"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

attempt at a happy post - take one

today wasn't a bad day, even though i came through it quite grumpy.  it was a food day in honor of my helper bee's last day, so that was nice.  gonna miss my helper bee, but we'll have FB & email!  : )  everyone brought some awesome and amazing foodstuffs!  my breakfast and lunch were both delicious.  

i worked on memorial requests all day - i got a huge packet of checks in the inter-office today!  woot!  i didn't even get them all done, so more to work on tomorrow.  actually, tomorrow - since i am now sans a helper bee - i will be working on vacations & claims.  eeep eep!  i stayed til 6 tonight & that was nice.  the last hour & a half or so was so quiet - no emails or phone calls or anything to pull me in different directions.  lol  AND my wall-mate brought out her christmas music, so that was awesome!  nothin like some burl ives & bing crosby to put you in a jolly mood, i tell ya!  : )  

after work, jen texted to see if i could watch the boys.  i said sure.  flurries started in today, COLD weather & snow, perfect for some coffee!  i stopped at starbucks for a skinny hazelnut latte (they were out of sf vanilla and peppermint!!) and then qdoba for dinner.  i came home to scarf down my nekkid burrito & change into my pre-jammies for babysitting.  bret's former roommate was here... there's a crazy situation there, and idk how to make heads or tails of it, so i'm just not.  i'm taking the "not my problem" approach right now.  heh.  

i headed over to jen's at 7:15 & the boys were good for the first hour.  we had fun playing catch w/ a weird green football-shaped ball in their room.  

then we went downstairs to look over the toy catalog, watch the santa claus 3, and play PSP or some other gaming system.  

unfortunately, for whatever reason, anthony decided to start picking on leyton.  well, leyton wasn't an innocent bystander, he was being whiney & grumpy.  but it was his bedtime!  jen had told me she'd be home by 8:45 at the latest, in time for bedtime.  so i didn't try to put leyton to bed.  when it's just him, i'm able to get him pj'd & whatever, usually.  i can bargain w/ him or whatever.  but when anthony is there, he just pick pick picks at him, and then leyton gives it back & it's just not a whole lot of fun to be around.  especially when i JUST get leyton into a better mood & anthony pesters him into whining or screaming again!!!  oh, that FRUSTRATES me to no end!  :(  and then when i try to tell anthony why he shouldn't do that or whatever, he gets attitude w/ me.  :(  argh!  i love him, which is the only thing that i hold onto at times like that.  if i didn't, i wouldn't go over there.  at least not on days when i'm already grumpy.  oh, and THEN when jen got home, she was pissed that leyton wasn't in bed.  EXCUSE ME?  SHE is the one who told me she would be home in time to put him to bed.  so i didn't even try to get him to go to bed.  if she'd taken the kids to volleyball with her, they wouldn't be in bed, so... i don't get it sometimes, i really don't.  

anyway, i realllly needed a smoke after that, so i drove around the block before coming home.  oye!  but, i did have some happiness in my mailbox, from germany, holland, and japan:

and also my favorite episodes of Angel were on, so that was nice.  oh, AND becca texted to say i could sleep a little later & meet at her house at 7 on thursday.  : )  woot!  

so you see, despite the frustrations, it really was a good day.  a blessed day, as they are.  a LATE day, tho - it's 12:30 & i desperately need SLEEP!  ttfn!  

Monday, 29 November 2010

frozen waffles & strawberry cream cheese make an awesome snack!

that's right, i use my frozen waffles like a bagel or english muffin.  i haven't tried PB yet, but i am thinking that'll be tonight's midnight snack.  altho, earlier, because i am not planning to stay up til midnight.  i'm TIRED!  heh.  i was going to watch the boys after work today, but jen texted & said she didn't need me after all, so i just went to hy vee & came home.  

monday, monday, what a crazy day.  but not.  it wasn't really crazy, it was just like that big breath before the crazy starts.  like when you're going up the track on a new roller coaster, one that you've seen but never been on before.  you've been on other coasters, so you know what happens - you go up, you go down, you go really fast.  but you don't know the twists & turns of this coaster by heart, you're not sure when the hill goes down, or how long it's going to last.  so, when you're going up that first hill, you're nervous, and excited, and just a tingle of tummy bottoming out fear.  *laugh*  that was today.  tomorrow is my helper bee's last day, and it's a food day, and she's only there 1/2 the day.  so i know that not much work is going to get done, which means that everything will be falling back on me... 

i'm not complaining, because i really, truly, like my job!  it's just that - i'm one person, and it's a 2 1/2 person job.  : )   despite the coming pressure, i'm looking forward to tomorrow's food day.  i'm bringing cream puffs. oh so good!  marty's bringing her famous veggie dip & crackers (or, you know, veggies).  i think lindsay's bringing fruit.  idk, but whatever everyone brings, it'll be nummers!  ; )  i'm also looking forward to hanging out w/ becca on thursday, even though she informed me today that she has to pick me up at SIX-THIRTY in the morning so we can pick her mom & sister up.  eeep!  as long as there's coffee, i'll be alright... *laugh*  

tonight i caught up on a couple shows - human target (dude!  it's back!  yesss!) and the event (i really hope it sticks around, i like it!!! but i read an article that it's been losing viewers?  what's that about?  ugh.) - and chatted w/ april & erin for a bit.  : )  

what else?  my darling friend micaela was married over the holiday weekend.  i'd like to take this moment to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  i'm so deliriously happy for her & her ma!!!!  so many exclamation points, but as i told her - there aren't even enough of them to truly show how excited i was to hear the news!  : )  : ) : )  : ) : ) 

i think that's all for today!  ttfn my darling blog buddies!  

Sunday, 28 November 2010

day of rest

lovely, lovely day of rest today.  i did go to taco bell for dinner - mexican pizza craving: satisfied.  : )  otherwise, i stayed snug inside, watching CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, NCIS, Four Christmases, and then back to Angel.  : )  i read some Waiter Rant and finished this week's People.  read all about our new princess-in-waiting.  well, not "our" per se, but ya know.  i'm fond of prince william and kate seems to be a very head-on-straight gal.  i think those are the kinds of leaders the world needs.  

this has been a really fabulous weekend, long weekend, but it went by too fast as these things often do!!  *laugh*  tomorrow, back to the grind for a few days.  back to deadlines and all that jazz.  back to getting up early!  i only got one day to really sleep in, which was today.  i take that back, i got to sleep in on thursday, didn't i?  up early friday & saturday, tho.  heh.  

anyway, it was worth it, so i guess that's something!  

my aunt judy gave me gift cards from borders for my birthday, so i used those to buy 4 books online today - used even!  :)  i love getting a good deal on books AND being able to use gift cards for them!!  i saw these interesting-looking books at target the other day, about how the moon gets hit by a meteor, pushing it closer to earth & causing all sorts of havoc, so i bought those.  can't wait to dig into them!  some ppl would get the first one & see if they liked it before committing to the others in the series, but i figured i might as well get them all at the same time.  

bret & i had a talk today about money & staying here & things.  we discussed his paycheck & how much he'd be giving me from the one he should receive on thursday.  also, since he's still looking for steady employment, he asked to stay another month, and i agreed.  he is a good roommate, and pays what he says he will, when he can.  he takes his turn loading & unloading the dishwasher.  he is considerate, and he is family.  : )  

what else?  i think i'm ready for beddy bye!  i hope you had a lovely day of rest today!  oh yes, and if you have a moment and are interested in entering a contest to receive an AWESOME pencil portrait of your pet, head on over to my friend Natalie's blog, Nat the Fat Rat.  her friend rachel is, seriously, an amazing artist.  check out her work of natalie's puppies, and consider entering!  : )  


Saturday, 27 November 2010


just wanted to share this picture of daddy from uncle gene.  idk why, but this one brought tears to my eyes.  i've been missing him this weekend, and this picture, the expression or something, is just so him.  : )  i love the memories i have of him, and the ones others have been sharing with me.

ttfn - i'm really going to bed soon!  : )

today was another family day of me, mom & leyton.  got to hang out w/ phil & anthony a little tonight, too.  : )  

i watched most of an episode of the good wife & had some toast for breakfast.  mom & leyton picked me up at 11 & we went to the theatre to get tickets for Tangled.  then we went across the parking lot to red robin for lunch - BANZAI!!!  : )  i think they forgot the mayo, tho, cuz it didn't taste quite the same.  still good, tho!  mmm!  

tanlged was MARVELOUS!!!  so cute, and funny, and leyton liked it!  he did sooooo well, til the last 10 minutes, then he was done & ready to go.  of course, he had to go to the loo, which didn't help so much.  *laugh*  still, it was awesome to watch him watch the movie.  : )  can't wait to go w/ him again to another one!!  

 on the way, we saw the after-effects of an accident on one of the main roads.  everyone looked okay, tho, i hope!  

after the movie, we went to best buy so i could get a new camera battery - i'll have my purse camera back, hooray!!!  then we went to the mall because mom had another bath & body works coupon to use before the end of november.  i got some nice handsoaps in holiday scents.  : )  leyton was sniffing everything like crazy, and some things he liked and some things he didn't.  lol  we played on some of the "mall rides" and then headed home.  we stopped at hy vee because mom needed milk, so i got dinner there, too.  some fruit, some chinese meatballs.  mmmm!  i came home to eat & thought i would stay in.  leyton called to tell me to come over to gramma's, tho, and phil asked me to bring him some smokes.  

so, i headed out again... *laugh*  stopped at kwik shop for a diet pepsi & phil's smokes, then hung out w/ the boys for a couple hours.  we had some fun w/ leyton's balloon & the dart guns, watched some thomas, played hide & seek - leyton's version is quite interesting.  he "hides" in his dad's entertainment center cabinet & then says, loudly, "you'll never find me!"  LOL  and don't worry, he can open the door from the inside (i was worried when he asked me to close him inside it the first time!  i made him push the door open so i could see that he could get out.)!  i had a piece of pumpkin pie & it was soooo good!  : )  

i picked up the mail - christmas card from aunt nancy & uncle gene!  and then, a birthday card & turtle postcard & BEAUTIFUL turtle bracelet from my dearest april!!  she got the pc & bracelet from myrtle beach.  so sweet!  : )  

now, home to watch some Angel w/ bret & play around here.  *laugh*  tomorrow, idk what the plan is.  i might meet mom & the boys for lunch at golden corral, but we'll see!  i hope your saturday went fabulously!  : )  


Friday, 26 November 2010

Jesus Christ is a Savior not a swear word.

i'm posting this as a post & also making it a page.  

so, tonight mom & i went to see Morning Glory.  it's about a morning show producer who puts her heart & soul into her job, only to be sacked due to economic fall out.  she finds a new job at a new morning show, and has to work w/ diane keaton and harrison ford.  jeff goldblum plays her boss, and i believe she is played by amanda peet.  this movie is one of the BEST movies i've seen all year.  seriously, i loved it.  the ONLY bad thing i can say about this movie, is unfortunately one of the most important things.  

they used Jesus as a swear word at least NINE times.  NINE!!!  WTH?  it makes my heart hurt.  Jesus was not used as a swear word in TV & movies until just recently.  not in "family friendly" TV or PG/PG-13 movies, anyway.  now, i hear it a lot, in shows that i otherwise love to watch.  what's changed in our society?  we've gotten away from any kind of respect for Christianity.  it's not just about Jesus, believing or not believing in Him.  it's about Christians being the bottom of the totem pole now.  it's not like we have the greatest history or anything, i know.  but in our culture of ... tolerance... the group that gets the least is Christians.  i know this is Biblical and unfortunately just another sign ... but knowing that doesn't make it hurt any less on a personal level.  ya know?

and then there's leyton.  yesterday he said "Jesus Christ" as a swear.  we all stopped, stock still, in shock for a moment.  i said my standard, "noooo, Jesus is not a swear word!" and mom was about to cry.  leyton said, "what's wrong, gramma?" and she said, "it just makes gramma sad that you have to hear things like that."  again, BREAKS my heart.  : (   and it's just the perfect example - he has a heart for the Lord.  he LOVES when he gets to go to church w/ gramma.  he randomly will talk about Jesus & God & how they created this or that, and how they love him, or me, or mommy, or whomever.  he loves to pray, at meals and before bed.  he remembers the blessings better than me, or gramma, sometimes.  he has the HEART.  but he also is in an environment where he hears ppl use Jesus as a swear word, and he is a little sponge, and absorbes all that.  he's still learning how to filter, and we have to help him w/ that, but it's oh so hard when other ppl he loves and  is around think it's okay to use Jesus in that manner.  

i know He doesn't mean the same thing to everyone.  i completely understand that.  but those ppl also have to know He DOES mean something to others.  buddha doesn't mean anything to me.  however, i don't swear buddha.  i don't say, "HARE KRISHNA!" when something is unpleasant.  i did used to say vishnu quite often, but i stopped because i thought it was kinda disrespectful to hindus.  i'm also not really fond of the saying, "Holy Mother of God."  hello, still swearing on JESUS, or His parentage.  


again, i totally understand that this is not something that's going to change anytime soon, if at all.  i am only one person.  but this is a stand that i have to take.  i've taken it forever (just ask georgette!) and i'm not stopping now.  Jesus is not a swear word.  whether you believe in His salvation or not, you should respect His name.  everyone will eventually - that's Biblical, too.  i'd just rather it was voluntarily observed sooner rather than later.  

thanks for reading.  ttfn.  

black friday shenanigans

i planned to go shopping today, but not til later.  that changed when leyton called before 8 am & said he was ready for breakfast.  *laugh*  good thing bret was up (altho, he wasn't happy about being up so early) because i don't hear the phone when i'm in my cocoon.  very rarely does it penetrate from my closed door, fan, and radio white noise!  well, the radio is playing music, but the fan is for white noise.  the combination helps my sleeping in!  : )  

anywhoo!  so, i got up & dressed & watched some Angel & read som People while i waited for mom & leyton to arrive.  we went to IHOP for breakfast - banana bread french toast.  oh.my.heck!  i'll be having that again for sure!!  actually, i would like a piece of banana bread right now.  we got a loaf from GC yesterday, but it's at mom's, so i'll have to get it laters.  : )  

after breakfast, we went over to target to look at phones - i think mom's going to get my new phone for me for christmas.  woot!  i'm still not 100% sure i want to switch to an open type phone, tho.  we'll see!  i did find a new shirt, and Sixteen Candles (for $5!  woot!), and i bought a couple hot wheels for my purse.  i picked a mystery car which turned out to be a pink flamingo, very cool!  then, i had a police car picked out, but leyton decided he wanted me to get a truck, and since they are really for him... heh.  he also got to pick out a toy & picked this really neat Cars trailer w/ a car & little pit guy ... very cute!  

we went over to best buy & i asked about a camera charger - they gave me one that is supposed to work for my type of batter, but i've had it plugged in & it doesn't appear to be working.  : (  i'm so close to having my purse camera back!!  if it doesn't work i'm going to be annoyed.  and sad.  *sigh*  

after best buy, we still had over an hour til the movie.  so we went to chick fil a & opened leyton's truck & played w/ that for awhile. 

we went to the theatre in plenty of time - or so we thought!  sadly, the 12:45 was SOLD OUT!  :(  leyton handled it really well, tho!  we're going tomorrow.  : )  so it's all good!!!

mom & leyton went home to take a nap & i planned to write this little post & see about my phone (they don't carry the one i wanted anymore?  i am so confused by virgin mobile sometimes!  but i really like them, so i just keep trying to understand them!  *laugh*)... i need to run over to WM & then i'll go down to mom's when leyton wakes up.  after phil takes leyton back to jen's, mom & i are going to the mall & then to see Morning Glory.  it looks like a fun movie!  

ttfn!  hope you're having a great black friday - whether you went shopping or not!!  : )