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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

oh yeah...

i forgot ... i wrote this earlier to share.  : )

So, does over-use of your name annoy anyone else?  I just think it sounds condescending – even when the person doing it doesn’t mean it that way.  Examples and frequent offenders are customer service reps on the phone – whether you’re calling your cable company or the help desk at work.  “Well, Carrie, what I see as the problem…” “Carrie, Carrie, Carrie” every other sentence seriously annoys me.  And when I hear other ppl doing it at work, even though it’s not directed at ME, it seriously annoys me.  Grrr. 
Anywhoo, maybe that’s just me, tho.  *laugh
Today the drive to work was beautiful!  I felt like I was inside a really awesome painting by the most awesome Artist (God).  : )  We finally have gotten rain, after a nearly 20 day dry-spell.  And the rain & the wind are coming in full force – enough to give us a tornado watch last night!!  But this morning, there wasn’t any rain, just CLOUDS – you know my love of clouds.  It was so sweet, they were all blue and dark, but the sun was above them and could be seen shining through in different spots, rays falling down.  The whole drive in, I was wishing I had my camera.  There would be some beautiful shots for sure!  Alas, I didn’t have the camera! 

TTFN!  : ) 


  1. No, its not just you. It annoys me too. Especially when its people that you are already not happy to be talking to. Like the bank. Ugh.

    I wish we had rain here...nope, just more snow, and more scraping the ice off the car this morning. Seriously? Some vacation, lol ;)

  2. Yeah, vacation should come w/ your own personal valet and ice scraping person!!

    And fruity drinnks. : )