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Sunday, 24 October 2010

leyton slept really well, and got up a little after 8.  "Aunt Carrie, it's time to get up."  heehee.  i lazed about til 8:30 or so & then we got up, got him dressed, put on some thomas & got myself dressed... called mom & she picked us up for breakfast.  : )  

we went to IHOP, which ... was not as tastey as usual.  :(  well, the eggs & sausage & coffee were good, but i had a waffle instead of pancakes or toast (stupid shrek line, "I'm makin' waffles!" kept going thru my head & gave me a craving!), and their waffle was not as good as the one i had on the way to dubuque at grandma's kitchen!  *laugh*  it's just not worth it to me unless it's DELICIOUS, ya know?  

it was nice to have gramma/leyton meal time again, tho.  we came back to my house after breakfast & played & looked at thomas pictures again for awhile.  then it was time to take him home.  *sniffle*  and, oops!  he was covered in cat hair, and i totally forgot that jen's allergic.  we had to change his shirt out when we got there.  d'oh!  next time i'll have to remember to lint roll him down before we head for home.  

now, this afternoon stretches out before me... i'm going to attempt to hulu a bit, and if that doesn't work, more buffy season 2!  it's good to at least have options... *laugh*  i've sooooo missed my hulu, tho, i am really praying i get to watch hell's kitchen, the apprentice, and caprica.  i have so many other shows to watch, as well, but those are the ones i'm currently "craving."  : )  

oh!  and, at the chef's table for the red team - nancy graham from GH!!!!  so cool!  : )  

so, what's your weekend been like?  i'm so grateful for this time because i truly do feel recharged for the week ahead.  it helps that CHICAGO is coming up as well.. 



  1. leyton sounds like such a cutie! i love kids! and i love ihop too! boooo for being not so good! but hooorah for shrek, cause i love that movie. boo to the waffles line making you make a poor breakfast decision, but wahoo for CHICAGO! i got your post card today, and I am going to send it off tomorrow!

  2. thanks, corey! he's definitely amazing in my book! : ) whoohoo postcard!! i'm excited! i'm also excited to shop for some in chi town!

  3. I had IHOP this weekend too! :) I almost got a waffle (they usually are awesome! that sucks you got one that wasn't :( but I opted for the French Toast instead :) I LOVE hearing about Leyton :) You are such a good aunt and so lucky to get to spend so much time with him. I would do ANYTHING to get to spend time with my nephew Mikey - it's SO hard on me that he lives in Germany :( I LOVE Chicago!!! My friend Michelle who lives there is visiting right now :) I wish I was in Chicago at the same time you were so I could meet up with you!

  4. Aw, man! That would be way cool if we were in Chicago the same weekend!

    I'm very grateful that I get to spend so much time w/ Leyton. I wish I got to spend so much time w/ all my nieces & nephews! But I think the change to our Thursday hanging out was a HUGE part of me falling apart on Thursday. I've looked forward to "Leyton Day" every week for the past 2 years... At least you & Mikey get to Skype sometimes, right?? : )