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Thursday, 14 October 2010


this morning started off rather bizzarly.  a phone call from jen asking if i could watch the boys tonight.  ummm... it's thursday, aren't they hanging out w/ me & mom like normal?  apparently not... anyway, i talked to jen for awhile & still was confused as all get out as to when this decision was made.  blindsided mom, as well.  not a good month to be blindsiding us, october.  *growl*  

i agreed to come watch the boys, of course.  i have looked forward to thursdays so much to see leyton, and anthony when he's here.  you all know, i refer to thursday as leyton (or leyton & anthony) day!  so, to not see them today was impossible to think about.

the rest of the day was just a little off kilter.  i was still upset about yesterday, and then upset that mom & jen were fighting (can't we all just get along?!? *cry*), and sad that i'd only get to see the boys for an hour before bed instead of all night.  there was some other stuff going on as well putting me sideways, but i think it'll all turn out okay.  and i was REALLY busy, which kept my mind off of everything else & onto problem solving! *laugh*  

after work, mom picked me up & we went for THAI, which means i finally got to have PUMPKIN CURRY that i've been craving!  : )  we also had sa-te because grilled, marinated chicken on a stick w/ yummy peanut sauce was an obvious choice for appetizers!  : )  we had a nice chat & discussed what might be the new routine & also our trip to chicago.  

after dinner, i headed to jen's & proceeded to have an interesting night.  anthony played his wrestling game on playstation, and leyton & i played w/ his new fire engine for awhile.  

bedtime came way too quickly, and of course leyton didn't want to go.  again, i have to point out that it's outside his routine & so he balked.  it only took me 10 minutes to get him upstairs, but then another hour (1/2 of which involved a SCREAMING tantrum made worse by anthony poking at him) to get him into jammies!  i almost had him asleep, i think, when i was reading Bible passages.  it was just sitting on the floor, and he was having a fit about bedtime, but i could tell it wasn't because he was being a brat, really, but because he was SO TIRED.  so i read some of matthew & then james, and he said he wanted to put his pull up on.  but then he didn't.  oye!  finally, both boys were settled.  leyton requested the 3 little pigs & the 3 little bears stories.  anthony didn't want stories.  he thought he wasn't going to like the stories, he thought he knew how they went.  but he got into them when he figured out Aunt Carrie tells them differently.  : )  my pigs put back doors in their houses, and go for tea & crumpets at their brothers'.  they have names like johnny, stuart & michael.  *laugh* my bears & goldilocks become friends at the end.  

so, they were asleep for about 10 minutes before jen got home, instead of an hour & a half.  but oh well, it was a good night.  i stayed to chat for awhile, asked about saturday - they might spend the night.  aunt nancy & uncle gene are having a bonfire saturday night that i thought the boys might like to attend!  jen wasn't sure of their plans, but we'll see!  

when i left there, i had to go to WM for a couple things, and then finally ... home!  at 10:30!  i did have some lovely mail when i arrived home, though!  postcards from my nephew stephen, russia, and finland!  woot!  : ) 

and now, i must GO TO BED!  cousin mandi's performing in iowa city tomorrow night, but not til TEN (ack), so unless i have a ride, i don't think i'll be going.  i want to go, so hopefully i can find a ride!  i don't want to have to drive back from iowa city at 11pm on a friday.  but if someone else is driving, i'm good.  : )  

have a great night, and here's praying for a FABULOUS FRIDAY.  ttfn!

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