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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mental health

Thanks to the amazing customer service at qwest / century link, my new modem should be on its way! For now, my phone seems to be allowing me this post. For the past couple days, i have typed out a post & then it has not published, nor even allowed me to save. *sigh* but all that should be done soon! I hope! I really miss typing & reading your blogs & commenting!! :)

today i took a mental health day. The end of august, daddy's birthday, begins a season of sadness for me. This year, with so much going on, the sadness has tried to grip me earlier... I am fighting!

I thought i would have a quiet day, but trish ended up calling & we hung out. :) we saw horrible bosses, which was hilarious!! I wish it had been less raunchy, but still enjoyed it. Now i am watching some dvd's & reading the hunger games. I hear there will be a movie... Ttfn! Hope your day went well! :)

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