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Sunday, 21 August 2011

bright light

my screen is all bright.  i've tried to fix the colour but it just looks weird.  *sigh*  ah well, the shows look good, it's just that my other screens, some parts are realllly light!  hard on the eyes, ya know?  lol 

okay, i think i adjusted enough... still bright but not painful.  *laugh*  except now my shows are dark... what the what?!  grrrrr.  

ANYWAY!  today has been restful & nice & got to see mom & the boys, got to watch some neal & peter, jeff & jordan, and evan & hank.  woot!  lunch was at steak & shake, and the boys were getting along mostly (altho from what i heard they started in on each other right when mom & leyton got home from church... anthony got to go last night so he didn't have to go this morning.  mom had nursery duty & he doesn't like to sit by himself (understand that!)).  

leyton gave me lots of hugs before we parted.  : )  anthony ran away, but i got him in a hug & kiss to the top of his head while he was seatbelted.  LOL  

i finished The Hunger Games - my final review/decision is that i like the story, but not sure if i like the book.  does that make even a little bit of sense?  i like katniss.  i like peeta.  i like the romance.  the heartbreaking stuff?  i didn't really like.  but then, i suppose that's what makes the whole story.  idk, but i definitely want to read the rest of the story, so now i just need to hunt down a copy of catching fire.  heh.  

next on my read list is Lies My Teacher Told Me, about american history.  it's a biiiiig book, and not my usual fare, but i love history & i KNOW that most if not all of what is taught in our school systems is a contrived mess.  ppl are so SOFT anymore.  they don't want to remember the bad times, that they were real.  like w/ all this claptrap going on about the book/movie The Help.  ppl getting all up in arms about a *gasp* white person showing the plight of the *gasp* black person in the past.  oh my heck, shut the heck up already!  um, sorry, tangent.  anywhoo, i like to read things that remind us history wasn't all roses & love & happiness.  not that i want to read about the bad stuff - this is a major reason why i'm not sure i "like" hunger games! - but i want ppl to know the truth.  i want ppl to REMEMBER that we are here in this country because we "conquered" the native peoples and not in a very nice manner.  it happened.  it's over.  move on.  don't continue to insult the native american people by keeping them locked in reservations.  i want ppl to REMEMBER that white ppl haven't treated black ppl very kindly through the years.  but again i say - it happened.  it's over.  move on.  i don't think the white ppl of today "owe" the black ppl of today anything.  your great(times whatever) grandparents owned slaves.  someone's great(times whatever) grandparents were slaves.  okay, but that's not YOU.  your family doesn't owe their family anything - other than remembering that ppl AREN'T slaves & treating everyone with respect.

uh...i'm not entirely sure where all THAT came from.  i basically am just trying to say that we have to acknowledge the bad stuff in our nation's history, and try to be better w/out bending over backwards.  this can go to the whole immigrant thing happening now, too.  just because our borders used to be open doesn't mean they need to be now.  not unconditionally.  if you want to live here, you should be able to live her and be a PRODUCTIVE member of society.  you shouldn't have to jump thru hoop after hoop & get lost in red tape.  however, you SHOULD be sent back from wherever you came from immediately if you're here illegally and are not fleeing some dictator.  (cuz, let's be fair - if you are fleeing an evil dictator & didn't have time to wait for proper clearance before coming into the country, i think you deserve a break!)  

i'm full of random thought-tangents tonight.  i'm going to just say goodnight & watch some rizzoli & isles & try to get a good night's rest.  : )  tomorrow is payroll cutoff, and thus a VERY BUSY DAY for carrie!  what do you have planned for tomorrow?



  1. I have heard so many great things about "The Hunger Games" and yet still haven't really cared to pick it up. I was that way about Twilight - real late in the game before I actually picked it up to read and then I was hooked and totally in love with the whole series. That makes me wonder if that's how I'll be about "The Hunger Games" but I'm not so sure. I have never read "The Help" but I can't wait to see the movie. I know exactly what you mean about History and people trying to sugar coat it.

  2. Marzi! yes, yes, you do need to pick up hunger games. please please & let me know what you think! much as i'm still on the fence about if i LIKED it or not *laugh* i saw some stills from the movie shoot recently & am looking forward to seeing it!

    The Help - GO NOW! : )

    love you!