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Friday, 22 October 2010

Postcardapalooza II

Just thought I'd share today's mail.  : )  There was even an early birthday card in there, which came along w/ a 20% off coupon from Hallmark!  woot!!!

Min Xin from Singapore included this adorable sticker on the card!  

this one's from Holland.  

Before I got the mail, I treated myself to some Chick Fil A (mostly because I was craving their fruit cup!).  For some reason - even tho they called it back to me - they decided to really mess up my order.  I had a BOGO coupon, so I got a grilled chicken sandwich & chicken salad.  I ordered chicken salad - not the sandwhich, just the medium chicken salad.  They read it back to me "Chicken salad sandwich."  I said, "Nooo, just the medium chicken salad cup."  Then I also ordered the medium fruit cup and a large Diet Dr Pepper.  When I got to the window, the total was about $2 less than I was expecting, so I double checked that they had everything.  They handed me my drink... which was Diet Coke.  And as soon as I took a drink & discovered it, she said, "Oh, that's Diet Coke."  Yes, thank you, I DID tell the difference!  At least it was diet... Anyway, I gave it back & said Diet Dr Pepper.  They handed me back a MEDIUM.  I'm sorry, I handed you a LARGE cup w/ the incorrect drink, why wouldn't you grab another LARGE cup?!  *boggle*

Oh, and they hadn't put my fruit cup on the ticket.  So, they scrambled to get my fruit cup in the midst of all this, and get me the correct size of the correct drink.  I did finally get everything, and the fruit was free since they didn't put it on the ticket, and they were too busy fixing the other mess ups to charge me.  Oye.

Then, when I put the sack on the passenger seat... I discovered it was leaking.  The geniuses had placed the chicken sandwich box on its side in the bag, causing it to LEAK.  Seriously, ppl, you don't put a box in sideways like that!  Was this your first day??  (It wasn't, because I recognized the workers!)

Anywhoo!  I was more amused than annoyed, I guess.  Except about the leaking container.  That WAS annoying.  However, then on the way home, God gave me this:

Which means ...

Yes, today was a MUCH better day.  : )



  1. yayay! i love better days so so much! and today is saturday! you get to see the kids today! woohoo!

    those are some gorgeous pictures! and did you get all those post cards in just one day! you have lots of post card buddies! that is so much fun! one day i am going to be just like you!

  2. i think i got one of the cards on wednesday or thursday, but w/ my computer acting up i wasn't able to upload it. but i do tend to get quite a few a week. i *heart* postcrossing!!!

    and also, LOL thank you!