an hour ago, the carepages update stated, in part:
Please continue to pray for him. He is no where near out of the woods and his chances of pulling out are slim, so the docs say. But Sergio is very tough and is a fighter. We have been talking to him, loving him, kissing him, and spending time with him. He is completely medically sedated and paralyzed at this time, for his comfort. The docs are pleased with his progress this early in the therapy.

my heart aches for my friend and her family.  please, please, if you believe in prayer as i do, pray for sergio and his complete healing and recovery.  nothing is too big for God! 

thank you.  *HUGS*  gotta get to sleep now. back to work in the morning.  ttfn. 


today was a pretty cool day.  started off rainy & stormy - like, REALLY stormy.  lots of big thunder & lightning, and it was rather dark when it was time to get up.  which means i reallllllly didn't want to get out of bed!  *laugh*  do dark & stormy days make you want to stay in bed, too?  i mean, you know i don't like to get up anyway, but when it's dark out getting up just seems so much more difficult.  heh. 

anyway, once i got over that & got to work, i was pretty awake.  ; )  it was kinda a slow day, as far as problems go.  i had stuff to keep me busy, but it wasn't the usual "rushrushrushgogogo" that i've become accustomed to!  trish is outta town for the week, so her daughter & i have been chatting a bit, which has been fun!  i was supposed to have a meeting over lunch, but it got postponed to friday, so i grabbed some delicious baked potato soup in the cafe & then spent the rest of lunchtime reading Pendragon in the car.  the sun had come out at this point, but there was still a really nice breeze going on, so the car was quite comfy w/ the windows open! 

the sunshine did not last, tho.  round about 3:30 i started to hear rumblings about a tornado watch.  the sky started to get darker.  the weather radio alerts kept going off at the front desk.  jokes were bandied about that we'd have to head for cover at like 4:45.  and then... round about 4:45... dave came around to say the watch had morphed into a warning, there had been funnel clouds spotted in bettendorf (eep!) and we all needed to get to the safe rooms!  d'oh!  now, i used to sit right by the windows, but since the move i'm more "inland."  as a matter of fact, i sit right btwn two of the safe rooms.  i was working on some retirement stuff that i really wanted to get done, so i asked dave if i could keep working.  he laughed at me.  *laugh*  so, i put everything away, figuring by the time the warning was lifted it'd be time to go home, and headed to the lunchroom to hang out w/ the rest of the late shift peeps.  we watched the radar on the news & thankfully the warning was only til 5!  i texed mom to make sure she was in a basement, because she nannies in bettendorf, so if there really was a funnel cloud spotted there, i wanted to make sure she was safe!!  (she was, yay God!)

once we were released a little after 5, i headed over to hy vee.  (i thought i needed foil, but when i got home i still had some, and actually needed saran wrap, which i did not get.  lol)  it was raining but not too hard, and the sky was clearing when i went in.  i cruised around the store for 1/2 an hour or so, picking up a few other things i forgot to get yesterday.  when i left, the sky was amaaaazing!  God is truly an awesome artist!  : ) 

beautiful, right??  i wish i could've taken some during the storm, but i guess safety first & all that! 

when i got home, i used the rest of the bacon to make 5 bacon wrapped lil smokies (yum!).  uncle gene sent me the rest of his guest blogs for the menu, so i spent some time moving those over.  he very kindly said he likes my blog (thanks!).  the tough thing is blogger changed their securities, i guess, so i can't be in my gmail and blogs at the same time.  d'oh!  makes it a little difficult to get everything moved over, but it's all good! 

i watched America's Got Talent (and boy do we!!!  we also have some seemingly normal ppl who turn into freaky something or others when they hit the stage!  eep!) and a couple episodes of Vanguard.  talked to mom.  poor leyton had a fever & some sort of rash today, so tomorrow we're not going out anywhere, i'm just gonna hang out at mom's, i think.  hopefully he'll feel better, but the doctor said to have him rest & drink lots of fluids, so there we go!  i spent some time looking at airfare to NM in october.  it's funny, because if i was paying for it myself, i would have likely booked it already because i found a deal for roundtrip for LESS than $300 w/ free checked bags!  however, because i'm asking mom to pay for it for my birthmas, i want to continue looking for deals.  am i weird or what?  *laugh*  anyway, we'll talk about it tomorrow & i'll see how she wants to handle it.  if she even wants to do that.  sometimes it's hard to talk to her about stuff because she always seems to be distracted! 

anywhoo... what else?  oh!  my friend becca started a blog about single motherhood.  check it out!  : )  also, brandi's having a giveaway on her blog of a trilogy of historical romances.  the stories look pretty good!  andrea, you'll want to check it out! 

i'm off to bed, but first one more thing - pandora is playing a lot of old school will smith & dj jazzy smith tonight, and i am loving it!!  : )  


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

i seriously had to do a ranty post, which really wasn't all that ranty, but editing is hard sometimes!  *laugh*  so now i must head to beddy bye land! 

but first, i did have a pretty good day, full of surprises!  i got to talk to a friend who i hadn't chatted w/ in awhile - found out she hurt herself skydiving, but not as badly as it could have been & thank God she is okay now!!  she said she's not sure if she'll ever get the desire to do it again back.  as much as i don't understand the desire to jump out of a perfectly good plane, she LOVED it, and so i will hope & pray that she gets that back.  or that if she doesn't, that it isn't a regret for her.  ya know?  sometimes it's hard to know what to pray for ppl, when there's no "right" or "wrong" and i guess that is when you just have to pray for God's will to be done!  right?  : ) 

i went grocery shopping after work - my favorite cheesey pouffs were one of the free items at hy vee today.  i picked up milk, ice cream sammichs, vienna sausages... some stuff i don't remember... oh, and postcards!  heh.  i forgot foil and lemons.  i stayed under $20.  woot!  of course, when i got to to the line & he'd rung everything up, that's when i discovered that i'd forgotten to replace my checkbook.  so... i came home & got the new book & headed back.  they very kindly put my cart in the cooler to keep the ice cream & milk good.  sadly, when i got out to my car i discovered they hadn't taken off my $2.50 for the 2 free items!  d'oh!  so i sat in the car for a minute thinking, "is $2.50 really worth going in?"  turns out it is, so i went back in & got my $2.50 (.54, actually).  : ) 

i started to fix a quick dinner when i got home, but then sarah called me back, so we chatted for an hour or so.  had some news to share w/ her for a mutual friend!  also, i had some nice comments on the blog and FB.  thanks, everyone for the comments!!  my post cards from jana arrived.  awesome!!!!  *bounce*  i immediately addressed two of them - one is going to lithuania and one to belgium.  i know they are going to love them as much as i do!  thanks again, jana!!  (i know i've said thank you like 20 times.  i hope it doesn't lose its sincerity. sometimes i feel like our language is so limited it makes me repeat things.  lol  sometimes i think i think too much...)

watched Persons Unknown (which i really really like!) and Army Wives & Drop Dead Diva.  DDD makes me literally laugh out loud more than once an episode, AND tugs at my heartstrings!  excellent writing, directing and acting, every week. 

and that's your carrie recap!  thank you for visiting.  please stop into the menu for part 2 of key west.  *hugs*  and love and see you later!  ta ta for now, blog buddies!

Monday, 21 June 2010

stormy monday

so, first of all i have to direct you here.  did i tell you about aunt nancy & uncle gene spending a good portion of may in key west? 

uncle gene lookin' cool. 

uncle gene very kindly agreed to do some guest posts for me.  his emails were quite sparkley i just had to share them with the world, but he did me one better!  : )  so, please do visit & leave a comment letting him know what you liked about the posts - because i know you'll like SOMETHING!  heh.  i'm going to post one a day this week - and longer if he's sending me more posts! 

as the title indicates, today was looking to be quite stormy.  clouds formed overhead when i got home, bringing with them a lot of LOUD thunder and BRIGHT lightning.  thankfully no tornadoes, and the power - tho it flickered more than once - held strong.  as you know, humid day = carrie turns her house into a freezer!  so, if the freezer went on the fritz, i'd be in t-r-o-u-b-l-e!!!!  heh. 

otherwise a pretty uneventful day.  normal stuff at work.  oh!  did find out that my cousin kathy will be in town in july.  she, shawna & i are making a case for a cousin slumber party.  heh.  i think it would be tons of fun, so hopefully we can get dawn & her girls & manda & misha in on it, too!  july is shaping up to be BUSY - omaha for the 4th & kathryn's birthday, linda & her kids will be in town the 14th for two weeks (from japan!), kathy will be in town, stephen's birthday at the end of the month will likely mean a trip to mason city for the party... Love it!!!  : ) 

i hope your monday went well!  looking forward to a terrific tuesday! 

keep praying for my former career advisor.  she & her hubs are doing well & staying strong, but it's a long road ahead of clean up & figuring everything out, so thank you for thinking of them every now & then! 


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I had kinda an "aha!" and "duh!" moment today.  I've been missing Daddy most especially lately because - Ta-Da! - Father's Day was coming up!  Even without TV and the constant stream of commercials lauding the day, they've been all over radio and email - everyone wants you to "remember dad on Father's Day!"  This is a good thing, of course, and idk why I didn't connect the dots sooner!  Probably because it was all so directly subtle, if that makes sense?  (BTW, don't worry, I'm okay.  I miss him, I'll always miss him, but I had fun looking though these photos today to pick some to share with you. *smile*) 

And so, without further ado, here are some pictures of my darling father doing the things he loved and posing for pictures cuz he loved me, too.  : ) 

I remember taking these family pictures every year.  Dad would set up the background & work w/ the camera to get everything just right.  IDK why I don't have more years - I remember one year w/ a blue background - it was a blanket & it took forever to get it to drape correctly on the shelves!  LOL 

Okay, this isn't really a "dad-centric" photo, and yet that's part of the story. This was our birthday party when we turned 15 (me, Julia & Renee all had November birthdays, and liked to have joint parties!).  April (on the right) had moved to Washington the year before, and she surprised me by showing up to the party.  Seeing her at the door is still one of my favorite childhood memories!  Dad hanging out in the back there as we opened presents was just so ... him.  I mean, a 15th birthday party full of girls is the kinda thing a lotta guys would run from, right?  And I'm sure he & Phil didn't hang out the whole time.  Heh.  But the fact that he was there for the present opening really meant a lot to me then, and still does today.  : )

Daddy was a hunter, and an avid fisherman.  He loved going on trips for both with friends. 

I think this was soon after getting his dentures, and I made him show off his new (different) smile.


My parents sorta fell into foster parenting.  It was a point of stress sometimes, but Dad also really enjoyed playing with the kids.  And Jonna looks like a little doll here, don'tchya think?  (Elizabeth & Jonna have since been adopted into an awesome family, btw.)

He was always willing to wear the ties I bought him.  : ) 

(Sidebar: Notice Mom's blonde (!) hair & my red hair.  Heh.)

And, finally, Santa Daddy.  He was always willing to be festive, and he was very proud of his Royal Rangers.  He worked his butt off for those kids, to give them something to work towards, taking them on camp outs, paying for the kids who couldn't afford to go.  He made pinewood derby cars and helped the boys make theirs.  At his celebration of life ceremony, one young man stood up - in his Marines uniform - and talked about the difference Commander Bill had made in his life. 

He was an awesome father, a Daddy in every sense of the word.  As my brother follows his example in fatherhood, his legacy lives on in Leyton.  I'm very grateful that Anthony was able to know him, however briefly.  Thank You, Lord, for the nearly 30 years I got to know this man. 

Amen.  : ) 

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Naibi Zoo

oh, today has been so much fun!  i slept til 10 & then went down to mom's.  we stopped at mickey d's for a happy meal to tide us over and headed to the zoo.  the newly paved parking lot is superb!  no more gravelly mess.  first off we went to see the monkeys, but then we heard the train and leyton immediately no longer cared about the monkeys.  lol  so, we rode the train around the zoo & saw some of the animals out.  it was just starting to get hot (we didn't get to the zoo til 12:30) and some were making their way into their shelters. 

we walked around for two hours, saw the sights, said hi to the animals, and bye when we left. 

we ate popcorn and drank water and soda, went potty, played in the spritzer fans.

the giraffes were licking something off the drain pipes & shelter doors.  no idea what!  but they were GORGEOUS and kind enough to pose for some pictures!  : ) 

and i have to include this flower picture, just because it is SO gorgeous!  : ) 

we left the zoo about 2:40 or so, and mom & leyton dropped me off so i could take a nap while they went to get anthony from a friend's & run some errands.  they're going to pick me back up in a bit & we'll go to dinner.  not sure where, but mom hinted there'd be a steakhouse involved!  : ) 

well, no steakhouse.  :(  but we went to long john silvers/a&w and it was tastey!  leyton loved the bear at the front.  soooo cute!  i tried to get anthony to take a picture w/ the bear, but he wasn't having it. 

shortly after this, mom explained to anthony that he shouldn't text at the table.  lol

when we got back to the house, we saw this guy:

too cute!  : )  leyton played in my car for a little bit, then i had to head home.  amy was on her way in as i was on my way out, so i didn't get to do more than say hi! 

so, that was my wonderfully EXHAUSTING saturday!  praise the Lord for this blessing!!!  : )