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Sunday, 3 October 2010

random zzz...

i need a good massage.  my left shoulder/back is messed up somehow.  i think it's tension, but probably i'm also sitting wrong at my desk.  bother.

dreams were interesting last night.  there's this guy who i was obsessed with all through jr high & HS.  he's now happily married & has a baby on the way (or recently born, i'm not actually sure).  i haven't crushed on him in yeeeears.  but for some reason, he was in my dream!  and we were talking about baby names & playing w/ lightsabers.  anyone wanna try to interpret THAT one?  lol  there was also a fairly normal one that had to do w/ driving in a car w/ mom & leyton & anthony, and we were going to a restaurant, but i was following someone from work into the grocery store.  in the car.  odd!  

my plan for today was to have a Batman marathon, but then aunt jan called & so i met her & we went to el rodeo for lunch.  i had two softshell tacos & way too many chips w/ bean dip, but it was very good!  then we went to grammy's for canasta, and ALMOST won!  again!  *laugh*  

i read my People, watched L&O:LA (skeet ulrich, whom i have missed since jericho got cancelled, is awesome), and Outsourced, which makes me LOL many times!  : )  got to chat w/ april, and joy for like a minute.  read some email.  good times!!  

and... that's all i got for you!  check out my review of WW bars at the menu.  : )  may your monday (and mine) be stress-free and superb!


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