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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

kanye west has way too much damn money

SRSLY!  have you seen his latest "splurge"?!  dude replaced his bottom teeth w/ diamonds and gold.  not a grille.  not removable.  REPLACED.  "well, you know, it's teh kind of thing rock stars are supposed to do," he shrugs on Ellen.  

of all the stupid, extravagent purchases flouted by celbrities, this one made me literally a little tummy sick.  i mean, for the most part i'm of the belief that celebs work hard for their money and deserve to spend it on whatever they'd like - just like the rest of us.  but this?  kanye, really, couldn't you figure out anything more productive to do w/ $500,000 or however much you spent?  ugh.  

*sigh*  and here i am trying to figure out exactly how to pay for more finger pokers and test strips on a regular basis.  seriously.


  1. that is just a little bit ridiculous. it makes me want to vomit.

  2. exactly! idk if he does any charitable giving, he might donate half a mil a year to help kids in his hometown for all i know. still, i just can't wrap my head around doing that or spending that much money TO do that!