"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 17 October 2010


i was in my old house & juli was there, too, and we were looking out the window & knew we were being chased by evil government officials.  we had to leave, but didn't know where to go.  we also had a little girl, who i think was juli's daughter, but it wasn't sarah.  so, we waited for the black SUV's to drive past the house, and then we went across the street to juli's friend & babysitter, who lived in a giant treehouse.  juli'd apparently been running from these ppl for awhile, because she said they never came into the house when they were looking for ppl.  i wasn't so sure, and wanted to go in the back to properly hide.  but then it was like the guy who was investigating couldn't see us, but he took pictures.

he left, saying something about how we'd been captured before & had broken out of our shackles.  i had a vague memory of it while he was talking, but otherwise had no idea that'd happened!!  once he left, we left the little girl there w/ the babysitter & were walking somewhere to find some help against these corrupt ppl chasing us.  juli changed into brenda barrett from GH (lol) & she was talking about all her years on the run from these ppl & she was ready to stop running!  while we talked, we were walking in this really pretty city.  not any city i've ever actually been in, but it had some... interesting buildings!  heh.

then we went into my dream-mall.  (not like the mall i want, but the mall that lives in my dreams & i've visited it many times, always the same stores, same DJ at the record store, etc.)  there had been some renovations, and some of the stores were still under construction.  walking thru the mall is so weird, some areas are bright & loud, lots of ppl, and other areas are dark & look abandoned - but still we walk through them, and there are some ppl, but not as many as the other areas.  the mall is always like this.

i woke up in the middle of a conversation.  LOL


aunt vicki told me yesterday that she dreams of daddy at least 3 times a week.  i only get a dream from him (about him) about once a month.  why?  *sigh*  why am i dreaming about goofy malls and daddy doesn't even make an appearance?  i mean, he could at least pop in more than once a month, ya know??  i may have to start sleeping w/ his picture under my pillow...


speaking of dreams, but a different kind of dream - the dream of a clean school, of a fully stocked supply cabinet for teachers... do you guys know about this show called School Pride?!  it's like EHM (Exteme Home Makeover) for schools.  including the tears!  as always when watching these shows, tho, i wonder about all the OTHER schools that are falling apart - but maybe, just maybe, this show will inspire some communities to get together and make a difference in those schools.


my plan today is to watch lots of hulu & maybe read some People & get laundry & some cleaning done.  woot!  : )


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  1. Carrie what you said about wanting dreams of your dad broke my heart. I pray for you to have more daddy/daughter dates in your dreams!!! Hugs sweetheart! xo