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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

witchy woman

what a crazy week it's continued to be!  my morning started off early, w/ a trip to the gas station & then mcdonald's for breakfast.  got to work 15 minutes early, and the morning was slow.  i tried to get caught up on some random paperwork.  the phone was quiet.  the email wasn't too crazy.  

trish, marcie, megan & i went to rudy's for lunch.  tasty mexican goodness!  : )   

when i got back, all heck broke loose!!  oh my goodness!  14 phone calls, all kindsa emails - mostly vacation issues, w/ some variety sprinkled in.  but seriously - that is in the span of 5 hours.  crazy, right?  normal number of phone calls used to be btwn 0 & 4.  lately, that number just keeps creeping upwards, tho!  i mean, it's cool - i certainly don't mind calls (phone phobia be darned!)!  i love problem solving, and getting to know ppl, and helping them.  : )  it's just that when i have 2 ppl IMing me while i'm on the phone w/ a 3rd person, those moments can seem a little overwhelming.  especially when i have many things to get done and i know i'm going to be gone on friday.  i was there til nearly 6 again.    have to leave on time tomorrow, because i'm meeting mom for dinner.  sancho's!  more mexican, of course!  : )  

and then... friday... bret's coming by to pick up the key so he can move in on saturday.  

after work, i met him at fireworks & had a cuppa & talked.  we discussed his plans - his plans that include paying rent for the month he's here.  we discussed my expectations, his expectations, his backup plan in case his plan for housing in december falls thru.  both our desires for him not to live here indefinitely!  lol  i feel good about my decision, i feel like i can give him a measure of peace, somewhere consistent to sleep, at least.  and, because we've talked about it FIRST and because i've learned from past experience, i don't think i'll have a problem saying "step up" if he's not or "gotta go" if he ... has to go.

i believe it will be okay.  i believe that the Lord has the situation well under control, and that's all i need to know.  

i didn't get home til 8 something & finally was able to fix dinner & eat something!  lunch had been a looooong time prior!  i got to watch most of criminal minds, but then the computer started to act up (ahem, freeze) and so i haven't watched rocky horror glee yet.  :(  hopefully i'll have time & the computer will be nice tomorrow!  

in the meantime - more buffy, going to catch up w/ a few blogs, and then i am going to dreamland!  the wind has been howling & reminding me of being by the ocean.  oh, ocean, how i miss you!  i hope to someday see you again, and sleep near your crashing waves.  : )  


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