"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 1 November 2010


and i love it!  : ) 

today was rough, but also okay.  my toe hurts, well, even when it doesn't it's all red & i am praying praying praying it heals.  it's still all swollen & red right now.  :(  

after work, grocery shopping finally!  also had to get gas.  i was on EEEEEK!  lol  i really should have gotten gas after groceries, and used a gift card so i could get 2 cents off per gallon.  d'oh!  

i got to see leyton & anthony after that, when i dropped off my money for cookie dough.  leyton & maybe anthony will spend the night next weekend.  excited!!  : )  bret's excited, too - got to chat w/ him a bit when tonight & he was asking when leyton would be spending the night.  heh.  it was nice to hang out for a little bit w/ all the boys.  

what else?  sooooo tired, and going to bed.  oh!  but first, postcards - i am sending out a bunch of postcrossings & also some that i just found for my peeps.  : )  i hope you all enjoy them!  ironic - all of my postcrossings (7, i think) are to the US!  lol  that's never happened before - usually i get one or two to the US at a time & the rest are russia or poland.  so to have alllll of them going to the same country (not the same state, tho) is cool.  oh, and i got corey's postcard from SLC today, too.  sweet!!  thanks again, corey!  : )  i got a postcrossing from germany, as well.  planning to get everything from the past few days scanned in sometime this week!  

aaaaannnnndddd... *laugh*  idk.  there was more?  maybe?  oh!!

yes, my november celebration giveaway!!!  i'm putting together a surprise package for one lucky reader!  the package will include 1 (one) novel of the romantic fiction persuasion, 1 (one) bookmark, 1 (one) postcard from chicago, and 1 (one) completely random, possibly homemade, something or other.  why the surprise element?  well, my birthday theme is kinda 18 again, and my friends threw me a surprise party for my 18th!  my party this year isn't a surprise, but that's okay.  *laugh*  

SO!  how do you enter?  leave a comment on any post from November 1 - November 14th.  i'll be randomly selecting a winner from all the comments.  followers of this blog will have a slight advantage in that i'll add one more entry to the "hat" for them - but each comment is its own entry, so non-followers can have a good shot as well!  : )  (or, you could become a follower... but no pressure.  LOL)

that's all i've got for now!  have a great night & here's to a HAPPY NOVEMBER for us all!  



  1. Happy Birthday month Carrie!!!!

  2. OOOOO I love the giveaway idea! i figure I have a really good chance of winning since i comment often.

    And I plan to beat Challis.

    Also, I am so super excited that you got my post card! i also have to admit that I am excited to see it on the blog! I am going to send you one from St. George too! That'll be fun! :)

  3. Yay! The more postcards, the better! You really should look into Postcrossing, Corey! I'm almost to the point of getting at least one card a day. I loves it! : )

  4. Thanks, Jana!!

    Thanks, Summer!!

    Way happy! : )