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Monday, 1 August 2011

Trip Diary - Chicago - Thursday

hi blog buddies!  i'm back from my delightful (mostly) trip to chicago w/ mom & leyton & anthony.  did you miss me?  ; )  

so, thursday, mom & leyton picked me up & we hit the road.  we had snacks & stopped in sterling for lunch.  it was gross.  i'll write a menu post about it later.  

 leyton did get this nifty foamy finger from the vending machine, tho.  
this sticky, stretchy thing, too... 

we had lots of fun on the trip, tho.  leyton was in a good mood for the most part!  we did almost turn around once, but he decided he liked the trip enough to continue on!  *laugh*  

it was nice to not have anything planned for the day, tho.  we arrived at our hotel, the staybridge suites.  instead of being all in one building, it was a compound of several buildings, and our rooms were very, very nice.  the set up was living room & kitchen in the middle, w/ bedroom suites on either side.  love it!  

the only thing we did NOT love - the carpet was FILTHY.  i mean, seriously, our feet were gross every night after walking around the room.  leyton looked like pigpen after playing on the floor.  that is totally unacceptable from a hotel, don't you think??  *shudder*  we left a couple scathing comment cards about the carpet for sure.  we made sure, tho, to praise the rest of the hotel, because other than the carpet, it was EXCELLENT.  (which, really, is why the state of the carpet was so surprising!)

anyway, once we settled in, mom & leyton went swimming & i took some pictures (of course!) & then hung out on my own for a bit.  for dinner, we ate swedish meatballs & salad in the hotel lobby.  quite a yummy meal!  did i take pictures for the menu?  uhhh... nope.  :|  lol   you'll have to enjoy these from the pool... ; )  

so, that was day 1!  : )  

now, i must get to sleep, i think.  tomorrow i get to meet dear april for lunch at thai!  yay!!  i'm so grateful to have another day off.  of course, i did look at my work email (almost 100 just in my main box, eep!)... but i don't have to worry about that til wednesday!  : )  



  1. We stayed in a hotel once with the same dirty carpet problem. I was disgusted at how black the bottoms of our feet were after walking around the suite. Totally gross.

  2. Oh my heck! I hope you let them know about it! Politely & in a Christian way of course. I tried to accentuate all the things we loved about the room before hitting them w/ the CLEAN YOUR CARPETS NOW speech... : )