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Saturday, 16 October 2010


well, i thought i was hanging out w/ juli & the kids today, but she didn't call me back!  :(  oh well, i went shopping & bought christmas pressies!  yes, that's right, i start my christmas shopping early!  actually, i started in september.  LOL  it's the only way i can get everything, and even then sometimes ppl still end up w/ presents in march because i didn't get them to them in time!  i know!!  lol  

i went to gordman's & found some reallllly cute things for a couple ppl!  i'm excited, i want to send them RIGHT NOW but i will try to wait...at least til after thanksgiving...  : )  then i had to come back home because i didn't check my checks before leaving, and i only had the one.  d'oh!  so i filled back up & hit the road again.  mailed out a group of postcrossings & one for stephen, and then got groceries at WM.  spent less than $100 (woot!) AND i even managed to find 2 more presents.  : )  so happy!!!

then, when i got home, my mailbox was full of love.  : )  

isn't the turtle ADORABLE??  hand drawn, since they couldn't find a card w/ a turtle.  so sweet!  : )  

i added in the card my dds sent me because i think it's cute.  : )  

now i must go meet mom & we're going to the family cook out w/ these folks.  i love them lots, and even tho the boys aren't coming, it'll be lots of fun (and FOOD) i think!  


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