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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Milestone: 200th Post!

I like odd numbers, so really I should milestone at the 201st post, but I'm keeping it.  

not keeping the caps, tho.  oye!  my thing w/ that - i know i'll start forgetting to capitalize at some random point thru the post, and then it'll be all lopsided, so i choose to just not capitalize from the semi-beginning.  'k?  thanks for understanding my neuroses!  : ) 

i feel like i should share some momentous something in my 200th post, except that it's really like my 1000th post because i had a bunch on Myspace before i moved over to Blogger, and then i have a whole bunch here that are now private due to some ... well, to put it nicely, some ppl just can't mind their own damn business.  : )  

anywhooooo... today was a pretty good one!  got a free 10 minute massage as part of our customer service week.  i don't really like to be touched, other than hugs and things, you know!  but this knot in my shoulder needed some serious work, so i signed up & this gal was very good.  my shoulder & arm do feel better, but still ... i think i could use another 1/2 an hour!  (maybe there will be openings on thursday...oooh, i could get in again!)  i grabbed a spinach salad for lunch & worked thru, because i had to leave for class #2 at noon.  or so i thought... 

i got to the hospital at 20 after 12, thinking the class started at 12:30.  um.  class started at 1.  d'oh!!  so, i looked around the gift shop for a little bit, then worked out some things in my food journal for a little bit, then went into the classroom about a quarter til to get weighed & all that stuff.  good news - by cutting out regular soda & starting my diet changes, i've lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks!  *shocky face*  only 100000 lbs to go!  LOL  nah, not really.  i'm not a tanker engine.  ; )  

so, class was pretty interesting, and i continue to learn some good things, like resources for balanced meals.  then i spent the rest of the afternoon at work, stayed til 6 again.  will likely be there til 6 tomorrow.  thursday i'm leaving on time cuz it's LEYTON DAY!  and anthony, now, i think!  : )  tomorrow's payroll cutoff, tho, so i shouldn't need to stay late after that ... til next time!  *laugh*  

after work, i ran over to hy vee to get some balanced meals and kitty litter.  and a phone card.  $74 later i headed home.  *laugh*  megan was supposed to come over for cans, but she did not show up, so idk what the deal is there.  heh.  i made one of my healthy choice meals (didn't really like it, refer to link above) and watched a really awesome episode of The Event, pretty cool ep of Castle, and a really great episode of GH from today!  : )  will have to catch up w/ Chuck tomorrow.  got to chat w/ april a little more than yesterday, which was nice.  : )  

ah, the daily life.  so grateful to have it!  heh.  

i had in my head another topic to discuss, concerning the recent focus on bullying and its effect on teens...but i just don't have the energy right now to do it!  i need to zzzz.  so i'll just say goodnight and work on that for another day.  ttfn!

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