"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 30 September 2010

another thursday to be thankful for!

fabulous!  that was my evening.  : )  my day was a little meh - i wasn't feeling very well most of today.  but i did get a lot accomplished at work, and i got to have lunch w/ my friend sherry.  we ate at quizno's & i had a flatbread sammy that was pretty good.  i don't remember what kind, of course.  it involved mushrooms & chicken.  mmmm.  

after work, to mom's!  leyton was dressed in one of THE cutest outfits.  and he told me a story on the way to the restaurant... 

we went to chick fil a for dinner - i think that's going to be our new thursday thing, because they have family night on thursdays!  tonight there was a face painter, and leyton wanted to be a puppy.  mo the clown did a very good job!  

leyton saw this one & said, "i like it."  heh.  

the cow also made an appearance, for many high fives & hugs.  leyton is really wanting the cow to be his best friend now, it's sooo cute!  the cow wrangler remembered him from last week (idk if it was the same cow - this one was nekkid while the other one wore a shirt...).  : )  we saw an old co-worker of daddy's, and got to talk w/ him for awhile.  he's now a host at CFA!  he's perfect for it, too, very friendly!!!  

leyton played & we were there for a couple hours, eatin' great food & havin' fun!  then we went back to mom's & watched Thomas & then part of The Apprentice when leyton fell asleep.  on my lap, all snuggled on the couch.  i love snuggle time!!!  : )  

tomorrow i am working 1/2 a day & then taking vacation & hopefully will be able to just relax for a bit!!  was gonna go to dubuque, but i'm just not feeling up to it.  i'm sorry, matt & johnna!  :(  but Lord willing, i'll be sending you a really nice wedding gift!  : )  also, mom & i might see You Again sometime this weekend.  

sorry so short, and not many pictures, but i didn't bring the camera in to the restaurant because it was kinda packed, and i wasn't sure where we'd be sitting!!  have a great night & happy FRIDAY and ttfn!  : )  : )  : )  


  1. Oh I LOVE Chick fil a! I blogged about it about a month ago too! haha seriously, they are so nice there! every food establishment should require their employees to be as polite and friendly as chik fil a.
    also, i love how many pictures you take. :) it makes post so much fun!

  2. I'm going to have to read your chick fil A blog! I definitely think that being a Christian-value company makes the difference there. They're not fakey-Christian, but truly creating a family-oriented environment - at least as far as I can tell! : )