"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


very strange day, today.  can't really describe why, either.  i mean, it was fairly normal, really, at work.  i did have an emotional breakdown on my way in, tho, thinking about a friend's recent loss, and that i might have been able to do more to help them w/ it, but i didn't know i could... *sigh*  that might be where the strangeness comes in.  

otherwise, normalcy, ya know?  subway for lunch.  meetings.  emails.  phooooone calls.  problem solving.  

bret called to see if i could take him out to leets to check out a car he wanted to buy.  so i picked him up after work & we headed out.  it's about an hour away, and the sunset was GORGEOUS.  i wish i had grabbed my camera!  i even thought about it as we were leaving, but thought it'd be too dark.  such a big mistake, but i did enjoy seeing the sunset even if i couldn't photograph it.  : )  it was a nice drive all around, chatting w/ bret.  he liked the car & had them lower the price by $150, which was pretty much a blessing!  

i got home at 8:30 & watched Gleeeeeeee!  i love kurt, and kurt's dad.  and brittany in this episode, too.  altho... i know it's done for laughs, but it kinda really makes me sad the way brittany & santana are the stereotypical slutty cheerleaders.  they are portraying "typical" teens, and yet are bisexual sluts.  and - here's the thing that was driven home in last night's episode, at least w/ brit - they don't even THINK about the sex as a big deal.  even the "slutty" characters of adrianne & ricky on Secret Life have some depth, and reasons why they are promiscuous.  on Glee it was sort of done for laughs, and sort of done as an afterthought, like, "oh yeah, and they sleep w/ anyone and everyone.  they're 16.  sure."  *boggle*  perhaps what's more surprising than this observation is the fact that i have no desire to "boycott" the show because of this portrayal.  i'm just sad for the characters, and for teens (and actually adults, too) in real life who choose that path, thinking nothing of it.  

why does it always go back to deep philosophical discussions on promiscuity anymore w/ this blog??  sorry!  heart for teens, heart for homosexuals, and heart for abuse victims right here.  i can't help it!  

after glee, i watched a really good (of course) CSI: Miami, and then NCIS.  : )  and now i think i shall go to bed.  hope you have an awesome thursday tomorrow!  i'm planning on staying a little late to help out w/ another dept, and then meet mom & the boys at chick fil a for some delicious grilled "chikin" & to watch the boys decorate pumpkins!  : )  and maybe take some pictures.  *grin*  


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