"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 17 October 2010


School Pride made me cry happy tears.

Outsourced made me belly laugh.

No Ordinary Family made me happy, too.  It's not quite funny, but funny! 

The Apprentice was pretty WOW.  The ladies took a big risk & the guys took a big ... dive.  

Top Chef Just Desserts made me hungry for some chocolate!  Thankfully I have some brownie bites for these kinds of cravings.  Heh.  

Caprica  - there's always crazy schtuff going on w/ this show.  It's so twisty & turny!!  

Blue Bloods - Tom Selleck, yay!  1/2 way thru I remembered (thanks to my BBDish blog) to switch over to Amazing Race.  I've missed the first 3 shows, but that's okay, I've jumped right into it!  Seems like a good group of ppl to watch!!  The feed I was watching went right into Undercover Boss & then Miami, so I watched those as well!  Awesome!!!  

Then, back to Blue Bloods... : )  

I have to admit, watching on hulu is WAY BETTER than watching in real time.  I did it just to remind myself how much I DO NOT want cable back.  : )  

And there you pretty much have my day!  *laugh*  

I feel mostly ready for the new work week.  LOL 



  1. ooooo! i was watching amazing race last night! i love watching it every week! my roomies and i all get together and watch it. we usually watch family guy after it, but not last night thanks to the dumb world series...i hate the world series.

  2. lol i like baseball, but only if i'm THERE. and AR is sooo much fun! i can only think of a couple ppl i'd be able to do it w/, tho. they are the ppl who wouldn't get mad if we lost a challenge because i can't run. LOL