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Thursday, 28 July 2011

rainy day for travel...

so of course it's rainy today!  lol 

the good thing is, when i talked to mom last night, she said the plan for today was just to travel, stop for lunch, and check in at the hotel.  then swim & hang out there & figure out our itinary (ohmyheck how do you spell that??)(thank you www.dictionary.com - itinerary - i guess i have been mispronouncing?  d'oh!).  it's supposed to be sunny & nice on saturday, so that will probably be zoo day.  it doesn't matter so much if it's raining if we're going to be inside the aquarium/museums, right?  : )  

oh!  speaking of - did i tell you that mom discovered our local museum membership extends to the museum of science & industry and the field museum?  SCORE!  : )  

i got up earlier than i expected to this morning, which is why you get a lovely post from me, all random rambling.  aren't you lucky?  oh yes, yes you are.  and just to show you how much i love each & every one of you, please enjoy these awesome videos of the old spice guy, which i have been watching as i wait for mom & leyton.  : )  

be safe & have a great rest of the week/weekend!  if our hotel has internet, you will likely be hearing more from me.  LOL  and Muhahahahaha...!  



Wednesday, 27 July 2011

TGIW! : )

happy happy wednesday!  

work was a little crazy today, ya know?!  arrived at 7:30, worked on memorials.  meeting at 9-11.  meeting in the same room at 11-11:45.  meeting at 11:30, which i missed because the other meeting went long.  grabbed lunch & a break & worked on email & continued w/ memorials.  meeting at 12:30-1.  worked on more email & memorial stuff.  worked on claims & vacations, getting things done for being gone.  set my out of office.  left at 4:40.  

whew!!!  *laugh*  

i was meeting juli & linda & erin at happy joe's, so i had to take the bridge that's under construction again.  parking lot.  oye!  *laugh*  and it was HOTTT out again.  :|  but it really wasn't too bad, and ppl weren't jerks about merging, so that was a plus!  *laugh*  and we all pretty much got there at the same time, so it was all good!  : )  

hugs hugs hugs & it was sooooo nice to see linda & her kiddos after a year!!  it was nice to see juli & the kids, and erin, too, but i see them a little more often.  heh.  we ordered two pizzas, half sausage/pepperoni, and half cheese/supreme or garden or something like that.  *laugh*  they were nommmy!  well, i assume they were all good, i just had the sausage.  oh, i guess i did have a slice of the pepperoni, which i wasn't a fan of, but that's because i love their sausage so much!  heh.  

the kids were sooooo happy to be together again & hanging out.  sarah & amanda mugged for the camera... 

 the famous "heart" pose 

 shirt over the nose 
 morphed into ninja-sarah

 sharing the ninja-ness!  

 this was not her best idea, but it was funny!
 then she got The Look from her mom & decided to PRETEND to drink thru her shirt... LOL 

 genuine, amused smiles 
 model smiles 
and funny faces for sarah, sweet smile for manda!  

then they all went to play & the adults visited.  it just felt good to be hanging out w/ linda.  i really miss her!!  and since juli & i live just down the road from one another, we really need to get a hang out schedule going like erin & i have started!!  *laugh*  it is nice to not feel like we are "catching up" every time, but that we are just free to hang out & stuff ya know!?  

 Julia (Juli) - Mom to Sarah & Andrew; Linda - Mom to Amanda & Henry 

 Erin & I 

 Linda, Erin & I 
Linda, Erin & Juli  : )  

we hung out for a few hours, and the boys got their chance to mug for the cameras.  : )  

sarah, andrew & henry all have july/august birthdays, so they got to have a song, horn blowing, and sundaes!  

and then it was time to go - we left a little after 9 (we got there at 5:30, so that was 3 1/2 hours of visiting - and could have been longer but we were all getting tired, including the kiddos!  lol) & stayed in the parking lot chatting for another 10 minutes or so.  heh.

love it!  i brought erin home & got to my home a little after ten.  

talked to mom for a minute - she & leyton are picking me up around 10 or 11 tomorrow.  then it's off for our ADVENTURE!  phil's house/Angel-sitting, so that's cool beans.  : )  

soooo ready for VACATION!  thank You, Lord, You ROCK!  : )  


Tuesday, 26 July 2011


one more day & then it is VACATION!  : )  

i ate my first turkey burger from hardee's tonight for dinner.  omh, so good!  i'll have to try the mushroom & swiss next.  now, i had heard a rumor that the turkey burgers weren't as healthy as the regular burgers.  however... according to calorieking.com:  

Sandwiches & Burgers: Burger, Turkey, Mushroom & Swiss

 (?)Nutrition Facts
Calories 480(2006 kJ)
% Daily Value 1
Total Fat17g26%
Sat. Fat7g35%
Total Carbs.44g15%
Dietary Fiber3g12%

Sandwiches & Burgers: Burger, Thickburger, (1/3 lb.) Mushroom & Swiss

 (?)Nutrition Facts
Calories 650(2717 kJ)
% Daily Value 1
Total Fat36g55%
Sat. Fat14g70%
Total Carbs.47g16%
Dietary Fiber3g12%

so, since the carbs are from the bun, and i don't eat the bun, i'm thinking the delicious turkey burger is the way to go!!  : )  altho, it is a lot of sodium... i wonder how much of that is from the bun & how much is from the burger itself?  anyone?  i like that it has nearly as much protein, too...

anywhoo, that was the most excitement of my day!  lol  other than stopping by mom's.  that was nice.  watched the end of tonight's hell's kitchen.  man, that show is crazy!

when i got home, i watched Switched At Birth (ohmyheck INTENSE) and OLTL.  oh, and the last episode of a food network show about competing food trucks.  that was cool.

now, sleep!  tomorrow will be busy at work w/ a couple meetings, and then, after work - DINNER w/ my peeps!  yay!  can't wait to see linda!  


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